StrafeWhen a trailer doesn’t give clues, merchandising does, especially if we’re speaking of Transformers: Age of Extinction. The Toy Fair revealed us the identity of the other two Transformers spotted in the Super Bowl trailer, first of all the ptero-bot seen fighting with Bumblebee: no, it’s not Swoop, as someone (me included) guessed, but Strafe. Well, that’s curious, considering that the original Strafe isn’t even a Dinobot in the first place. As always, his role in the movie is yet to be revealed, but it’s unlikely he’ll stand on the same side of the Autobots, at least, not for the entire movie. Anyway, let’s see together who one of the craziest Transformers ever is in the comics.

Strafe’s story begins millions of years ago on Cybertron, a distant planet inhabited by sentient robots. When the great war between the peaceful and rightful Autobots and the violent and tyrannical Decepticons began, Strafe allied himself with the first ones, and put his talents at the service of Optimus Prime, the wise leader of the Autobots. Strafe was essentially a scientist, but the horror he witnessed during the war undermined his mental health, and he started deploying some serious nervous breakdown. He became renowned for shooting at everything moving in his sight, a danger for his enemies and friends alike. He became part of the Technobots, an elite team strafecomics1formed by Scattershot, the leader, Lightspeed, Afterburner and Nosecone: the five of them developed the ability to fuse together to form the powerful Computron, a massive Transformer of immense power, an incredible force for the Autobot cause. When Optimus Prime chose a crew to accompany him on the Ark, on a mission aimed to destroy a meteor swarn that was threatening Cybertron, Strafe and the Technobots weren’t among the chosen ones, and they stayed on Cybertron defending the Autobots’ headquarters. Although the Autobots who had remained on the planet should have backed up the Ark, they failed to stop a crew of Decepticons led by Megatron himself to follow them: the resulting battle brought both Optimus and Megatron to be missing in action along with their entire crews, stranded on a deserted and primitive planet called Earth.

On Cybertron, Strafe and the other Technobots allied with the peaceful Fortress Maximus, a massive and powerful Autobot, who was growing quite weary of the endless war with the Decepticons. Maximus’ faction fought with Scorponok and his Decepticons, until he decided the war wasn’t leading anywhere. When Fortress decided to leave the planet in search of a new beginning, far from the war, the Technobots decided to join him. The Autobots reached Nebulos, a planet inhabited by humanoid strafecomics2lifeforms. Distrustful towards the Autobots, the Nebulans agreed to welcome the newcomers only when Fortress Maximus offered them his own head as a sign of good intention…unfortunately, Scorponok and the Decepticons had followed them all the way to Nebulos, and the war started again on the alien planet (much to Strafe’s joy, since he was more and more eager to shoot someone). Strafe and the others found out that the Decepticons had formed a team analogue to the Technobots, the Terrorcons, able to fuse together to form Abominus: they finally found an adversary worthy of Computron. Fortress decided to leave Nebulos too, hoping that Scorponok would have followed them, thus protecting the Nebulans: the Technobots followed him to Earth, where they rejoined the faction of Autobots led by Grimlock, who was fighting the Decepticons led by Ratbat. War wasn’t meant to end soon.

Strafe is a nervous and unstable Autobot, with an easy trigger that brings him to shoot continously at everything and everyone, making him a danger for friends and foes alike. He can transform into a double-cannon spaceship, thus gaining the ability to fly, and has a complete mastership over his two plasma guns, which he could use with extreme dexterity if he only wanted: he prefers to shoot everywhere in the hope of hitting the right target. He can also fuse with his fellow Technobots to form Computron, a massive robot which combines the five’s powers. Absolutely crazy and unreliable, Strafe is often more a menace than an asset.



  1. Reblogged this on Rooktopia and commented:
    Wait… the two headed flying monster is Strafe? Dream of having movie Terrorcons… ruined. (Though I’m guessing Bay just liked the name, and Hasbro happened to have the rights to it.)

    • It’s not the first time that a Transformer in the movie is completely different from the original version… Just think of poor Jetfire.

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