Sharon Carter (Agent 13)

Sharon CarterIn the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer (totally awesome, by the way) aired during the Super Bowl, we got our first sight at one of the new characters introduced in the movie: Sharon Carter, portrayed by Emily VanCamp. In the movie, she’ll be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., but it’s currently unknown if she’ll actually be one of the protagonists or will just have a small appearance. She already appeared in the forgettable Captain America, with her name slightly changed in Sharon Cooperman. She was played by Kim Gillingham, and she acted as the main love interest of Steve Rogers in the story. Anyway, let’s see together who she is in the comics.

Born in RichmondVirginia, Sharon Carter was the daughter of Harrison and Amanda Carter. When she was still a little girl, her aunt Margaret, a heroine from World War II, told her a lot of amazing stories about Captain America, the man who fought the Nazis at her side and who she shared a tender love with. When Captain America apparently died at the ends of Baron Zemo, Margaret/Peggy came back home, suffering from shellshock and almost uncapable of relating to sharoncartercomics1reality. Sharon used to spend much time with her aunt, and she kept telling her stories about the heroes she met during the War, especially Cap. Inspired by those stories, Sharon decided she would have become a heroine like her aunt Peggy and like Captain America, and decided to join the counter-espionage. In a few years of hard training, Sharon became a recruit for S.H.I.E.L.D., and she soon gained quite a reputation for herself as one of the most promising young spies at the agency’s service. She inherited from her aunt the codename Agent 13, and was considered suitable for a solo mission in an extreme short time. Her first assignment was to retrieve from a fellow agent the explosive known as Inferno-42, the most destructive element ever synthesized; the agent had stolen it from THEM, a group of rogue scientists working for the reborn Hydra which would have later evolved into A.I.M., the Advanced Idea Mechanics. During the mission, Sharon was spotted by Steve Rogers himself, who had been recently awaken from his frozen slumber: the man was clearly shocked by the close resemblance Sharon shared with her aunt, but he didn’t know who she was (he also knew Peggy Carter only by her alias).

The mission was about to be accomplished without problems, but Sharon was attacked by the French mercenary Batroc the Leaper, hired by THEM to retrieve the cylinder containing the explosive. The two engaged battle, and Rogers, seeing from a distance what he believed to be an armless woman attacked by a stranger, intervened to the rescue. Cap defeated Batroc, while Sharon fleed with the cylinder…which had broken during the fight, with the powerful explosive ready to ignite and to raze the entire Manhattan. Once again, Cap reached her before it was too late, saved Sharon’s life, sharoncartercomics2and prevented the Inferno-42 to explode in the middle of the city. To finally meet the hero whose stories she had grown up with was, for Sharon, a dream come true, and she tried to share as many missions as possible with him. Cap only knew her as Agent 13, since she wasn’t allowed to reveal to a “civilian” her true identity. However, she desperately fell in love with him when he saved her life once again as she had been captured by A.I.M.; on their following mission together, when they destroyed the robot called Fourth Sleeper (a legacy from the original Red Skull), finally Cap started reciprocating, and the two became lovers. When S.H.I.E.L.D. allowed Sharon to properly introduce herself, she could reveal to Cap that she was the niece of the woman he had loved during the War. Lovers and teammates, the two started a collaboration and a love affair, both of which would have lasted for years.

Sharon Carter is an intelligent and determined woman, who grew up following ideals of heroism and patriotism which led her to join the counter-espionage. As a top S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, she’s an excellent tactician, hand-to-hand combatant and sniper; plus, Tony Stark designed for her a special suit containing some useful device (including an energy shield similar to Cap’s one) for her missions. Professional but somewhat idealistic, Sharon is a strong woman in a world of strong men, and she’s ready to prove her worth no matter the risk.



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