Jackson F. Norriss

Jackson NorrisThe first video from the upcoming Marvel One-Shot All Hail the King (which will be distributed with the blu-ray version of Thor: The Dark World) has been released, and we got some hints at the main story. It will be mainly focused on Trevor Slattery, the fake Mandarin from Iron Man 3, and on a documentary director who’s trying to interview him. This particular director responds to a well known name: he’s Jackson Norriss, and he’ll be portrayed by Scoot McNairy. From what we saw, we can only hope that Marvel will make amend for that dumb and very Disney-like Mandarin twist from the movie. Waiting for the short to be released, let’s see who Jackson is in the comics.

We know little of Jack Norriss‘ early past: he was born in Cobbler’s RoostVermont, and graduated high school with normal grades. During his teens, he met a girl named Barbara Denton, who she fell in love with. The two started a relationship, and soon they got married. Unfortunately for them, Celestia Denton, Barbara’s mother, had made a pact with extradimensional demons jacksonnorrisscomics1known as Undying Ones to regain her youth in exchange of her own daughter’s soul: she manipulated Jack and Barbara and convinced them to join a cult worshiping the Undying Ones, just “for fun”. When the leader of the sect, Van Nyborg, set up a plan to use the Hulk to destroy the Dark Crawler, a guardian spirit, Barbara tried to stop him, with the only result of being locked in the Undying Ones’ dimension (actually, she heroically chose to stay there in order to act as a new guardian, after Hulk and Doctor Strange defeated the Undying Ones). Jack was clearly disrupt, and couldn’t accept his beloved wife had just gone. It was much to his surprise that he met Barbara again, some time after her “death”, walking and talking like always…only, she wasn’t his Barbara anymore. While his wife’s soul remained dormant, in fact, Barbara’s body had been inhabited by Brunnhilde, the Valkyrie, a fact that Jack just couldn’t accept. He kept trying to be close to “Barbara”, something Valkyrie had to come to terms with.

Jack stick to Brunnhilde for quite a lot of time, even during her time serving with the superhero team Defenders. He actually helped the team more than once in their missions, always trying to “protect” his now Asgardian ex-wife. When the Headmen, a quartet of scientist supevillains, took possession of Nighthawk‘s body, Jack volunteered to have his mind transferred into the hero’s body, and acted as a replacement for a while, until Chondu was defeated and Kyle Richmond could come back to his rightful body. After the experience, Kyle jacksonnorrisscomics2himself offered Jack 300.000$ to finally leave the team alone, and unexpectedly Norriss accepted. He had actually come to terms with the fact that Barbara had died, and didn’t have any problem to take the money and leave. He used the 300.000$ to foil a plot set up by Ruby Thursday (another member of the Headmen) to run for Presidency, and stopped her campaign exposing her as a criminal. This little adventure of his allowed him to be noticed by S.H.I.E.L.D., and he entered the counter espionage agency. Starting as an archivist, he was later promoted to agent, and was assigned with the mission of arresting the rogue vigilante known as Nomad. Jack ended up sympathizing with his target, and left S.H.I.E.L.D. as a result. His impressive CV allowed him to be almost immediately hired by America TV as an investigative reporter, a job in which he could finally say what he wanted about the world surrounding him.

Jackson Norriss surely is a stubborn man, faithful to the very end to his ideals and principles, but also to his own delusions. He doesn’t possess any particular ability, apart from the intensive training every S.H.I.E.L.D. agent goes through. Eternally faithful to his lost wife Barbara, Jack is a man without a purpose, always committed to find one and to live for it.


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  1. […] Valkyrie lived a lot of adventures with the Defenders, still unaware of her true condition, but Jack Norriss, Barbera’s husband, kept following her wherever she went, still claiming she was his wife: […]

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