Rocket Raccoon

Rocket RaccoonToday, we meet one of the riskiest bets for Marvel so far: Rocket Raccoon, voiced by Bradley Cooper and one of the protagonists of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. As you can easily guess from the name and the pic, he’s a raccoon. A walking, talking, shooting raccoon. It’s still unclear what kind of character he’ll be in the movie, even it’s easy to guess they’ll try to make him some sort of a badass, just to clarify he’s not one of Disney’s funny animals (at least, not as long as the studios intervene to change something in the script). While we’re waiting to see what they’ll do with Rocket, let’s take a look at his comicbook counterpart.

Rocket Raccoon’s origins go back of centuries, when an unknown race of aliens arrived in the Keyston Quadrant, near the Sirius Major constellation. They were researchers and scientists, and they built a galactic asylum to study the insane patients to understand what happened in a madman’s brain. They studied for years, appointing everything they discovered in a data log, but suddenly the funds for their research were cut, and they were forced to come back to their planet. To protect the patients, they created the Galacian Wall, a force field covering the entire star system and protecting the asylum planet from outsiders, and programmed the service robots to take care of the patients. The planet was then populated by the Loonies, the name the patients and their descendants chose for themselves, and the robots, who gained self-consciousness when the radiations of a nova modified their structure. The robots grew tired of taking care of the Loonies, so they did genetic experiments on the animals kept as company for rocketraccooncomics1the patients in order to augment their skills and to make them the Loonies’ guardians. Rocket was a simple raccoon by then, but the robots’ experiments gave him self-consciousness and human-like abilities. The robots went to live on a side of the planet, while the Loonies and the animals occupied the other half: the asylum slowly became known as Halfworld, and the alien researchers who had built it became object of worship as the Shrinks. Their log became a sacred text, the Gideon’s Bible, and society took a new organization, with the animals building toys to distract the patients, and weapons for themselves to keep them at bay in case of necessity (plus an army of killer clowns and other weird creations from Uncle Pyko, a tartoise inventor).

Rocket’s first interaction with the outside world happened when the Hulk, who had just battled the Galaxy Master, was teleported on Halfworld. There, a chrisis was happening, since a mole, Judson Jakes, allied with Uncle Pyko and stole Gideon’s Bible (he also kidnapped Rocket’s girlfriend, the otter Lylla). Rocket and his friend Wal Rus convinced Hulk to join their cause and to help them defeat Jakes; but before the battle was over, Pyko transported Hulk back on Earth, making his enemies lose a powerful ally. Rocket, however, rescued Lylla, even if Jakes escaped with the rocketraccooncomics2Bible. Soon, a rival to Jakes’ ambitions raised in the person of the snake Lord Dyvyne, who led an army of killer toys against Jakes’ one. Both Dyvyne and Jakes wanted power over Halfworld, and the hand of Lylla, who was the heir of the Toy Empire. Rocket tried to stop the Toy War, with the only result of having the snake and the mole ally to kill him. After a fierce battle, Rocket, Lylla, Wal Rus and Pyko (who had betrayed Jakes) managed to have the Bible back, and brought it to the robots on the other side of the planet to keep it safe. The robots, recognizing the Shrinks’ notes, used them to create helmets able to cure the Loonies. Rocket and his friends distributed the helmets to the inhabitants of the other side of the planet (defeating Jakes and Dyvyne in the process), and the (ex)Loonies, grateful, offered them positions in the new Halfworld society. The animals refused, and, for the first time, they were free to leave the planet and explore the galaxy…an adventure that Rocket gladly took over himself. Recently, the early adventures of Rocket Raccon had been revealed to be false memories implanted to prevent Rocket to come back to Halfworld and unwillingly free one of its most dangerous inmate, the telepath Star Thief, but how much of his memories are true it remains to be seen.

Rocket Raccoon is a smart and brave space adventurer, committed to his duties and eager to prove himself. Sometimes quite aggressive, he’s able to show quite a bad character also with his friends and teammates, despite a cute and furry appearance. He’s an excellent pilot, a capable tactician, a good martial artist and an expert marskman, with a taste for really big guns. Being a raccoon, he also has very sharp senses, especially sight and smell, which he can proficiently use also in the midst of a battle. A loyal friend and a fierce enemy, Rocket Raccoon counts on his deceiving look to surprise both allies and adversaries.



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