Brock Rumlow (Crossbones)

crossbonesfilmIn last pics from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we get a better look to a character already seen in the first trailer (ok, I missed him): arguably one of the movie’s villains, here’s Crossbones, portrayed by Frank Grillo. In the movie, he’ll be introduced as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Brock Rumlow, a highly trained operative who backups Captain America during his missions. From ally he’ll become foe thorugh unknown means, turning up one of Cap’s most lethal enemies ever (apparently, all S.H.I.E.L.D. will be in chrisis, divided between a good faction at Nick Fury‘s orders and a bad one acting under Alexander Pierce…it’s likely Rumlow will work for the latter). Now, let’s see together who one of the most lethal assassins in the Marvel Universe is in the comics.

Little is known about Crossbones’ past. Before becoming an assassin and a mercenary, Brock Rumlow lived in New York City, where he acted as a small time criminal, leader of a gang named Savage Crims. One day, a fifteen years old girl named Rachel Leighton (the future heroine known as Diamondback) went to the Crims’ hideout to become part of the gang, but Rumlow savagely beat and raped her. Her older brothers Willy (on a wheelchair) and Danny attacked Brock to avenge their sister, but Rumlow easily killed the disabled Willy, and defeated the other, who left the city on shame and later became the mercenary CutthroatRicky Leighton, the third brother, tried to avenge crossbonescomics1Willy, but Rumlow killed him too. Now charged with rape and murder, Rumlow had to flee, and went on the run. In the criminal underworld, Rumlow used his natural gift for violence to make himself noticed; he then met the mercenary Taskmaster, and joined his school for criminals. In just two years, the man now called Bingo Brock had become Taskmaster’s best student, and soon one of the teachers. With the fame coming from his new role, Rumlow entered in contact with the legendary Red Skull (actually the impostor Albert Malik) and, fascinated by his personality, entered his service as a mercenary.

With the codename Frag, Rumlow proved to be an extremely skilled agent for the Skull, and his devotion towards him became absolute. Malik decided to make a use of his new agents, and assigned Frag and his team a very delicate mission: to attack and destroy a fortress in Switzerland belonging to Nazi scientist Arnim Zola. Rumlow and the others were surely up to a normal task, but Zola’s defenses were far too thick, and a living blob proved to be the last drop. crossbonescomics2Every mercenary but Rumlow got killed, and Brock himself was brought in front of Zola. Here, he met the real Red Skull, Johann Schmidt, but, without realizing who he was, Rumlow claimed his eternal allegiance the Skull. Intrigued, and eager to test his new cloned body, Schmidt challenged the mercenary. Weakened and exhausted, Rumlow was easily defeated, but the Skull saw the evil in his heart, and decided to keep him alive. He revealed himself as the one and true Red Skull, and offered Rumlow to enter his service, an opportunity the mercenary didn’t let go. Schmidt completed Rumlow’s training, and then gave him the alias Crossbones. The new Skull’s agent succesfully completed his first mission (to retrieve the five Bloodstone fragments from Baron Zemo, fighting Captain America, Diamondback and John Jameson in the meantime), and was elected field leader of the Skeleton Crew, an organization led by the Red Skull himself. With Crossbones, Captain America had just met one of his most persistant and dangerous foes of all times.

Brock Rumlow is a ruthless and violent man, used to the worst kinds of deeds since his very adolescence. As Crossbones, his physical conditions are at a peek state, with a remarkable strength, speed, durability and stamina capable of rivaling also Captain America’s ones. Trained by the best mercenary around, Taskmaster, Rumlow is also an extremely proficient hand-to-hand combatant, a nearly-infallible marksman, an excellent pilot, a subtle strategist and tactician, an expert in torture, and a sadistic brainwasher. Lethal with any kind of weapon, unpredictable, cruel and fierce, Crossbones is one of the world’s deadliest and most dangerous men.



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