William Stryker

williamstrykerfilmFrom the covers of Empire, we got a glimpse at yet another character from X-Men: Days of Future Past, and not exactly a new one: William Stryker, portrayed this time by Josh Helman. In the movie, he’ll be Havok‘s and Toad‘s superior officer, and arguably a sympathizer of Bolivar Trask. We already met him as an older officer, a Major played by Danny Huston, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine: in charge of the Weapon X program, he was directly responsible of both Wolverine‘s and Deadpool‘s origins. An even older version, this time a Colonel, was the first one portrayed: in X2: X-Men United we see Brian Cox play a mutant-hating Stryker, who uses a widespread fear of mutants to revive his old program and to attack the school run by Charles Xavier, kidnapping as many mutants possible. He’ll meet his fate by the hands of Magneto and his own creature, Wolverine. Well, in the comics Stryker is not a military officer (despite his origins have been retold to include that detail), but a reverend. Let’s see together.

Very little is known about William Stryker’s past: he was born in PhoenixArizona, and pursued a military career when he was still quite young. He somehow got involved with the Weapon X program, but only as an observer from the American army. He married a woman called Marcy, and left Canada with her to be stationed on a nuclear facility as a security officer. While they were there, Marcy got pregnant, and after some months they decided to come back to Arizona to visit her parents. They had an accident in the Nevada Desert, a crash that forced Marcy’s williamstrykercomics1labor: with no help in sight, William delivered the baby himself. His son, however, was a mutant, and William, horrified by the baby’s appearance, killed him. He then hugged his wife, and snapped her neck. Distraught, he put both Marcy and the baby in the car, sit on the driver’s place, and lit a cigarette, seeing that the car was leaking gasoline. The vehicle exploded, but William was projected outside, alive. After Marcy’s and the baby’s funeral, Sgt. Stryker fell into alcoholism, and was dismissed by the Army as a result. Months later, reading an article by professor Charles Xavier, he realized his son wasn’t a monster, but a mutant: in that moment, he embraced “religion”, and started thinking that mutants were part of Satan‘s plot to destroy humanity. He also believed that, if God had allowed his son to be born a mutant, it was only for giving him a signal, a way to make him understand his true calling: to save mankind from mutants by killing them all. With this new certainty giving meaning to his life, Stryker became a preacher and a televangelist, ready to spread the truth about mutantkind.

Stryker became just as popular as he was controversial: he pronounced his speeches against mutants from his channel, blaming Satan for the presence of homo superior. Among his followers, a pseudo-militaristic and violent group formed: the Purifiers, fanatics ready for genocide. After Xavier tried to bring Stryker back to reason during a debate on television, the reverend brought his battle on a brand new level, and ordered his williamstrykercomics2Purifiers, helped by FBI agents sympathizers for him, to kidnap Xavier himself, along with two of his X-MenScott “Cyclops” Summers and Ororo “Storm” Munroe. For days, Stryker tortured Cyclops and Storm, using Xavier’s own telepathy to make him feel his pupils’ pain. When Professor X‘s mind had been weakened enough, he proceeded to brainwash him, presenting him with visions in which Stryker saved Xavier from the X-Men, who wanted to kill him. When the process was complete, Stryker finally linked Xavier to a machine that amplified his powers, ordering him to kill all mutants. Stryker’s murderous plan was foiled by an unexpected alliance of the X-Men with their arch-nemesis Magneto: while the latter blocked Xavier thanks to his telepathy-proof helmet, the heroes destroyed the machine, restoring the professor’s personality. Cornered, Stryker tried to kill Kitty Pryde live on television, but was stopped by Cyclops and the policemen, and arrested. Years later, he was freed by his lover Lady Deathstrike, and came back with an unchanged hatred for mutants, and a personal grudge with the X-Men.

William Stryker is a man driven by anger and xenophobia: he fears mutants believing them to be demons, and justifies his hatred through a Messiah complex according to which he has the divine task to annihilate mutantkind. With no powers but his own dialectic, through which he convinced many to follow his cause, Stryker possesses an arm of Nimrod, a super-advanced time-traveling Sentinel from the future, that grants him some superhuman ability such as strength, durability and energy-projection. A madman and a religious fundamentalist, Stryker is ready to lead his Purifiers to obtain the only victory able to assure humanity’s future: the total annihilation of mutants.



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