TerryHere’s the second character introduced in After, this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. Along with Mike, in Michonne‘s nightmare we get to know also Terry, his best friend, portrayed by Brandon Fobbs. Just as Mike, he too appeared in Season 3 in his zombified version (the actor was Theshay West), but, since it was impossible to tell him from Mike, it was also difficult to write something about him. Anyway, in the show he received some little change: from Caucasian he’s become Afroamerican, and it’s implied by Michonne that he was some kind of artist (or at least a contemporary art follower). His biography doesn’t differ much from Mike’s one, since both of them are presented in their living state only in one issue of the comics (Michonne Special)…and there’s not much to tell about them as zombies. Anyway, let’s see together.

Terrence was born somewhere in Georgia, a guy like many others, who shared a close friendship with Mike, a man he spent most of his free time with. It’s unknown what kind of job he had, or if he had a family, but it’s arguable he didn’t have one. Terry and Mike used to spend a lot of time together, and when the latter got involved with a divorced lawyer named Michonne, he just didn’t see any problem and kept passing by quite often in what was now Mike’s and Michonne’s house. Michonne didn’t like Terry, and didn’t make a secret of it: she thought he was quite a stupid and unfunny guy, despite he tried his best to be the party clown terrycomics1in most situations. She didn’t like him be with her daughters, something that however happened seldomly. The problems between Terry and Michonne moved to the background, as the zombie apocalypse occured: dead people started roaming everywhere eating alive whoever they found, and the main occupation for everybody became survival. With no place to go, Terry was found by Mike, who invited him to stay with him and Michonne into a safe house they had found, jus the three of them (Michonne’s daughters were missing, probably dead), an offer Terry couldn’t refuse in any way. Terry stayed with his best friend and his girlfriend, and together they started getting used to the new world…despite, among the three of them, Terry was surely the one that did the less for everybody’s survival.

Things went on all the same, with Terry, Mike and Michonne making turns to go and search for some food. One day, however, Michonne came back empty handed, and followed by a walker. Mike ran to the rescue and saved Michonne, but he got bitten by the zombie he was killing. Michonne treated the wound, and then came back outside to search for food. Terry stayed with Mike, monitoring his condition through the night. Nobody knew much of the infection, so it was quite a surprise for Terry when his best friend stopped breathing in the middle of the night, and then reanimated to hunt him down. Terry was easily overpowered and bitten by Mike, and he soon turned into a zombie as well. When Michonne came back home, she found both men were now walking dead, hungry for her flesh. She managed to lock them both into a closet, and tried to escape, but the house was surrounded terrycomics2by walkers. Realising the dead didn’t attack each other, she freed both Mike and Terry, and used a katana she had found in the neighbor’s house to cut off their arms and lower jaws; she then chained them, and got out walking in the middle of the horde, with the two walkers’ smell covering her own and thus making her “invisible” for the other zombies. Disliked in life, Terry had finally found his utility for Michonne in death.

Terry is quite a dumb man, the typical guy who thinks to be funny when he actually isn’t. Despite this, Mike quite likes to have him around, and the two are great friends. During the outbreak, he proved to be of little or none utility, and as a zombie, he’s uncable of harming anybody, since Michonne maimed him. He cannot do anything but to wait for an inevitable, slow and definitive death, but in the meanwhile he unwillingly protects Michonne from the surrounding walkers.



  1. […] past, apart that he was born somewhere in Georgia, and lived there spending time with his best pal Terry. We don’t know what kind of a job he did for a living, nor if he had a family. At a certain […]

  2. […] appeared. She managed to escape by foot to her house, where she found Mike and his best friend Terry (a nice guy, but quite idiotic) unarmed. The three of them barricated themselves into the house, […]

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