Anna Resik and May Bennett (Mother Mayhem)

Maya ResikTime for the second character introduced in Arrow episode Blast RadiusMaya Resik, portrayed by Ana Mercedes. In the show, the character is the mother of Sebastian Blood, a deranged woman locked in a mental asylum after she apparently killed her abusive husband to protect her son. According to her declarations, it was actually the kid who shot the father, blaming the mother in a second time. Anyway, Maya Resik is based on two different characters from the DC Universe, and her name is a fusion of the two: the first one is Anna Resik, while the second is May Bennett, and both of them happened to be the wives of a Brother Blood and mothers to the following. Let’s see together who these women are in the comics.

Anna Resik was born in Zandia, a small and troubled nation in Eastern Europe, where she lived with her family sometimes at the beginning of the XX century. Around the 1940s, a teenager Anna was kidnapped by a religious cult known as the Church of Blood, a sect devoted to the resurrection of the demon lord Trigon. Brought to the palace, Anna found out she had been selected to become the new Mother Mayhem, the destined spouse to the cult leader, Brother Blood. With no choice, Anna married Sebastian Blood VII, and delivered him a child, Sebastian Blood VIII, future mothermayhemcomics1killer of his father and leader of the Church. When her son was a teenager, Anna realized her husband was growing scared of the influence she had on the future Brother Blood, and was planning to kill her. She took her son and fled from Zandia, travelling the world and using all the money, resources and influence coming from being recognized as the wife of the powerful Brother Blood. She finally arrived in Qurac, an Arabian country ruled by High Raja Yakeem Sota. Seeking protection for herself and her son, Anna married Sota, only to find herself back into an abusive marriage. Anna beared anything for the sake of her Sebastian, but she didn’t know it was actually her first husband who was manipulating her second one: eventually, Sebastian VII had her killed by the High Raja, and Sebastian VIII fled from his court. His mother’s death brought him to seek revenge on his father, to murder him and to become the new Brother Blood as it was prophesied.

When Sebastian Blood VIII became the new Brother Blood, he personally chose his wife among the cult followers that were already part of the Church of Blood, not wanting to repeat his mother’s destiny. He chose May Bennett, a woman whose loyalty and devotion towards Trigon’s cause was unmatched and undisputed. May became the new Mother Mayhem, and received a power none of her predecessors ever had: she wasn’t just the wife of Brother Blood, the woman destined to give birth to his son and future cult leader, she was her only peer, his right-hand woman, the only human allowed to mothermayhemcomics2know his deepest secrets and to actively help him conceive world-domination plans and different politics for Zandia. She had a strong faith, and firmly believed her husband was an omnipotent being sent on Earth by Trigon himself to lead his people, and she felt honored to serve him in such a special manner. She gave birth to Sebastian Blood IX, the future Brother Blood, thus fortifying her position inside the Church. She became jealous when her husband, first, and her second, later, started focusing on one of the Teen Titans, the daughter of Trigon Raven. She continued serving as Mother Mayhem when her husband was killed and her son rose to power, but the obsession with Raven didn’t cease, it only became stronger, and she feared her position could have been compromised by the girl. However, her fears proved to be of no concern, since the Titans eventually managed to defeat her son and to shatter the Church of Blood. They also saved May and her newborn daughter, Jessica, from the supercriminals known as Wildebeest Society, who wanted to prevent a new Brother Blood to rise and take back his power; the Titans, saving the two, ended a decades-long enmity, and May became the last living Mother Mayhem.

Anna Resik is a simple but strong woman, whose will has never been bent by any abuse suffered from any of her husbands, resisting to both the brainwashing from the Church of Blood and the violence suffered with the High Raja. Her only devotion is to her son, the only human being she truly loves. May Bennett, on the opposite, is a very cunning and and cruel woman, but her submission to the Church is total, and her will completely depends on the one of her husband and of her son. As Mother Mayhem, they both have quite a power inside the Church of Blood, and also outside in the world, and they can employ a great influence on many powerful people related to the cult. Being an incarnation or another, Mother Mayhem’s destiny is always to be at Brother Blood’s side, both as his wife and as his mother.



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