Mark Scheffer (Shrapnel)

Mark SchefferAfter the mid-season break, Arrow comes back to our screen with a brand new episode…and brand new characters. In Blast Radius we meet two new guys from the comics, and the first one is the episode’s villain, the serial bomber Mark Scheffer portrayed by Sean Maher. In the tv show, Scheffer is the owner of a toy shop who starts a personal war against the corrupt politicians that are ruining his Starling City, and thinks the best way to do it is to blow everything up, innocent people included. Felicity Smoak recognizes him as the former member of a subversive group, where he was nicknamed Shrapnel: this is the only reference so far to his comicbook identity, the metal-made supervillain known, of course, as Shrapnel. While quite a minor character, let’s see together who he is.

Very little is known about Mark Scheffer’s past. He was a regular guy, an American worker and a family man: married with a woman called Suze, he had two daughters, Maddie and Meredith. For some unknown reason, at a certain point Suze left him, shrapnelcomics1leaving with both his daughters, and Scheffer possibly suffered from quite a major breakdown. He lost his job, and everything he cared for in his life…and somehow, at a certain point in this descending curve, Mark was transformed, through unknown means, in a monster made out of metal scraps. His hideous appearance came with incredible powers, and Scheffer soon found out he was able to control any single piece of the metal shell that was now his body. Believing this to be some sort of new opportunity for him, Mark resolved to take more an active role in his life, and became a professional hitman, selling his powers and his rage to the best bidder. He chose an alias, Shrapnel, and put himself on the market, waiting for a call. The first job came quite fast, and it was one he didn’t expect but was happy to take: he was ordered to go to Kansas City and to kill a man he knew from his past (even if we don’t know why or how): Walter J. Williamson, the Executive Vice President of an important company.

Shrapnel arrived in Missouri, and tried his best to hide himself dressing with a large hat and a coath…but it was obviously useless, since many people kept staring at this strange, metal creature he had become. Evidently, his transformation had damaged also his shrapnelcomics2mind, and Scheffer started killing everyone looking at him on the street, starting a real slaughter. Almost by chance, he also got to kill his target, Walter Williamson, among the crowd he was slaying. As the alarm was spread, Doom Patrol intervened to stop him, but the superteam found more than one difficulty in the ensuing battle. The leader, Celsius, tried to freeze the villain solid in ice, but he bursted out of his prison, severely wounding the heroine in the process; the magnetic fields-controller Lodestone tried to contain him, being him made of metal, but for some reason she couldn’t magnetize him. It was the weather-manipulator Tempest that found out the organic nature of Shrapnel’s metal, managing to elaborate a plan to take him down. Barely arrested, Shrapnel was later recruited in the Suicide Squad, a team of “reformed” villains he soon left because of his bloodlust; it was Alexander Luthor that found a good way to put this maniac at use, and invited him to join his Secret Society of Super Villains.

Mark Scheffer is an unstable and violent man, with quite an aggressive character and often prey of an intense bloodlust that brings him to kill whoever crosses his path. As Shrapnel, he’s a creature composed of a miriad of pieces of organic metal, which are living beings by themselves, controlled by the criminal’s consciousness. He can use the razor-sharp scraps to attack his enemies, and he can move them also from a distance; the pieces, away from his body, die, but he can create new ones to replace them. He also possesses superhuman stamina, durability and strength, and his unique organism allows him to survive without eating, drinking or breathing. With a psychotic personality and quite an array of powers, Shrapnel is quite a dangerous foe to face for any hero.



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