Korath-Thak (Korath the Pursuer)

Korath the PursuerAnd here we are, the last character introduced in the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer: the armed guard who finds Star-Lord stealing some kind of artifact at the very beginning of the trailer, and later arrests him (the one who doesn’t recognize him nor his name, much to the adventurer’s frustration), is Korath the Pursuer, portrayed by Djimon Hounsou. In the movie, his appearance looks much different from his comicbook counterpart, from the fact that he’s not even blue-skinned. In the film he’ll be an ally to Ronan the Accuser (something that reflects his original allegiance), but also of Nebula and Thanos, and that’s quite weird. Anyway, let’s wait and see. In the meanwhile, meet the original Korath the Pursuer…

Born on Hela, the core planet of the Kree EmpireKorath-Thak was a brilliant scientist and geneticist, specialised in cyber-genetics. Because of his achievements in his work, Korath was chosen as the head of the new Pursuer Project that he himself had devised: the main task of the newborn Pursuer Corps (a parallel force to the Accuser Corps, who brought judgement on the Empire’s criminals) was to develop new methods of search for the Empire’s wanted. Korath used his skills to create a beam able to psionically trace any individual following his or her brain pattern; it was also able to teleport the Pursuers’ genetic template to the known location of the wanted ones, where they would have koraththepursuercomics1fused with local matter to form new hunting patterns, thus accelerating the process of seek-and-capture. Korath first used his device to locate the Inhumans on Earth, the results of ancient genetic experiment who were now needed as new forces for the Kree army. Korath and his Pursuers reached Earth in no time thanks to the new device, but unfortunately their genetic template got mixed with the one of some cockroach on the planet’s surface, thus drastically changing the Krees’ appearance. Even in that form, however, the Pursuers were able to defeat and subdue the royal family of Attilan, capital and sanctuary of the Inhumans. When they were about to bring the prisoners on Hela, however, they were humiliated by a Kree defector, Falzon, who used a simple insetticide to destroy their new genetic template and to teleport them back to their homeplanet.

After that failure, Korath’s good fame decreased in the Empire, to the point that the new leaders, Ael-Dann and Dar-Benn, canceled the Pursuer Project, now considered a total waste of money. Enraged, Korath tried to convince the Empire of the efficiency of his program by injecting himself with a new template he had synthesized, gaining new powers. His demonstration didn’t convince the leaders, but gained the attention of the Supreme Intelligence, who made him part of the secret strike team Starforce, composed by other superpowered Krees such as UltimusShatteraxAtt-Lass and Minn-Erva. The Starforce was put on the trails of the Avengers, who (supposedly) were on Hela to kill Ael-Dann and Dar-Benn; while they were battling the Avengers, however, the Kree leaders got killed by Deathbird, member of the Shi’ar royal family. In retaliation, Korath and the others were sent koraththepursuercomics2on Chandilar, the enemy’s homeplanet, to kill Majestrix Lilandra: these envents gave birth to the great Kree/Shi’ar War, a long lasting conflict that reshaped the universe. On Chandilar, Korath and Starforce found the powerful Imperial Guard and a second team of Avengers guarding Lilandra, and their aggression failed. At the end of the war, when the Supreme Intelligence’s plan to accelerate the Krees’ evolution was exposed and the Negabomb exploded decimating Hala’s population, the Shi’ars emerged victorious from the war, and Deathbird became ruler of the former Kree Empire: Korath, as well as the rest of Starforce, became part of Deathbird’s new Imperial Guard, forced to serve who once was a mortal enemy.

Korath-Thak is a proud and intelligent Kree, a scientific genius who puts every skill he possesses at the service of the Empire’s cause. As the Pursuer, he has incremented the superhuman physical attributes of his race (strength, stamina, speed, agility, reflexes, durability) to an unknown level, and his knowledge in cybernetics allowed him to improve his equipment: he can fly thanks to turbines he implanted in his boots, and possesses two beta-batons set to stun any creature he has to capture; he’s also trained in Kree martial arts, and is a good tactician. A vital but often underestimated member of Kree army, Korath the Pursuer is a scientist and a warrior totally consecrated to the victory of the Empire, and to the further advance of the Kree race’s evolution.


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