Peter Jason Quill (Star-Lord)

starlordfilmSecond member of the Guardians of the Galaxy from the homonymous upcoming movie, this time the leader: Star-Lord, portrayed by Chris Pratt. The movie version looks to be inspired by the latest version of the character only, the less-superheroic space guy who put together a band of drifters to protect the universe from mysterious threats. Originally, he was a superhero with a campy costume who travelled the galaxies…something that is not even referenced to in the movie (if luckily or not, it’s up to you to decide). Well, let’s see together who in the comics is the protagonist in Marvel’s future blockbuster.

Peter Jason Quill was born the son of Meredith, a woman who had helped an alien, J’son of Spartax, survive a crash with his spaceship. Jason had to come back to the war he was fighting, leading his people, the Spartoi, against the enemies Ariguans, and, in order to protect the woman he had loved and conceived a child with, he erased her memory of the time spent together. Meredith later married her highschool boyfriend, Jake, but when it became evident she was pregnant, and she gave birth to Peter, Jake, realizing the infant starlordcomics1didn’t look anything like him, accused his wife of cheating. Enraged, Jake tried to kill the baby, but he suffered a heart attack and died as a result, leaving Meredith alone to raise Peter. In the meanwhile, the Spartoi had almost won the war, and Jason asked his uncle Garreth (who was actually aiming to the throne) to bring his family to him. Garreth, instead, hired some Ariguan hitmen to kill his nephew’s heir. The Ariguans arrived on Earth and killed Meredith, but didn’t know about Peter’s existence, and left (Jason was told his wife and child had died on childbirth). Alone in the world, Peter was brought to an orphanage, with nobody believing his story of reptilian creatures slaughtering Meredith. Soon, he escaped, swearing he would have avenged his mother and killed those men. Living on his own, he proved to possess a cunning intelligence and many skills, that allowed him to continue his studies, and also to graduate to the college, later arriving to become an astronaut for NASA.

During his time at NASA, Peter proved to be a skilled astronaut, but an awful team player. Suddenly, an alien claiming to be the Master of the Sun contacted NASA, and asked for a volunteer to be the new Star-Lord, something like a space cop, a role that was randomly chosen among the planets in the galaxy. Quill volunteered, but was discharged due to his bad character. Refusing to lose this opportunity, Quill stole a space ship, reached the man who was about to take his place, and knocked him out, teleporting himself to the chosen location. The Master of the Sun made Peter the new Star-Lord, and gifted him with Ship, a former star, now sentient starlordcomics2spaceship, who would have become his companion and guide. The first thing Quill did with his new resources was to hunt down and kill the aliens responsible for his mother’s death, something he easily did (actually, it was an illusion casted by the Master of the Sun, who freed Quill from his past, allowing him to fulfill his new role). After taking his revenge, Quill and Ship started patrolling the galaxy, helping some planets to rebel against Ariguan slavers. His battle against the Ariguans led Peter to Sparta, where the Spartois were about to sign a treaty with their enemies. Star-Lord recognized in the leader of the delegation, Rruothk’ar, the reptilian who killed his mother: he attacked and killed him, and then faced Gareth, who ripped his mask off. Thanks to his resemblance to the new Emperor, Peter was recognized as Jason’s son: Gareth’s plot to overthrow his nephew was exposed, and the conspirator was killed. Happy to have his son by his side, Jason offered Peter to take his place as his heir, but Star-Lord refused, in love with the total freedom open space had given him. He was Star-Lord, a space adventurer, and he would have taken no responsibility.

Peter Quill surely is a very intelligent man, but has quite an issue with social relations, especially because of what he had to pass through during his adolescence. Arrogant and daredevil, Peter feels to be called to a great destiny, and acts on consequence, often rushing to anything similar to an adventure. As a human-spartoi hybrid, Peter is weaker than most Spartois, but stronger, faster, more resiliant and more intelligent than most humans; he also has a longer life expectation, since Spartois live centuries. His experience as Star-Lord made him wiser and calmer, and he also became an expert tactician, a skilled armed and unarmed combatant, and a great space pilot. A drifter and a loner, Star-Lord slowly grew up to become a leader and a team player, always conserving something about the time he only cared of his freedom…and his vengeance.



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