LashinaWhile we were speaking of movies and trailers, the iOS version of Injustice: Gods Among Us introduced an exclusive character to its roster: Darkseid. While we have already spoken about him, there are a couple of characters appearing as cameos during his special move: the first one is Lashina, who grabs the opponent with her whips and brings him/her to the lovely mace of Big Barda. While the latter never appeared in live action, Lashina herself hit the small screen in Smallville, in the episode Abandoned. In the show, she’s quite different from her comicbook counterpart, and she’s not of alien origins. She’s an orphan from Granny Goodness’ Orphanage, and she battles Clark Kent and Tess Mercer when they arrive to investigate on both Tess’ origins and Darkseid’s coming. She defeats Tess with her whips, but is later defeated in turn by a re-powered Clark; she was portrayed by athlete Rochelle Okoye. Now, let’s see who she is in the comics.

Born on Apokolips, homeplanet of the deviant New Gods who follow the lead of Darkseid in his eternal struggle against New Genesis and its ruler High Father, the woman who would have later been known as Lashina became an orphan at a young age. As all orphans on Apokolips her destiny as a lonely child was of little perspect: either she died, starving and alone, on the mechanical wastelands of the planet’s surface, or she lashinacomics1was “admitted” in Granny Goodness’ Orphanage, an experience that could have led to her death nevertheless. Granny Goodness, a fierce New God blindly loyal to Darkseid and committed with training equally loyal and powerful warriors for her master, saw some talent in the girl, and took her in the Orphanage. After years of psychological and physical abuse, a brainwashing that made the girl forgetting even her real name, a harsh training aimed to make a lethal weapon out of her, the girl who had entered the Orphanage had completely disappeared, and in her place stood Lashina, a deadly warrior of Apokolips. Her prowess in battle granted her a place in the Female Furies, an all-women military unit composed of girls bred by Granny Goodness to be the best warriors on Apokolips, a team of cruel and able soldiers, assassins whose only reason for life was serving Darkseid.

Trained in assassination by sadistic Kanto, and completely loyal to Granny Goodness first, but especially to her lord Darkseid, Lashina proved to be one of the best warriors among the Femal Furies, competing against her peers in sadism and proficiency in missions’ accomplishment. The only other loyalty the Furies recognized beside the one to Goodness and Darkseid was the one among themselves: raised and trained together, they shared a bond hardly breakable, despite them all being quite competitive. Lashina, along with the intelligent Bernadeth, the deranged Mad Harriet and muscular Stompa, followed the lead on field of Big Barda, the most even-tempered among them. Considering the relationship between the single members of the lashinacomics2Female Furies, it was no surprise that Lashina, as well as the others, took as a personal insult the betrayal operated by Big Barda, who escaped from Apokolips to live on Earth with her love and later husband, Mister Miracle, a New God from New Genesis raised in the Orphanage. From that moment, the Furies’ mission became capturing the rogue couple, and Lashina decided she would have parted them forever as a proper punishment. With Big Barda part of the team no more, Lashina was chosen by Darkseid personally to be the new leader of the Female Furies, something that put the jealous and treacherous Bernadeth, who craved the title for herself, against her. Cruel and determined, Lashina would have hunted down Big Barda and Mister Miracle in every corner of the galaxy, with the sole purpose of making them suffer.

Lashina is a fierce and pitiless woman, blindly loyal to Darkseid and ready to die for him. As all New Gods, she’s immortal, and she possesses superhuman strength, durability, stamina, speed, agility, reflexes and senses. She’s been trained to be one of Apokolips’ best warriors, and she’s a lethal hand-to-hand combatant. She’s a master with her twin whips, built from an unknown metal and charged with electricity: with them, Lashina is a nearly unstoppable foe. A Female Fury to her core, she will never stop until she has fulfilled her master’s orders, and she’ll kill whoever stands in her way to try and prevent it.


