Car-VexLet’s keep speaking about the characters I missed in Man of Steel. Today we have the last Kryptonian (if I didn’t miss anybody else) composing General Zod‘s army: Car-Vex, portrayed by Samantha Jo. In the movie, she never leaves the ship like most of her peers, and acts as a prison guard to Lois Lane, only to be subdued with embarrassing ease. She’s likely killed with all the others when the Black Zero is crushed inside the Phantom Zone. In the comics she doesn’t have such a big role, and she’s been introduced recently, but there’s something to say about her nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Little is known about Car-Vex’ life on Krypton, except that at a certain point she became a wanted criminal. She was hunted down and arrested by the Kryptonian police, and, after a short trial, she was sentenced to the Phantom Zone, an eternal punishment in a dimensional prison. Without a physical body, unable to do anything but to harbor her grudge, Car-Vex resigned herself to spend a time she carvexcomics1couldn’t even feel in the desert dimension. On the other side of the Phantom Zone, however, things had changed quite a lot. Krypton had been destroyed, and its last son, Kal-El, had arrived on a small planet, Earth, becoming the hero Superman thanks to the powers granted him by Earth’s yellow sun. Kal-El, however, wasn’t the only relic of Krypton still around: the alien cyborg known as Brainiac had shrunk and stolen the city Kandor, which was later saved by Superman and kept literally in a bottle in his Fortress of Solitude. It was during a battle between Superman and Brainiac that Kandor, after years of miniaturization, finally regained its original size, and its inhabitants with it. Soon, it became clear that peaceful cohabitation between Kryptonians and terrestrials was impossible, and Superman provided to move the entire city on a small planet on the other side of the sun. Here, the city and the population grew, becoming New Krypton. As a sign of benevolence, the ruler Alura pardoned General Zod and his followers, and restored their roles in the Military Guild. Despite acting as a wise and capable leader, Zod secretly prepared a plan to invade Earth, getting his revenge on Superman in the meanwhile, and he assigned Ursa with a delicate task.

Ursa was ordered to recruit some Phantom Zone prisoners and to enlist them in a special operation involving the preparation of the war with Earth. Car-Vex was among the criminals called back, and her “breakout” became part of an intricate plan to discredit Earth at Kryptonians’ eyes. She was ordered to go to Earth and to act as a sleeper agent, in order to learn everything carvexcomics2she could of Earth’s defenses, tactics, strategies, and to weaken their resistance foreseeing the arrival of the Kryptonian army. While on New Krypton General Zod fooled Kal-El making him believed he had redeemed himself, to the point of befriending the hero, on Earth Car-Vex infiltrated Science Police, the high-tech task force of Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. She adopted the identity of Officer Romundi, a slightly frustrated policewoman who shortly became renowned for her professionalism and her heroic deeds (easy to risk a bullet if you’re a bulletproof alien). Her fame brought her at the side of General Sam Lane, considered by many a paranoid military officer, but actually the head of Project 7734, a secret operation created along with Lex Luthor‘s scientific genius to build any kind of weaponry to resist an eventual alien threat. As Officer Romundi, Car-Vex did her best to gain Lane’s trust, and arrived to the point of exposing (and killing) another sleeper agent, saving the General’s life. When she finally became a trusted member of Project 7734, she did her best to put Lane against Flamebird and Nightwing, two Kryptonian superheroes who were hunting down the sleeper agents, making both sides lose time while Zod prepared invasion. She also destroyed the Science Police central with a solar bomb, crippling the Project and, thus, also Earth’s anti-extraterrestrial defenses. War was finally ready.

Cunning, deceiving, cold-hearted and sarcastic, Car-Vex is a criminal who found an easy and profitable way to make use of her skills and her violence. As all Kryptonians under a yellow sun, she possesses extraordinary abilities (superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, senses and reflexes; x-ray and heat vision; freezing breath; flight; etc.), plus a remarkable military training that makes her quite a threat. Loyal to Zod and Ursa only, Car-Vex is ready to follow them at the best of her possibilities, annihilating whatever enemy she is pointed… even an entire planet.

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