CrosshairsLast character (for now) revealed for Transformers: Age of Extinction, once again identified by the merchandising during this year’s Toy Fair: Crosshairs. In the trailer, he’s the green Transformer who shoots gliding with two parachutes (what a nice rhyme…). About his role in the movie, we only know he’ll be an Autobot, and that his color pattern has been changed to green. Not much, actually. In the comics, he’s an Autobot as well, and he sure has some taste for shooting. Let’s see together.

Crosshairs was born, as well as all the other Transformers, on planet Cybertron more than five millions years ago. When the great war between the rightful Autobots and the violent Decepticons began, Crosshairs sided with the first ones, putting his many talents at the service of Optimus Prime‘s cause. He became renowned because of his nearly infallible aim, and his knowledge of weapons earned him crosshairscomics1the position of Weapon Supervisor, in charge of procuring and mantaining the Autobots’ arsenal. His continuous contact with weapons, however, made Crosshairs become increasingly weary of the repeated battles, and he started longing for true peace. When Optimus led a crew on the Ark to destroy a dangerous meteor swarm, Crosshairs was among the ones left behind, mainly because of his vital function on the planet surface. While Prime and the others were in space, Crosshairs came to know Fortress Maximus, a fellow Autobot whose ideas on war and peace resembled much the new ones Crosshairs himself had developed during the years of the conflict. He decided to join Maximus in his duty of front-line warrior, quitting with his role of Weapon Supervisor, that he had come to hate, being it aimed only to provide other killing weapons.

When Optimus Prime and Megatron went missing in action, the Autobots and the Decepticons on Cybertron started dividing into smaller factions, led by this or that chief. As Fortress Maximus raised to be the leader of an Autobot faction, Crosshairs decided to stay at his side, joining him into the battle against Scorponok and his Decepticon group. The conflict, however, was wearing out every warrior involved in it, and Fortress decided to leave Cybertron in search of a peaceful planet able to welcome them; Crosshairs, of course, followed him also in this new adventure. The Autobots arrived on Nebulos, a small planet inhabited by humanoids; to earn the locals’ trust, Crosshairs destroyed the group’s weapons as a sign of peace, and some from the crosshairscomics2group offered their own heads. Scorponok, however, had followed the Autobots on Nebulos, and the conflict started again, this time involving another civilization. With no weapons at disposal, Crosshairs was forced back to his old role of arms provisioner, and he discovered a race of robots born on Nebulos who could bond into a binary combination with the Transformers as living weapons. Bonding with the small Pinpointer, he became the first of the Targetmasters, Transformers duos composed of a larger and a smaller robot who fought as a combo. Crosshairs’ aim proved to be vital for the new war, and he protected Nebulos’ inhabitants from Scorponok and his men more than once, but eventually, to protect the Nebulans, Fortress and his team decided to leave the planet, joining the other Autobots on Earth. Even on the new planet, however, the conflict followed them.

Crosshairs is an extremely meticulous and accurate Autobot, who cares for details and doesn’t accomplish any task until he doesn’t reach perfection. His continuous work with killing machines turned him into a pacifist at heart, but as long as the Cybertronian conflict menaces other lives he’s unable to quit the battle. He’s able to turn into a Cybertronian car, gaining speed, and possesses the usual superhuman physical attributes of his race; teamed up with his living gun, Pinpointer, he has a nearly infallible aim, that makes him one of the best shooters from the Autobots’ team. Weary of fighting but caring for life, Crosshairs is an unwilling warrior who tries his best to end a conflict that costed far too many lives already.


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