LashinaWhile we were speaking of movies and trailers, the iOS version of Injustice: Gods Among Us introduced an exclusive character to its roster: Darkseid. While we have already spoken about him, there are a couple of characters appearing as cameos during his special move: the first one is Lashina, who grabs the opponent with her whips and brings him/her to the lovely mace of Big Barda. While the latter never appeared in live action, Lashina herself hit the small screen in Smallville, in the episode Abandoned. In the show, she’s quite different from her comicbook counterpart, and she’s not of alien origins. She’s an orphan from Granny Goodness’ Orphanage, and she battles Clark Kent and Tess Mercer when they arrive to investigate on both Tess’ origins and Darkseid’s coming. She defeats Tess with her whips, but is later defeated in turn by a re-powered Clark; she was portrayed by athlete Rochelle Okoye. Now, let’s see who she is in the comics.

Born on Apokolips, homeplanet of the deviant New Gods who follow the lead of Darkseid in his eternal struggle against New Genesis and its ruler High Father, the woman who would have later been known as Lashina became an orphan at a young age. As all orphans on Apokolips her destiny as a lonely child was of little perspect: either she died, starving and alone, on the mechanical wastelands of the planet’s surface, or she lashinacomics1was “admitted” in Granny Goodness’ Orphanage, an experience that could have led to her death nevertheless. Granny Goodness, a fierce New God blindly loyal to Darkseid and committed with training equally loyal and powerful warriors for her master, saw some talent in the girl, and took her in the Orphanage. After years of psychological and physical abuse, a brainwashing that made the girl forgetting even her real name, a harsh training aimed to make a lethal weapon out of her, the girl who had entered the Orphanage had completely disappeared, and in her place stood Lashina, a deadly warrior of Apokolips. Her prowess in battle granted her a place in the Female Furies, an all-women military unit composed of girls bred by Granny Goodness to be the best warriors on Apokolips, a team of cruel and able soldiers, assassins whose only reason for life was serving Darkseid.

Trained in assassination by sadistic Kanto, and completely loyal to Granny Goodness first, but especially to her lord Darkseid, Lashina proved to be one of the best warriors among the Femal Furies, competing against her peers in sadism and proficiency in missions’ accomplishment. The only other loyalty the Furies recognized beside the one to Goodness and Darkseid was the one among themselves: raised and trained together, they shared a bond hardly breakable, despite them all being quite competitive. Lashina, along with the intelligent Bernadeth, the deranged Mad Harriet and muscular Stompa, followed the lead on field of Big Barda, the most even-tempered among them. Considering the relationship between the single members of the lashinacomics2Female Furies, it was no surprise that Lashina, as well as the others, took as a personal insult the betrayal operated by Big Barda, who escaped from Apokolips to live on Earth with her love and later husband, Mister Miracle, a New God from New Genesis raised in the Orphanage. From that moment, the Furies’ mission became capturing the rogue couple, and Lashina decided she would have parted them forever as a proper punishment. With Big Barda part of the team no more, Lashina was chosen by Darkseid personally to be the new leader of the Female Furies, something that put the jealous and treacherous Bernadeth, who craved the title for herself, against her. Cruel and determined, Lashina would have hunted down Big Barda and Mister Miracle in every corner of the galaxy, with the sole purpose of making them suffer.

Lashina is a fierce and pitiless woman, blindly loyal to Darkseid and ready to die for him. As all New Gods, she’s immortal, and she possesses superhuman strength, durability, stamina, speed, agility, reflexes and senses. She’s been trained to be one of Apokolips’ best warriors, and she’s a lethal hand-to-hand combatant. She’s a master with her twin whips, built from an unknown metal and charged with electricity: with them, Lashina is a nearly unstoppable foe. A Female Fury to her core, she will never stop until she has fulfilled her master’s orders, and she’ll kill whoever stands in her way to try and prevent it.


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