Korath-Thak (Korath the Pursuer)

Korath the PursuerAnd here we are, the last character introduced in the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer: the armed guard who finds Star-Lord stealing some kind of artifact at the very beginning of the trailer, and later arrests him (the one who doesn’t recognize him nor his name, much to the adventurer’s frustration), is Korath the Pursuer, portrayed by Djimon Hounsou. In the movie, his appearance looks much different from his comicbook counterpart, from the fact that he’s not even blue-skinned. In the film he’ll be an ally to Ronan the Accuser (something that reflects his original allegiance), but also of Nebula and Thanos, and that’s quite weird. Anyway, let’s wait and see. In the meanwhile, meet the original Korath the Pursuer…

Born on Hela, the core planet of the Kree EmpireKorath-Thak was a brilliant scientist and geneticist, specialized in cyber-genetics. Because of his achievements in his work, Korath was chosen as the head of the new Pursuer Project that he himself had devised: the main task of the newborn Pursuer Corps (a parallel force to the Accuser Corps, who brought judgement on the Empire’s criminals) was to develop new methods of search for the Empire’s wanted. Korath used his skills to create a beam able to psionically trace any individual following his or her brain pattern; it was also able to teleport the Pursuers’ genetic template to the known location of the wanted ones, where they would have koraththepursuercomics1fused with local matter to form new hunting patterns, thus accelerating the process of seek-and-capture. Korath first used his device to locate the Inhumans on Earth, the results of ancient genetic experiment who were now needed as new forces for the Kree army. Korath and his Pursuers reached Earth in no time thanks to the new device, but unfortunately their genetic template got mixed with the one of some cockroach on the planet’s surface, thus drastically changing the Krees’ appearance. Even in that form, however, the Pursuers were able to defeat and subdue the royal family of Attilan, capital and sanctuary of the Inhumans. When they were about to bring the prisoners on Hela, however, they were humiliated by a Kree defector, Falzon, who used a simple insecticide to destroy their new genetic template and to teleport them back to their homeplanet.

After that failure, Korath’s good fame decreased in the Empire, to the point that the new leaders, Ael-Dann and Dar-Benn, canceled the Pursuer Project, now considered a total waste of money. Enraged, Korath tried to convince the Empire of the efficiency of his program by injecting himself with a new template he had synthesized, gaining new powers. His demonstration didn’t convince the leaders, but gained the attention of the Supreme Intelligence, who made him part of the secret strike team Starforce, composed by other super-powered Krees such as UltimusShatteraxAtt-Lass and Minn-Erva. The Starforce was put on the trails of the Avengers, who (supposedly) were on Hela to kill Ael-Dann and Dar-Benn; while they were battling the Avengers, however, the Kree leaders got killed by Deathbird, member of the Shi’ar royal family. In retaliation, Korath and the others were sent koraththepursuercomics2on Chandilar, the enemy’s homeplanet, to kill Majestrix Lilandra: these events gave birth to the great Kree/Shi’ar War, a long lasting conflict that reshaped the universe. On Chandilar, Korath and Starforce found the powerful Imperial Guard and a second team of Avengers guarding Lilandra, and their aggression failed. At the end of the war, when the Supreme Intelligence’s plan to accelerate the Krees’ evolution was exposed and the Negabomb exploded decimating Hala’s population, the Shi’ars emerged victorious from the war, and Deathbird became ruler of the former Kree Empire: Korath, as well as the rest of Starforce, became part of Deathbird’s new Imperial Guard, forced to serve who once was a mortal enemy.

Korath-Thak is a proud and intelligent Kree, a scientific genius who puts every skill he possesses at the service of the Empire’s cause. As the Pursuer, he has incremented the superhuman physical attributes of his race (strength, stamina, speed, agility, reflexes, durability) to an unknown level, and his knowledge in cybernetics allowed him to improve his equipment: he can fly thanks to turbines he implanted in his boots, and possesses two beta-batons set to stun any creature he has to capture; he’s also trained in Kree martial arts, and is a good tactician. A vital but often underestimated member of Kree army, Korath the Pursuer is a scientist and a warrior totally consecrated to the victory of the Empire, and to the further advance of the Kree race’s evolution.

Rhomann Dey (Nova Prime)

Rhomann DeyOn with the characters spotted in the first trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy: when the main characters are arrested, a Nova Corp guy reads to his colleague (and to us) their criminal records, commenting on the self-proclaimed heroes one by one. That guy is none other than Rhomann Dey, portrayed by John C. Reilly, a familiar guy for whoever ever read Nova (in the comics, he’s more or less Marvel’s version of DC’s Abin Sur). The movie version appears slightly different from the comics one, first of all because the Nova Corps’ uniform is much more urban-like and less superheroic, and secondly because he appears to be human, or at least humanoid, while in the comics he’s manifestly alien. Waiting to see what kind of role he’ll have in the GotG movie (apart from random space cop), let’s see who Rhomann Dey is in the comics.

