Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan

GamoraHappy new year everybody! With the arrival of 2014, Marvel released the first official pic from Guardians of the Galaxy, revealing the main characters’ rendering. So, for five days, we’ll see the components of the team giving its name to the movie. Proceeding from left to right, we meet Gamora, protrayed by Zoe Saldana. As well as all of her teammates, this is the first live action appearance for the character, and we don’t know many things about her portrayal in the upcoming film. Well, obviously she’ll be green. And a little bit more dressed than her comicbook counterpart, that’s for sure. Let’s see together who she is.

Gamora was born a member of the alien race known as Zen Whoberies, a peaceful people who dedicated themselves to an existence free from war or any other kind of violence. Their society lasted until a sect of religious fanatics known as the Universal Church of Truth attacked them and tried to convert them to their own faith. The Whoberies refused, and the Church sent on their planet in the Silican System the deadly Grand Inquisitors. The Inquisitors exterminated the entire race, with only a young child surviving the massacre: Gamora. The kid was found by Thanos, who had reached her planet travelling in time. Feeling the anger and hatred the young girl harbored in her soul, Thanos took her with him, wanting to turn her in a living weapon against his enemy, the Magus. Gamora came back in time, about twenty years before her people were killed, and Thanos acted as something similar to a father for her. She was trained in many lethal martial arts, becoming an incredibly deadly warrior, and also in armed combat. Plus, Thanos used some psychological manipulation on her, making her lose contact with the very ideas of “good” and “evil”. Once, when she was still gamoracomics1young, she disobeyed Thanos’ explicit orders, and, for mere curiosity, she travelled alone on an unknown planet’s surface. She was ambushed by some criminals, who used their superior number to defeat her despite her abilities: she was beaten almost to death and raped by the thugs. Thanos came to the rescue, and annihilated the attackers. Gamora only had the time to ask for forgiveness, before passing out. Thanos rescued her, and treated her wounds; he also genetically augmented her physical attributes, making her even more powerful to avoid future “incidents” like the one that occured. Gamora, on her side, became even more attached to Thanos, with an ever stronger loyalty towards her savior.

When the time arrived, Thanos revealed to Gamora the mission he had chosen her for: to kill Magus, leader of the Universal Church of Truth. For Gamora, it was the occasion of getting a revenge he was waiting for all her life. Her final test before starting her mission was to kill every single Grand Inquisitor at the Church’s disposal, something she gladly and unmercifully did. During her quest, she met Adam Warlock, another enemy of the Magus (an event that seemed to be fortuitous, but was actually planned by Thanos), and she allied with him and Pip the Troll, another space adventurer. They managed to get close to the Magus, but failed into the task of killing him, a failure that forced Thanos to take more an active role in the battle. At the end of the fight, Magus was defeated, even if not killed, and Gamora was assigned with another weird mission by her master: to stick on Warlock and monitor him. Thanos, in fact, knew Magus was only an gamoracomics2alternate, future version of Warlock himself, and wanted to prevent Magus’ existence in this reality. During her quest, however, Gamora was attacked by Drax the Destroyer, a being whose only purpose in life was to kill Thanos. Drax revealed to him that her master wanted to sacrifice the entire universe to Lady Death, his beloved, a revelation that shocked the woman. Defeated and wounded, Gamora came back to Thanos, and confronted the man she regarded as a father about his obsession with annihilation. Wanting to prevent the universe’s destruction, Gamora attacked Thanos, but he killed her without the slightest remorse. Warlock found Gamora dying, and absorbed her consciousness into his Soul Gem: in the Soulworld, Gamora lived for years in peace with Warlock, until she was called back to the real world by Drax and Silver Surfer, in a cosmic alliance against Thanos, who was about to put in act what he had planned for centuries. Free from her bodyless existence, Gamora had to fight the man who had saved her life and made her the person she had become.

Raised as a ruthless killer and a deadly warrior, Gamora is known everywhere as the Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy, and it’s easy to understand the reason: one of the most proficient armed and unarmed combatant, lethal with firearms and blades alike (and with her bare hands as well, of course), she has no rival in fight, and she doesn’t even have a moral code to prevent her from killing whoever she dislikes, thanks to Thanos’ “education”. She possesses superhuman physical attributes such as strength, speed, reflexes, stamina and durability (skills augmented by Thanos’ genetic engineering), and also a healing factor that allows her to survive almost any injury. Extremely intelligent, an expert tachtician and a ruthless warrior, Gamora is a force to reckon with, a being whose only purpose in life has always been homicide.



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