Justin Hammer

justinhammerfilmSurprise appearance in the (funny) short All Hail the King for Justin Hammer, again portayed by Sam Rockwell. He appears as one of the inmates of Seagate Prison, quite jealous of all the attentions given to an incarcerated Trevor Slattery by the other prisoners. He first appeared in Iron Man 2, where he tried to break Tony Stark‘s monopoly over the defense technology by allying himself with the dangerous Ivan Vanko and building an army of war droids. He was then arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D., but we didn’t know what had happened to him…until now. The movie version is conceived to be some sort of anti-Stark, so the character has been made much younger and more pretentious than his comicbook counterpart. Let’s see together.

Justin Hammer was born in SurreyEngland, from a middle-class family. As soon as he reached the age of reason, he started despising his parents because of all the “opportunities” to become rich they missed, and promised to himself he would have become a wealthy and powerful man, with no need to depend on others in any way. As an adult, he started building from Surrey his own private company, Hammer Industries, specialised in weapons manufacture. Hammer moved to Monaco, in France, trying to learn the secrets of succesful businessmen, but he soon realised that, if he wanted to reach the top, he couldn’t justinhammercomics1afford to play by the rules. He started funding high profile “enterpreneurs” from organized criminality, always with the same deal: Hammmer would have provided them with high-tech weaponry, and would have paid their bail in case of arrest, in exchange of the fifty percent of their profits. This way, Hammer easily accumulated quite a fortune, and soon became one of the richest and most influential men in world enterprises. With the money obtained with his business, Hammer built a Villa for himself, a floating fortress located on the Mediterranean Sea. From his new houseboat (more properly a housecastle), Hammer entered in competition with Howard Stark and his Stark Industries, another colossus in weapons dealing. When Howard died and his son Tony succeeded to him as the CEO of Stark Industries, Hammer found a rival quite different from the previous, but dangerous all the same to his business and to his contract with various armies all over the world (American included).

Unexpectedly, after Stark was kidnapped by some terrorists and made his way back home, Stark Industries stopped with weapons production and dealing, and Hammer Industries stood unchallenged in the field. Hammer saw his power increasing, thanks to something that was going close to a monopoly. However, he just couldn’t be satisfied with the profits he already was gaining, and decided to expand Hammer Industries into other fields, first of all the energetic one. In the energy business, Stark was still a powerful adversary, and Hammer saw Stark winning the auction to build a power plant on the border of Carnelia, a small communist country. Unused to lose, Hammer decided to destroy his rival, and had his scientists build a device capable of hijack the systems of Stark Industries’ main public justinhammercomics2face, Iron Man. The experiment was a success, with Iron Man unable to understand that the little malfuctions he was experiencing were sabotage rather than little breakdowns. Finally, Hammer had Iron Man kill in front of televisions from all around the world Sergei Kotzinin, the ambassador from Carnelia. The hero managed to track the signal and to reach Hammer into his Villa, but here he was attacked by many mercenaries and masked supervillains who were on Hammer’s pay roll. After a fierce battle, Iron Man managed to defeat the criminals and to break the device controlling his weaponry, but, even if he cleared his public image exposing the hijacking, he was uncapable of exposing Hammer as well, since he had acted through corporations whose connections with him were unknown to every authority. From that episode, however, Hammer declared open war to Tony Stark and to his bodyguard Iron Man…without knowing the two were one and the same.

Justin Hammer is a ruthless and cunning businessman, ready to do anything to gain some profit. He possesses a genius-level intellect, which he uses only for his business, seeing opportunities in the most unthinkable places and events. His ambition is only second to his pride and his resources, and his total lack of pity for others makes him one of the most dangerous men in the world.



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