Nadira Va-Dim

Nadira Va-DimWith the home video release of Man of Steel, I realized I missed some characters: in the next days, as soon as I get pics for the last three, I’ll post something about them. Let’s start with Nadira, one of the Kryptonians arrived with General Zod on Earth after 300 hundred years of prison in the Phantom Zone. In the movie, she has little more than a cameo, and she’s portrayed by Apollonia Vanova. She’s likely dead like all the other Kryptonians in the film. In the comics, she has quite a different role, and depth. Let’s see together.

As many other characters, this Kryptonian has two different bios, depending on the universe we’re referring to. She first appeared in the 80s, and is now part of the Earth-One reality, erased by Crisis on Infinite Earth (an irritating thing about DC is that, whenever they don’t feel like continuing with a continuity, they just start a new one). In this reality, Nadira Va-Dim was a Kryptonian born on Bokos, a land mass on the planet also known as the Isle of Thieves. Bokos had a peculiarity on Krypton, since something in the local atmosphere had interesting effects on the people’s brains: in the Isle of Thieves, Kryptonians developed psychic powers, a nadiracomics1peculiar ability they usually used for crime. Nadira made no exception, and, when she developed her psychokinesis, in a form that allowed her to trigger pain in whoever she touched with her mind, she became a renowned assassin. She partnered with Az-Rel, a man who was gifted with pyrokinesis, and together they terrified Krypton, until they were both captured and sentenced to the Phantom Zone. It took years until General Zod, another infamous prisoner, found a way to escape the dimensional prison and led a massive outbreak. On Earth, while Zod was trying to bring the entire planet in the Phantom Zone, Nadira and Az-Rel hung around, enjoying the new planet. They killed a bunch of punks when they tried to assault them in a disco, setting fire to the place. They tried different pleasures, until they met Jer-Em, the mad prophet who had destroyed Argo City in the past. He was preparing himself to join his ancestors in the other world, and was about to embrace a big chunk of Kryptonite, and he thought Nadira and Az-Rel would have been perfect travel mates. Nadira was grabbed by Jer-Em and pulled on the Kryptonite, absorbing a fatal amount of radiation. Just before dying, she activated her ability in pain, thus triggering Az-Rel’s ones, setting him on fire, and almost killing Superman, who was nearby, making him perceive an unbelievable pain.

In the (not so) new universe, Nadira was a Kryptonian spy, sent by Ursa on Earth to act as a sleeper agent, until the day for a proper invasion came. She was assigned to the mission along with her lover Az-Rel, another secret agent. Differently from nadiracomics2their peers, however, Nadira didn’t know the parameters of her mission (which were to infiltrate Earth’s society, and wait until Zod and his followers would have arrived on the planet), and, along with Az-Rel who was in her same situation, used her newfound powers, granted her by the yellow sun‘s radiations, to enslave the human population and start a dominion over the country she was assigned with. Nadira and Az-Rel were reckless and pitiless, they took whatever they wanted and murdered whoever tried to stand in their way, getting far too much attention, considering the purpose they had been sent on Earth for. It was just a matter of time until some heroes tracked them down: in the New Mexico desert, the two Kryptonians were reached by another Kryptonian couple, the heroes Flamebird and Nightwing, who engaged them in a fight. At first, Nadira took them as reinforcement (Nightwing was in reality Lor-Zod, the General’s son), but as soon as they realized they were facing enemies, they started a fierce battle with them. They were, however, defeated, and sent to the Phantom Zone.

Nadira Va-Dim, in whatever reality, is a psychotic killer, a whimsical robber and a sadistic warrior. Her only loyalty is to her lover Az-Rel, who she shares her madness with. On Earth, she possesses all of the usual Kryptonian powers (strength, speed, invulnerability, heat vision, flight, super breath, x-ray vision, freezing breath, and so on), but, at least in the first version of the character, she adds to this her unborn psychic powers, which allow her to trigger pain into her victim’s minds. Dangerous and deranged, Nadira is a criminal to be reckoned on.

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