MikeFinally, after quite a long break, The Walking Dead is back, and with a couple of new characters introduced in After, this week’s episode. Actually, they’re not exactly new, since they’ve been around for a while in Season 3, but you couldn’t tell one from the other in their zombie state: seeing them living, even if only in a dream, is something else entirely. The first one is Mike, the dead boyfriend of lethal Michonne portrayed by Aldis Hodge: we see him in Michonne’s nightmare, and we realise they had a son together. In the comics, his role is pretty much the same, but he had no son. Let’s see together.

Very little is known about Michael‘s past, apart that he was born somewhere in Georgia, and lived there spending time with his best pal Terry. We don’t know what kind of a job he did for a living, nor if he had a family. At a certain point in his life, he met a successfull lawyer named Michonne, and started dating her. Things evolved in something more, and the two moved to live together, with Michonne taking with her the two daughters she had had from a previous marriage. Life was going nice and easy as always, until the world itself collapsed. As it had happened to every single person in the world, Mike and the others were taken completely out of guard by the zombie apocalypse. Wanting to take care of Michonne in the first place, Mike brought her to a small house, a relatively safe place without any walker inside. Michonne, unfortunately, lost her two daughters in the outbreak, leaving her mikecomics1with no clue on their fate. Mike managed to track down also Terry, who stayed at their place. Together, they began a new life, totally aimed to survival, getting out of the house only for storing up some food supply, and trying to avoid walkers as much as they could.

Luckily enough, Michonne’s fencing abilities served them right for a while, and she became a key element for the trio’s survival. Once, when she was out for stocks, she came back home followed by a walker. Mike, who was waiting for her at home, saw her coming and, after letting her in, he proceeded to kill the zombie. During the following struggle, his arm was beaten by the walker, but he managed to kill it nevertheless. None of them was aware of how the infection spread, so Michonne just bandaged Mike’s arm and suggested him to take some rest. Then, Michonne left the house, in order to search for some food in the neighbors’ place. During the night, the contagion won over Mike, who died and came back as a walker. Terry, who had stayed with him, was bitten and turned in turn, and when mikecomics2Michonne came back the morning after, she found both of them as zombies. Mike, now a walker, attacked Michonne and tried to eat her, but she managed to close him and Terry into a closet, where they remained for some time. When Michonne finally realised the zombies didn’t attack each other, she came back to her place, and freed Mike and Terry from the closet. She used her sword to cut off Mike’s arms and lower jaw, making him unable to attack her, and tied him with a chain; the same she did with Terry. The two zombie’s smell covered her own, and she was free to walk among the walkers’ hordes unnoticed. Sometimes, by night, Michonne still spoke with her boyfriend, who surely couldn’t understand or reply anymore: he was just the dead body of the man she had loved, but, in a way or another, he was still protecting her.

Mike is a regular guy, a man who does his best to take care of the woman she loves, Michonne. A good friend and a responsible boyfriend, he deeply and sincerely cares for the ones around him, and Michonne’s and Terry’s protection is his priority. As a zombie, he’s unable to arm any human being, since he’s been maimed by Michonne, and simply walks around, waiting for decay to end his non-life.



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