George Stacy

georgestacyfilmNew trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, new characters revealed. The first one is somebody unexpected: Captain George Stacy, portrayed by Denis Leary. In the trailer, he’s seen appearing as some sort of vision to Peter Parker, embodying his sense of guilt for not letting Gwen be as he had promised him. In the first movie, he was a honest NYPD officer who tried to arrest the vigilante Spider-Man more than once, but ended up allying with him the moment he realised his good intentions and got killed by the Lizard. The character already appeared in Spider-Man 3, played by James Cromwell, in a version at least physically more similar to the comics’ one. He didn’t do much in the movie, he only informed Peter and May Parker that the true killer of Ben, a man named Flint Marko, had broke out of jail. He later appeared another couple of times, seeing his daughter been saved by Spider-Man in one occasion. Let’s see who George Stacy is in the comics.

Born and raised in New York City, after military service George Stacy entered NYPD still very young, becoming with the years one of the most georgestacycomics1respected and apreciated officers. He met a girl he fell in love with, Helen, and married her. The two moved to Queens and had a daughter, Gwendolyne. As a young and skilled detective, Stacy was charged of the investigation about a mysterious serial killer, a task that paired him with his brother, Arthur. Arthur started suspecting some supernatural elements in the case, but George dismissed these weird theories and focused on material evidence…that brought him directly to Oscorp. When a policeman was assaulted near the main facility, Norman Osborn himself, CEO of Oscorp, called the Stacy brothers. The two arrived on the scene, but didn’t face a normal serial killer, but a red creature with fangs and claws, the Proto-Goblin. After the first clash, the monster escaped, and George found the badge belonging to Niles Van Adder, a researcher from Oscorp, on the floor. Interrogated, Osborn said Van Adder had been fired months before, a lie George saw through immediately. When George and Arthur found evidence that Van Adder had never been fired by Oscorp, they came back to confront Osborn, only to find him attacked by the creature (actually the victim, Van Adder, guinea pig of Norman’s experiments). During the following fight, George was badly injured to his leg, but Arthur managed to throw the monster out of a window. Coming out of the case with a limp that would have accompanied him for all his life, George had to give up the moment he couldn’t find any evidence of Osborn’s involvement with the creature, and all the blame fell on Van Adder himself, probably deceased in his fall.

Finally, after years of honored service and promotions, Captain Stacy retired. His commitment to public order, however, was far georgestacycomics2too radicated into his nature, and even in retirement he kept cooperating with his district. He closely followed Spider-Man’s first public exploits, and came to apreciate the vigilante, with an opinion much divergent from his former colleagues’ one. Because of his fame and credits, Stacy was asked to come out of retirement to help astronaut John James to find the Nullifier, a powerful EMP device able to shut down any other electronic device. All evidence pointed to Spider-Man, but Stacy refused to believe him to be the thief. He interrogated Peter Parker, the young photographer for Daily Bugle author of many pictures of the hero; during the talk, the two came to apreciate one another, and when George learnt Peter was dating his daughter Gwen, he encouraged their relation. Thanks to his experience and skill, Stacy immediately understood Peter actually was Spider-Man, but preferred to stay silent, without telling anything also to the interested one. It was no surprise that, some days later, Peter came to Stacy and told him he had been kidnapped by Spider-Man, brainwashed by Doctor Octopus and used as a tool for some crimes, the theft of the Nullifier included. Stacy used Peter’s deposition to incriminate Octopus, and the case was closed. The same brainwashing device was later use by one of Kingpin‘s henchmen, Dr. Wrinkler, on Stacy himself, and this time it was Spider-Man’s turn to free the captain from every charge exposing the true criminal. This was just the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation.

George Stacy is a honest and intelligent man, a policeman who truly believes in his duty “to protect and serve” and puts the safety of the people he has responsibility of before anything else. A skilled and brilliant detective, a good marksman, a proficient hand-to-hand combatant, a charismatic leader and an experienced captain with extensive knowledge over laws and procedures, Captain Stacy is one of NYPD’s best officers ever, a good family man and a good cop whose service will always be needed.



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