Abraham Ford

Abraham FordIn this week’s episode of The Walking DeadInmates, we followed the tracks of the other survivors of the Prison. Among all the parallel routes, Glenn‘s and Tara‘s one introduced us to a trio of new characters, led by Abraham Ford, portrayed by Michael Cudlitz. As for now, he just addressed Tara with a “You have quite a mouth. Let’s see what else you’ve got”. The comicbook readers know that much more is coming for this guy, just wait until future episodes. In the meantime, let’s see together who he is in the comics.

Abraham Ford lived in HoustonTexas, and he served in the U. S. Army. After becoming a Sergeant, he met a woman named Beth and married her. Now a family man, Abraham left the Army and started working in a school as sport coach, a role he perfectly fitted in because of the hard discipline he had learnt to dictate serving under the Army. From Beth he had a son and, two years later, a daughter; something however went wrong in his relationship with Beth, and the two divorced when their children were still very young. However, when the dead started rising from their graves, any disagreement was put aside in favor of pure survival, and Abraham and Beth came back together in the effort of protecting their children. They took refuge in an abandoned grocery store with some other survivors, in a growing community that welcomed whoever was in need of a shelter. One day, however, Abraham went out to seek some provisions, and when he came back at night, he found out that Beth and his 6-years-old abrahamfordcomics1daughter had been raped, while his 8-years-old son had been forced to stand still and watch. Going amok, Abraham killed the rapers with his bare hands, snapping bones and necks, and ripping one guy’s flesh with his fingers, everything under the eyes of his already traumatized family. Beth and the children, scared of his fury, escaped from the shop, and Abraham, shocked, went out to look for them only the day after. He found them dead already, their bodies eaten; only his daughter wast standing, now a walker: to end her misery, Abraham shot her in the face.

Alone, horrified by what he had become, Abraham wondered for months, going from a shelter to another, never stopping too much in a single place and trying to avoid contact with other people the more he could: after what had happened in Houston, he didn’t feel like trusting strangers anymore. After a while, however, he met a doctor, Euguene Porter, a man who claimed to know how the epidemic had started and how to stop it. Seeking for protection, Euguene convinced Abraham to bring him to Washington, where he would have been able to use his research as a countermeasure to the outbreak. On their way to Washington, the two men met a woman, Rosita Espinoza, who joined the company. The road to Washington was quite long, and on the way Abraham and Rosita developed a romantic relationship. They kept traveling together, stopping from abrahamfordcomics2time to time to rest or to take some food. On the road they found a military truck that became their new means of transport, thus making the long way to Washington easier. However, they still had to stop for food and gas: once in Georgia, they stopped in a farm for provisions, only to be welcomed by a woman who held them at gunpoint. It was Hershel Greene‘s farm, and the woman was Andrea; in a few moments, also the group leader, Rick Grimes, arrived on the place, but explanations were stopped by a pair of zombies, who broke the fence and attacked one of Rick’s companions, Glenn. Without a word, Abraham intervened and killed the walkers with his knife, saving the boy’s life. After some animosity between the trio and the rest of the group, Abraham and the others earnt Rick’s trust, and they slowly became part of his group. Together, they abandoned Hershel’s farm, and continued their travel of hope to Washington.

Abraham Ford is a tormented and grim man, who often thinks of a past he’s forever lost and regrets occasional bursts of homicidal violence that changed his life forever. A good man who only wants to protect the ones near him, he disposes of a lot of skills useful for the group, from mere combat training to a good tactical insight. With a harsh and often distrustful character, scarred by a horrifying past and not exactly ready to fully trust other people, Abraham is nevertheless one of the most valuable members of Grimes’ group of survivors, and Rick’s unreplaceable right hand man.



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