Very little is known about Rhomann Dey’s life prior to become a member of the Nova Corps: he was a Xandarian, born and raised on planet Xandar, and served as a Centurion in the Corps, a space police founded by the living computer Worldmind to protect Xandarian world and civilization. The Nova Centurions had access to the Nova Force, an energy generated by the Worldmind itself, and often used it rhomanndeycomics1to protect also alien worlds other than Xandar, following the computer’s directives able to foresee the consequences of other planets’ catastrophes on Xandar itself. Rhomann, being a Centurion (the highest ranking in the Corps), was one of the most respected and powerful officers. On Xandar he had a family, with his wife Karman-Kan and his little children, Duranna and Kahry. The Worldmind, however, proved to be not exactly infallible, as it tragically underestimated the threat represented by interstellar conqueror Zorr, who had targeted Xandar as his next prize. Rhomann Dey was out on a mission, when Zorr attacked Xandar, single-handedly killing any Centurion he found, as well as many civilians, Dey’s wife and children included. When Rhomann came back on his homeplanet, it was too late to save his family, but he was still in time to save what remained of his planet and of the Nova Corps.

Being the last Centurion alive, Rhomann Dey was promoted by the Worldmind Nova Prime, leader of the Nova Corps (if there were any left…) and entrusted with the entirety of the Nova Force, a power even superior to the one of the summed up powers of every single Centurion. Strong with his new abilities, Dey attacked rhomanndeycomics2Zorr who, amused by his enemy’s strength, left the planet Xandar and tried to escape; Nova Prime however reached him and engaged him in battle, but Zorr, now prepared to face him, proved to be too strong even for a Prime. Rhomann Dey was paralyzed and mortally wounded, kept alive by his ship only. Zorr, wounded in turn, took advantage of his enemy’s condition to flee to a remote planet, Earth; Dey followed him and, once in orbit, feeling the end near, decided to find someone worthy to grant the Nova Corps a new start. The first human he found with some potential was an American teenager, Richard Rider: he invested him with the powers of a Centurion, and formed a mind link to teach him how to use them. The boy at first thought to be dreaming, but he then realized his powers were true, and decided to use them to stop Zorr once and for all. The new Nova tried to battle the conqueror but, even weakened, he was far too strong; Dey, however, was still in orbit with his ship, following the battle: when Zorr got distracted, he teleported him in open space, and then vaporized him converting him into pure energy. His mission accomplished and the Nova Corps alive again, Dey was finally free to let himself die, ready to join his family in the afterlife.

Rhomann Dey is a noble and dutiful man, truly committed to his role as a Nova Centurion: a family man and a patriot, he joined the Corps in order to protect his family and his planet. As Nova Prime, he’s far more powerful than a simple Centurion, having access to the entire Nova Force; the Force grants him superhuman physical attributes such as strength, durability, reflexes and stamina, and overall an incredible speed; he’s also able to survive in open space, and has reduced need for food or oxygen; he’s able to fly and to generate personal force fields and various energy beams. Powerful and desperate, after the loss of his family Dey is driven solely by vengeance… but his loyalty to his oath is still firm, even in his emotionally confused state.


NebulaFinally, the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy has been released, and with it we got a first look to some of the characters featured in the movie. First of all, better speak about Nebula, portrayed by Karen Gillan, the bald, blue-skinned woman seen in the trailer with the knives. In the movie, she’ll be a space pirate who shares with Gamora a bitter rivalry, and she’ll be the secondary antagonist in the film. We do not know much else yet, apart that she’ll team up with Ronan the Accuser to hunt down and destroy the heroes. In the meanwhile, let’s see together who Nebula is in the comics.

Nebula’s life prior to her criminal debut is almost completely shrouded in mystery: many believed her to be the daughter of Zorr, a space conqueror from Luphom who had almost completely destroyed planet Xandar. She herself claimed to be the granddaughter nebulacomics1of Thanos the Mad Titan, one of the most dangerous and powerful beings in the universe. Being a Luphomoid herself, she became a space pirate, and formed a small crew with the troll Skunge, the simple-minded Kehl, the genius Gunthar and the weak-spirited Levan, who she commanded through fear and promises of prosperity. Trying to fill in the footprints of her alleged grandfather, Nebula began a destructive spree over the galaxy, first of all completing Zorr’s work and destroying Xandar. When Galactus destroyed the Skrull homeplanet, Nebula decided to attach the last nail on the Empire’s coffin, attacking the already weakened worlds controlled by the Skrulls. In order to strengthen her fame of being Thanos’ relative, she sent her men to hijack and take control of Sanctuary II, former base of operation of the Mad Titan himself, to make it her own. Unfortunately for Nebula, when her crew came back to her with the satellite, an Avenger was aboard: Monica Rambeau, who was going by the name Captain Marvel at that time. Surrounded, Captain Marvel pretended to be joining Nebula and her pirates, while she secretly helped the Skrull warning them of the upcoming attack, and sending signals to her fellow Avengers back on Earth. In a short time, the Avengers located her teammate and joined her in open space… only to find out Nebula had already vanquished the Empire (and destroyed Xandar) thanks to a powerful device, the Infinity Union.

