bumblebeefilmAnother old friend who can be seen in the first trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction is fan-favorite Bumblebee, as he is fighting against some giant ptero-robot (could be Swoop, but it’s yet to be confirmed). In the first Transformers movie, he became the best friend of Sam Witwicky, the human protagonist, but, since his vocal “cords” had been damaged, he could only speak via radio programs (he regained the ability to speak at the end of the movie, and was voiced by Mark Ryan). He unfortunately lost his voice again, and this time for good, in Revenge of the Fallen, and stayed silent also in Dark of the Moon. Well, it’s likely he won’t speak in Age of Extinction either, especially considering that he’s become kids’ darling with his weird way of comunicating. That’s a peculiar trait in the movies, since in the comics he never had problems speaking, quite the opposite…

As well as all the other Transformers, Bumblebee’s story began four million years ago on planet Cybertron, a world wounded by a savage civil war. Bumblebee was part of the faction called Autobots, the defenders of the legitimate government, and was bumblebeecomics1fighting the violent and war-thirsty Decepticons with his peers. He met a valiant comrade in arms in Optimus Prime, a soldier ready to sacrifice himself for the cause. When Prime became the new high councilor, Bumblebee continued to be loyal to him, and looked up to him as to a model to follow. A valuable spy because of his small size, Bumblebee managed to make himself noticed in several missions, and became known for his heroism. Because of his value, Optimus chose him as part of an elite team he led on the spaceship Ark, in a potentially suicide mission: they had to destroy a meteor swarm that threatened to hit Cybertron, now floating in the space out of its orbit because of the damage suffered during the war. Bumblebee gladly accepted, and participated to the mission with all his energy and enthusiasm…until the Ark was attacked by the Decepticons the moment the mission was accomplished. In the following battle, Optimus had the Ark crash on a primitive planet, Earth, a world without any sentient life, hoping to destroy the Decepticon menace once and for all. He was wrong.

Both Autobots and Decepticons fell into suspended animation, until milions of years later, in local year 1984, a volcanic eruption awoke the sentient computer Auntie, which in turn awoke the Autobots (and, accidentally, the Decepticons). Once on-line again, Bumblebee was eager to explore the new planet and to know its inhabitants. Prime, however, wanted absolute discretion from his men, and ordered them to disguise themselves in order to look like local vehicles. Bumblebee chose the model of a Volswagen Beetle, which suited better to both his personality and his size. He then joined Prowl in reconnaissance mission, with the firm intention of revealing himself to the first humans he would bumblebeecomics2have encountered. During the mission, he easily dropped Prowl, and proceeded with a solo exploration: when he spotted a car full of teenagers, he followed them for a “first contact” to a drive-in. Unfortunately, also Decepticons were there, and Bumblebee, alone, was easily defeated. Dying, Bumblebee asked one of the humans, Buster Witwicky, to help him…something he did the best he could, bringing the car to his father, Sparkplug Witwicky, who was a mechanic. Bumblebee was repaired, and the Witwickys, once heard his story, offered their help to the Autobots, proposing to convert Earth’s fuels into something the Transformers could have used. Bumblebee took Buster to the Ark, presenting the Earthling to Optimus Prime and giving birth to a long-lasting alliance. From that moment, Bumblebee became the official spokeperson in the Autobots-humans relations, a role he felt to be quite fit for.

Bumblebee is an enthusiastic and carefree Autobot, and one of the bravest soldiers who ever entered the good guys’ army. Despite being one of the smallest and physically weakest Autobot, he’s smart and cunning, and is able to use his reduced size to accomplish tasks impossible for the other, bigger companions. He’s a well trained spy and scout, and is also quite a good hand-to-hand and armed combatant. He can transform into a Volkswagen Beetle, a shape that makes him one of the most human-friendly robots. Eager to prove his value to both Autobots and humans, and always looking up to his peers wanting to be just like them, Bumblebee doesn’t realize he’s already one of the most valuable members of his company, one many others look up to in turn.



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