Arthur Sampson Douglas (Drax the Destroyer)

DraxAlmost at the end of the main cast from Guardians of the Galaxy, and today it’s the turn of the biggest and baddest member of the team: Drax the Destroyer, portrayed by the wrestler Dave Bautista. As for everyone else, this is the first live action appearance for Drax, and we know very little of the film rendering. From some interviews with director James Gunn, it seems that Drax’ origins will be changed in order to give him an alien background, thus erasing from this continuity his human nature. Also, his look resembles his latest appearances, with daggers and all, rather than the first one, with the purple costume and cape. Anyway, let’s see together who Drax is in the comics.

Arthur Sampson Douglas was born in California, where he grew up to become a real estate agent. He married the woman he loved, Yvette, and had a daughter from her, Heather. Once, when the girl was still very young, the entire Douglas family organized a family car trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, crossing the Mojave Desert. While they were travelling, a spaceship appeared from nowhere, just above them: on the ship, Thanos the Mad Titan was monitoring Earth, looking for something useful to his plans of total annihilation of the universe. Wanting to keep his very existence secret from the world he was surveying, Thanos destroyed the automobile, with the intent of killing the witnesses of his appearance. Unbeknownst to Thanos, his father Mentor was following him, worried that he could do arm to somebody during his surveilance: his worst fears became true, and he landed near the Douglas’ car’s remnants. Amongst the junk, Mentor found Heather still alive, and brought her to Titan with him (she would have come back to Earth years later, under the alias Moondragon). On Titan, Mentor contacted the disembodied spirit of his own father, Chronos, and asked for his help: draxthedestroyercomics1Thanos was now a threat impossible to ignore, and he wanted to create a being powerful enough to stop him. Chronos captured Arthur’s soul before it left his body, and then helped his son craft a body from Earth’s soil; they granted the new body superhuman powers, and then infused it with Arthur’s soul. Now born to new life, Arthur Douglas became Drax the Destroyer, and his memories of his past life were blocked; Mentor and Chronos placed in him one single feeling, the hate for Thanos, and one single idea: his total and utter destruction.

Drax started travelling the entire universe in search of the being he knew he hated, obstinately following his one and only purpose in life. He battled Thanos many times over the years, also teaming up with Earth hero Iron Man when he faced the Mad Titan and two of his deadliest servants, the Blood Brothers. The Brothers got killed, but Thanos escaped. Soon, the Mad Titan realized that Drax was a dangerous threat even for him, and started paying mercenaries and killers just to keep him busy, so that his pursuer couldn’t foil every single plan of his. Drax kept hunting for his prey, until he met Thanos in battle, during the time the Titan was trying to pursue the Cosmic Cube. Allied with the Avengers, Moondragon and the first Captain Marvel, Drax finally destroyed Thanos. Instead of being happy for his accomplishment, Drax found himself lost, without a purpose in life. A new mission was given him by his very daughter, Moondragon, who invited him to join her in a quest for knowledge. Unfortunately, Moondragon went mad and tried to enslave planet Ba-Banis: Drax tried to stop her, but she used her mental powers to separate his body from his soul, killing him. Years later, Thanos managed to come back from the dead, and Chronos draxthedestroyercomics2decided to bring back Drax too, with a new, more powerful body. Drax’ intelligence, however, greately decreased because of Moondragon’s psychic attack, making him just a brutal, strong child with an obsession with killing Thanos. The green brute allied himself with Silver Surfer, Adam WarlockPip the Troll and Gamora to stop Thanos again, starting his mission all over again. He then became part of the supergroup Infinity Watch, until he was killed again, this time by Paibok, a powerful Skrull. He was born once again, in a weaker body but with a normal level of intelligence, ready to start his search for Thanos all over again.

The personality, intelligence and powers of Arthur Douglas greatly change from an incarnation to the other. From a normal man devoted to his family, Douglas became a cold-blooded hunter, with superhuman physical attributes (strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, reflexes), the ability of flight and of energy manipulation, and a certain level of telepathy. After his first death, he came back stronger than before, but with the mind of a baby, simple and candid, attracted by silly TV shows. From his most recent rebirth, Drax possesses a weaker body, incapable of flying and projecting energy, but with a higher level of intelligence: a skillful hunter and tactician, a relentless warrior master of Dwi Theet (an alien martial art) and a loyal ally. One thing is always the same in every incarnation of Drax: his hate for Thanos, an imperative written in his very DNA that commands his entire existence. Whenever he’s near Thanos, Drax becomes more powerful and loses control of himself, driven to kill his enemy.



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