In the following battle, the Avengers allied with the Skrulls in a desperate attempt to defeat the powerful Nebula, and the pirate found herself quite puzzled facing Starfox, brother of Thanos (so her granduncle) and member of the Avengers. However, the nebulacomics2fight was abruptly interrupted by the Beyonder who, trying to help the Avengers, teleported away Nebula and her entire crew. Now in the Andromeda Galaxy, Nebula was free to continue her criminal activity, while Avengers Firelord (hailing from Xandar) and Starfox looked for her everywhere in the known space. Something unexpected however happened: Thanos came back from the dead, and claimed back his Sanctuary II. When aboard, the Mad Titan found Nebula, who renewed her claim of kinship. Thanos, however, proved to be quite irritated by her demands, and, after stating he never spawned any son, he hit her with a blast of energy. She survived, but she lingered for death: Thanos left her disfigured and devoid of any brain function, a mindless zombie who couldn’t do anything but vegetate, the Mad Titan’s “greatest” creation, a being not truly alive, but unable to die. When Thanos got the Infinity Gauntlet and abandoned his body after defeating Eternity, Nebula used her last resources and consciousness to claim the Gauntlet from the Titan’s comatose body: she used its power to regain her abilities and appearance, and to take her revenge on Thanos. Now a goddess, Nebula was able to claim the entire universe for herself.

Nebula is a ruthless and cruel woman, whose ambition is just as limitless as her sadism. An excellent athlete and hand-to-hand combatant, an infallible sniper and a brilliant tactician, Nebula possesses superhuman strength and durability, and an arsenal of alien technology that grants her a vast array of abilities, such as teleportation and shapeshifting. Now a cyborg thanks to Dr. Mandibus, she has an artificial arm and leg, and an artificial eye that improves her vision. She once possessed the Infinity Union, a trio of devices that allowed her to convert any kind of energy into power for herself; she also possessed the Infinity Gauntlet, that allowed her to reshape reality itself. Blinded by overconfidence, pride and rage, Nebula is a lethal adversary, but also a presumptuous one: full of herself, she often loses absolute power immediately after gaining it due to her excessive confidence.

Eugene Porter

Eugene PorterLast character introduced in The Walking Dead episode Inmates: looking at Tara‘s and Glenn‘s struggle for survival against a group of walkers there’s a trio of people coming out of a military truck. The man on the right, portrayed by Josh McDermitt, is doctor Eugene Porter, the one with the radio. Of course, in the show he didn’t do anything this far, since he only had a small cameo on the very ending of the episode… but the appearance is quite cool, being traced on their very first page in the comics. Speaking of which, let’s see who Eugene is on the pages of the comicbook.

Little is known about Eugene Porter’s life before the zombie apocalypse, and many things had been hidden behind a wall of lies. He was probably born and raised in HoustonTexas, where he worked as a science teacher in high school. When the outbreak began, Eugene found himself lost in a world he didn’t recognize anymore: with no particular physical skill, nor any idea about self-defense and survival, he was utterly inadequate for a (lack of) society in which the only true law was the survival of the fittest. This was the moment Eugene resolved to hide his past, to lie about his identity and effective knowledge in order to try and make himself important for the people he met. He became part of a big group of survivors, where he met Rosita Espinosa, a beautiful woman he fell in love with. It was only by chance that, when a herd attacked, only Eugene and Rosita survived. Now friends, the two traveled together in search of someone who could eugeneportercomics1protect them, with Rosita trading sex with protection with some of the men they met. Finally, they stumbled upon Abraham Ford, a former army sergeant who seemed to be the perfect choice for protection. Eugene lied to him, and told him he was a renowned scientist and he knew about the origin of the outbreak, and that he had to reach Washington D.C., a zone he believed to be zombie-free, to inform his colleagues about his research and to put an end to the epidemic. Abraham seemed to fall for it, and took both Rosita and Eugene with himself: the two now had a third comrade and a protector, and they were able to cross the country to reach what they believed to be the new Eden.

