Eugene Porter

Eugene PorterLast character introduced in The Walking Dead episode Inmates: looking at Tara‘s and Glenn‘s struggle for survival against a group of walkers there’s a trio of people coming out of a military truck. The man on the right, portrayed by Josh McDermitt, is doctor Eugene Porter, the one with the radio. Of course, in the show he didn’t do anything this far, since he only had a small cameo on the very ending of the episode…but the appearance is quite cool, being traced on their very first page in the comics. Speaking of which, let’s see who Eugene is on the pages of the comicbook.

Little is known about Eugene Porter’s life before the zombie apocalypse, and many things had been hidden behind a wall of lies. He was probably born and raised in HoustonTexas, where he worked as a science teacher in high school. When the outbreak began, Eugene found himself lost in a world he didn’t recognize anymore: with no particular physical skill, nor any idea about self-defense and survival, he was utterly inadequate for a (lack of) society in which the only true law was the survival of the fittest. This was the moment Eugene resolved to hide his past, to lie about his identity and effective knowledge in order to try and make himself important for the people he met. He became part of a big group of survivors, where he met Rosita Espinosa, a beautiful woman he fell in love with. It was only by chance that, when a herd attacked, only Eugene and Rosita survived. Now friends, the two travelled together in search of someone who could eugeneportercomics1protect them, with Rosita trading sex with protection with some of the men they met. Finally, they stumbled upon Abraham Ford, a former army sergeant who seemed to be the perfect choice for protection. Eugene lied to him, and told him he was a renowned scientist and he knew about the origin of the outbreak, and that he had to reach Washington D.C., a zone he believed to be zombie-free, to inform his colleagues about his research and to put an end to the epidemic. Abraham seemed to fall for it, and took both Rosita and Eugene with himself: the two now had a third comrade and a protector, and they were able to cross the country to reach what they believed to be the new Eden.

In order to make himself even more valuable to Abraham’s eyes, Eugene amplified his lie with casual pieces of information, without fully revealing anything at all: he told him he was part of a secret team of scientists in charge of weaponizing the human genome, and hinted to an involvement in a “classified” origin of the plague. He used a radio to prentend to speak with the “heads of State” in Washington, and when other survivors joined the three of them, Euegene appeased them telling them that he had been assured a safe place in Washington to shelter in. He also used some little knowledge of general science, such as building a compass with some silk and a needle, to further convince Abraham of the truth of his words. Abraham became so convinced of Eugene’s mission that he killed three members of the group who tried to steal some food and escape. The new group met yet another herd, and this time only Eugene, Abraham and Rosita eugeneportercomics2survived. They found a military truck, thus saving themselves and making it easier to move through the country. Finally, the trio got to Georgia, with Eugene becoming more and more uncomfortable because of the relation born between Abraham and his beloved Rosita. They stopped at a farm looking for provisions, but they only found another big group of survivors, led by an ex-sheriff named Rick Grimes. Eugene tried to sell them the same lie, but nor Rick nor his comrades believed him, despite Abraham providing guarantee for him. It was ultimately Abraham that won the trust of the larger group, killing two zombies that were about to tear Glenn to pieces. Rick decided to trust Abraham, and he abandoned Hershel Greene‘s farm joining their “mission” to reach Washington. On the road, Eugene often stopped to “study” some walker, telling everybody he needed further researches to present his superiors at Washington solid theories. His major concern remained to keep pretending without betraying himself with both his old and his new group, while of course trying to stay alive.

Eugene Porter is an intelligent and cultured man, who however is extremely insecure and afraid of the new world he’s living in. In order to assure himself a survival, Eugene creates a more and more elaborated series of lies and deceits, claiming to be a scientist for the government while he only was an high school teacher. His lies are a fortress he feels safe in, a way for him  to use his intelligence to defend himself from a violent and rough world…even if they only make him more and more alone, even in the middle of a numerous group.



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