Linda Jasmine Park

Linda ParkA new character from Arrow, and this is an unexpected one. In the mid-season finale Three Ghosts, when Barry Allen turns the TV on to hear about the particle accelerator in Central City, there’s a reporter the comicbooks’ readers know quite well covering the news: it’s Linda Park, portrayed by Olivia Cheng. The character already appeared in The Flash tv series, just in the pilot, portrayed by Mariko Tse. She had a minor role, interviewing the major about the new wave of criminality in Central City, and never appeared again in the show. Now, let’s see together who this journalist is in the comics.

Linda Jasmine Park was the daughter of John and Lisa Park. She was raised in ChicagoIllinois, when her parents moved from Iowa, and she grew up in a safe and regular environment. She completed her studies, and she moved to New York in order to become a TV journalist…something that she actually did. She was hired as a reporter for Channel 2 News, but she got some lindaparkcomics1problems with her colleagues and the public: since she was of Korean lineage, she was repetedly accused of being far too sympathetic towards Korean immigrants, sacrificing her professionality to her heritage. The accuses weren’t true at all, but Linda had to move to another branch since her name risked to be sullied. She moved to Central City, where she continued with her job. She also met Rick Shavers, a chemist working for Royal Industries. She fell in love with him and, driven by her juvenile enthusiasm, she married him. This proved to be one of the worst decisions of her life, and her marriage lasted two weeks. She promised herself she would have never acted so rashly again, and she focused on her job. She started receiving more and more important assignments, and she became one of the best investigative reporters in the city.

Once, she was sent in SwainsvilleNew Mexico, to cover a story involving the Porcupine Man. During her investigations, she met The Flash, a superhero she immediately disliked, considering him an immature, arrogant and uncaring man in search of glory. She kind of haunted him trying to make him pay for the damage he caused in the battle with the Porcupine Man (things were a little bit more complicated, since the Porcupine Man was actually Flash), starting a true enmity between the two. Linda met Flash again in New York, when she was investigating the serial killer known as the Comforter, but things didn’t go better, as Flash accused her of being just a jackal in search of a good scoop, without caring about the homeless people who had been killed. The situation repeated when, in Keystone City, they met again in a case involving the Joker. After some time, however, Flash started flirting with her, lindaparkcomics2and Linda suprisingly found herself liking the game. He went to the point of unmasking for her, and Linda met Wally West, the man behind the third Flash’ mask. When Wally moved permanently to Keystone, however, Linda decided to leave him, since there was nothing keeping her there, and things with her hero never really started. However, Wally outran her train to Midway City, and asked her to stay. When a man challenges a train for you, you just can’t ignore him, and Linda decided to stay. She left Channel 2 and joined WKEY Channel 4 News, keeping her job, and staying with the man of her life. Linda eventually married Wally, and the two had two children, twins Jai and Iris. Starting as a hater of the hero, she had become at the end the wife of the Flash.

Linda Park is a brilliant and determined woman, an intelligent reporter who uses her remarkable investigative skills to uncover misteries many powerful people would rather keep buried. Her commitment to her job is second only to the one to her family: a career girl, a wife and a mother, Linda manages to keep an enviable balance between the various aspects of her life.



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