In order to make himself even more valuable to Abraham’s eyes, Eugene amplified his lie with casual pieces of information, without fully revealing anything at all: he told him he was part of a secret team of scientists in charge of weaponizing the human genome, and hinted to an involvement in a “classified” origin of the plague. He used a radio to pretend to speak with the “heads of State” in Washington, and when other survivors joined the three of them, Euegene appeased them telling them that he had been assured a safe place in Washington to shelter in. He also used some little knowledge of general science, such as building a compass with some silk and a needle, to further convince Abraham of the truth of his words. Abraham became so convinced of Eugene’s mission that he killed three members of the group who tried to steal some food and escape. The new group met yet another herd, and this time only Eugene, Abraham and Rosita eugeneportercomics2survived. They found a military truck, thus saving themselves and making it easier to move through the country. Finally, the trio got to Georgia, with Eugene becoming more and more uncomfortable because of the relation born between Abraham and his beloved Rosita. They stopped at a farm looking for provisions, but they only found another big group of survivors, led by an ex-sheriff named Rick Grimes. Eugene tried to sell them the same lie, but nor Rick nor his comrades believed him, despite Abraham providing guarantee for him. It was ultimately Abraham that won the trust of the larger group, killing two zombies that were about to tear Glenn to pieces. Rick decided to trust Abraham, and he abandoned Hershel Greene‘s farm joining their “mission” to reach Washington. On the road, Eugene often stopped to “study” some walker, telling everybody he needed further researches to present his superiors at Washington solid theories. His major concern remained to keep pretending without betraying himself with both his old and his new group, while of course trying to stay alive.

Eugene Porter is an intelligent and cultured man, who however is extremely insecure and afraid of the new world he’s living in. In order to assure himself a survival, Eugene creates a more and more elaborated series of lies and deceits, claiming to be a scientist for the government while he only was an high school teacher. His lies are a fortress he feels safe in, a way for him  to use his intelligence to defend himself from a violent and rough world… even if they only make him more and more alone, even in the middle of a numerous group.

Rosita Espinosa

Rosita EspinosaAnd today, the second cameo character appeared at the end of The Walking Dead episode Inmates: when Tara kills the last one of the walkers who attacked her and Glenn, a trio of people approach her, and among them, on the leader’s left, there’s a woman: she’s Rosita Espinosa, portrayed by Christian Serratos. At current time, she didn’t do much in the series, but her first appearance was quite amazing, especially for the ones who recognized in the trio’s pose the same they displayed in the comics on their first page. Waiting to see further developments, let’s see who she is in the comics.

Little or less is known about Rosita Espinosa’ life before the zombie outbreak. She was likely original of HoustonTexas, but it’s unknown what kind of job or occupation she was involved with. When the dead started to rise, she joined a group of survivors and stayed with them for a while. Clearly understanding what kind of new world it was the one she was now living in, she used her beautiful appearance to pleasure the men who could protect her, from the dead as well as from the living. However, another precious lesson she learnt from her first group was that calmness never lasted long in the new world: a herd, an enormous group of zombies, attacked the group, and almost nobody survived: the only ones who could make it were Rosita herself rositaespinozacomics1and Eugene Porter, a self proclaimed scientist who became her only friend. The two came back on the road, trying their best to survive, but their skills proved to be scarce confronted to their needs, so Rosita again used her look to trade sex with help. Finally, they met Abraham Ford, a former army sergeant, a lonely and grim man: Eugene told him he was a scientist directed to Washington D.C., and convinced him to let them join in, forming a trio. During the first part of their trip together, Rosita tried to offer herself to Abraham like she did with the other men before, but he declined her offer, something that happened for the first time in the post-apocalypse world. From that moment, Rosita started understanding better Abraham, and it became clear the man was helping them because he wanted to, not because of what they could have given him in exchange: Rosita couldn’t help but to fall in love with him.

On their way, the trio found a military truck, and they were able to proceed on their way to Washington with a good means of transport. When in Georgia, they arrived in a farm, where they stopped to look for provisions… only to find a not-so-warm welcome by a woman with a gun pointed at them. The woman, named Andrea, was soon reached by the leader of her group, a former sheriff named Rick Grimes. When they were still trying to understand each other, a couple of zombies attacked the group, and Abraham proved his good intentions by killing them, saving Glenn. When Abraham and Eugene managed to convince Rick and the others of their good intentions, Rosita was happy to join a bigger group, and, despite staying often out of sight, she helped rositaespinozacomics2anytime it was needed and asked. In the meantime, she had started a romantic relationship with Abraham, who was finally ready to move on from his wife’s and children’s death. When Maggie Greene attempted suicide and Abraham, believing her to be dead already, was about to shoot her in the head only to be (harshly) stopped by Rick, it was up to Rosita to control her lover’s burst of rage (thus saving Rick’s life). Among all people, Rosita was the only one able to manage Abraham’s emotionally unstable character, an ability that would have proven vital to the new, enlarged group.

