Fletcher Heggs (Knight)

Fletcher HeggsAnother character from the one-shot All Hail the King, released along with the blu-ray version of Thor: The Dark World. When Trevor Slattery is bullied by another inmate (who goes by the name White Power Dave), a group of other prisoners stand in defence. One of them is Fletcher Heggs, portrayed by Allen Maldonado. In the short, he just defends Trevor from Dave along with the others (who Slattery calls his “fanbase”), and asks him to perform the Mandarin‘s voice. In the comics, his role is quite different, despite being not a big one as well. Let’s see together.

Little or less is known about Fletcher Heggs’ past: he was probably British, but nothing else is revealed about his private life. At a certain point in his life, he became an assassin for hire, selling his talents to the best bidder. Once, the best bidder happened to be Obadiah Stane, CEO of Stane International and one of the most influent, powerful and ruthless businessmen of his time. Stane was developing quite an obsession with annihilating his main rival, Tony Stark, along with his company, the Stark Industries, with every means possible. An amazing chess player, Stane decided to face Stark in a game the knightcomics1latter wasn’t even aware to be playing, and created a team of super assassins, all of which had a costume and high-tech weaponry based on his role on the chessboard. Fletcher was hired as part of the Chessmen, and was given the alias and the garment of the Knight. At first, Stane’s maneuvres began as a hostile takeover: he started locking Stark Industries from some business deals, and had his QueenIndries Moomji, posing as Stark’s new love interest. In the meanwhile, he had the other Chessmen attack Tony’s personal advisor and friend, James Rhodes. Every move was aimed to weaken Stark and to prepare the final move, which would have annihilated him. Finally, in occasion of a trip to New Mexico, the Knight received his first (and supposedly last) mission.

When Stane decided Stark had been weakened enough through “regular” methods, he sent Heggs to intercept his flight to New Mexico and to kill him at last. With his hoovering “steed”, the Knight reached the plane, and tried to make it crash with his energetic spear. Unfortunately, Stark managed to use the Iron Man armor to repair the plane, and got to destination safely. Albeit being quite disappointed, Stane agreed to give the Knight a second chance to accomplish his mission, and ordered him to attack Stark in the compound he was directed to. Once there, the Knight faced Iron Man once again, knightcomics2and almost gained the upper hand thanks to the weapons given to him by Stane: his spear easily penetrated the hero’s armor, and he came close to kill him more than once. Where braw cannot, brain can, and Iron Man at last managed to defeat the Knight with an explosion, after tricking him to assume a defending position. Knocked out, Heggs was arrested, and brought to prison. In his cell, Heggs was reached by the Bishop, who broke him out of jail…but not for a rescue: his teammate flew high in the atmosphere, and then punished the Knight by letting him fall to his death. Now, the mission to kill Stark was up to the other Chessmen.

Fletcher Heggs is a man of quite low morals, whose principal value is a reasonable profit. As the Knight, he possesses a nearly impenetrable armor, an anti-gravitational horse-shaped vehicle, and a powerful energetic spear able to pierce through virtually any material. Powerful and ruthless, he’s not exactly smart, a characteristic his foes may use at his disadvantage.


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