Sebastian Blood VIII (Brother Blood)

Sebastian Blood VIIIThis week’s Arrow episode Blind Spot showed us another character, albeit in photograph only: Sebastian Sangre, deceased father of Sebastian Blood. Well, in Spanish “sangre” means “blood”, so the two of them have (had) the same name. This fits quite well, since in the comics, Sebastian Blood’s father (and grandfather, and great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather, and so on) is Sebastian Blood. And, like, in the comics, Blood was killed by Blood: in the show, young Sebastian killed his father when he was still a kid, and had his mother Maya Resik charged for the crime and locked into a mental asylum. Now, let’s see who this other Sebastian Blood/Sangre is in the comics.

In the Eastern European nation of Zandia, a terrible curse ran through the royal family since the Crusades: when the king refused to give his nation’s help to retrieve Christ’s tomb, and sold his soul to the demon Trigon, he was given incredible power by Hell, but also received a curse: he would have lived forever, bathing in the blood of his people, and would have been established as the absolute and undisputed leader of the Church of Blood, a cult worshiping Trigon brotherbloodviiicomics1and participating to his might, but he would have been killed by his son, who would have become the new ruler of the Church and of Zandia. Every son would have killed his own father, becoming the new Brother Blood and serving his real master Trigon until the demon would have finally conquered Earth. When the seventh Brother Blood kidnapped a Zandian woman named Anna Resik and made her his Mother Mayhem (high priestess and wife), she gave a son to him, destined to kill him. Sebastian Blood VIII lived at his father’s court, and received the traditional education reserved to ay future Brother Blood: he learnt about Trigon, about Zandian history, and about his own destiny. He was also taught politics, diplomacy, military strategy, economy, everything in order to become a worthy ruler of both Zandia and the Church of Blood. He was growing up a cunning and cultured child, but his mother followed him much more than her predecessors did with their sons. She tried to put him against his father before time, and taught him to think with his own head, instead of blindly following a destiny written for him centuries ago. Worried for Mother Mayhem’s influence over the boy, Brother Blood decided to have her killed along with his own son, but Anna found it out and decided to flee.

Sebastian and his mother traveled the world as exiles, but he managed to expand his own culture and knowledge of the world with this somewhat traumatic experience. When they finally arrived in Qurac, Anna married the High Raja Yakeem Sota, granting some protection for herself and Sebastian. Unbeknownst to them, however, Yakeem was just a puppet in Brother Blood’s hands, brotherbloodviiicomics2and the Zandian ruler had his wife killed by her new husband. Sebastian managed to escape death, and continued his mental and physical training, wandering from a state to another and learning everything he could. When he finally became an adult, he had Yakeem Sota killed, and then proceeded to come back to Zandia. In here, he disguised himself as a simple follower, until he finally arrived to face his father, who believed him dead. Fulfilling the prophecy and renewing the curse, Sebastian killed his father in front of his followers, and claimed the title of Brother Blood for himself. He finally sit the throne he had been preparing for all his life, putting into practice everything he had learnt in his years as prince and, especially, from his mother and from his various mentors in the world. He chose a follower, May Bennett, as his Mother Mayhem, and ruled with her at his side for years. Fully understanding the potential of the Church of Blood, Sebastian Blood VIII started converting people occupying key roles everywhere in the world, thus expanding his influence and preparing for a massive invasion, something the Church attempted for the first time in seven centuries of existence.

Sebastian Blood VIII is an intelligent and insidious man, cunning and ruthless, who accumulated knowledge and experience and made them a perfect tool to transform the formerly secluded sect known as the Church of Blood into an international organisation aiming to world domination. As Brother Blood, he possesses many super powers coming from the magic of the Book of Blood. By bathing in the Pool of Blood, a subterranean cave filled with the blood of human sacrifices, Sebastian periodically regains his strength and youth, becoming immortal with the death of his followers. A criminal mastermind like few others and a despotic ruler, the eight Brother Blood is even more dangerous than his father, with the years of exile only making him stronger and smarter.



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