Rosita is a gentle and kind woman, quite a rare feature in the post-apocalypse world. Despite everything she’s gone through, she is emotionally steady and unscarred, providing a good anchoring for many of her fellow survivors. During their travel together, Abraham taught her many survival techniques, and she’s now able to take care of herself without relying on the help of the men she meets on her way. Independent but caring, gentle but strong, Rosita is a unique woman, some sort of endangered species in a world ever tougher.

Abraham Ford

Abraham FordIn this week’s episode of The Walking DeadInmates, we followed the tracks of the other survivors of the Prison. Among all the parallel routes, Glenn‘s and Tara‘s one introduced us to a trio of new characters, led by Abraham Ford, portrayed by Michael Cudlitz. As for now, he just addressed Tara with a “You have quite a mouth. Let’s see what else you’ve got”. The comicbook readers know that much more is coming for this guy, just wait until future episodes. In the meantime, let’s see together who he is in the comics.

Abraham Ford lived in HoustonTexas, and he served in the U. S. Army. After becoming a Sergeant, he met a woman named Beth and married her. Now a family man, Abraham left the Army and started working in a school as sport coach, a role he perfectly fitted in because of the hard discipline he had learnt to dictate serving under the Army. From Beth he had a son and, two years later, a daughter; something however went wrong in his relationship with Beth, and the two divorced when their children were still very young. However, when the dead started rising from their graves, any disagreement was put aside in favor of pure survival, and Abraham and Beth came back together in the effort of protecting their children. They took refuge in an abandoned grocery store with some other survivors, in a growing community that welcomed whoever was in need of a shelter. One day, however, Abraham went out to seek some provisions, and when he came back at night, he found out that Beth and his 6-years-old abrahamfordcomics1daughter had been raped, while his 8-years-old son had been forced to stand still and watch. Going amok, Abraham killed the rapers with his bare hands, snapping bones and necks, and ripping one guy’s flesh with his fingers, everything under the eyes of his already traumatized family. Beth and the children, scared of his fury, escaped from the shop, and Abraham, shocked, went out to look for them only the day after. He found them dead already, their bodies eaten; only his daughter wast standing, now a walker: to end her misery, Abraham shot her in the face.

Alone, horrified by what he had become, Abraham wondered for months, going from a shelter to another, never stopping too much in a single place and trying to avoid contact with other people the more he could: after what had happened in Houston, he didn’t feel like trusting strangers anymore. After a while, however, he met a doctor, Euguene Porter, a man who claimed to know how the epidemic had started and how to stop it. Seeking for protection, Euguene convinced Abraham to bring him to Washington, where he would have been able to use his research as a countermeasure to the outbreak. On their way to Washington, the two men met a woman, Rosita Espinoza, who joined the company. The road to Washington was quite long, and on the way Abraham and Rosita developed a romantic relationship. They kept traveling together, stopping from abrahamfordcomics2time to time to rest or to take some food. On the road they found a military truck that became their new means of transport, thus making the long way to Washington easier. However, they still had to stop for food and gas: once in Georgia, they stopped in a farm for provisions, only to be welcomed by a woman who held them at gunpoint. It was Hershel Greene‘s farm, and the woman was Andrea; in a few moments, also the group leader, Rick Grimes, arrived on the place, but explanations were stopped by a pair of zombies, who broke the fence and attacked one of Rick’s companions, Glenn. Without a word, Abraham intervened and killed the walkers with his knife, saving the boy’s life. After some animosity between the trio and the rest of the group, Abraham and the others earned Rick’s trust, and they slowly became part of his group. Together, they abandoned Hershel’s farm, and continued their travel of hope to Washington.

Abraham Ford is a tormented and grim man, who often thinks of a past he’s forever lost and regrets occasional bursts of homicidal violence that changed his life forever. A good man who only wants to protect the ones near him, he disposes of a lot of skills useful for the group, from mere combat training to a good tactical insight. With a harsh and often distrustful character, scarred by a horrifying past and not exactly ready to fully trust other people, Abraham is nevertheless one of the most valuable members of Grimes’ group of survivors, and Rick’s irreplaceable right hand man.