marvfilmWell, the moment you think a movie has sunk somewhere, they release something to remind you they’re still alive. Finally, we got some pics from Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the long awaited sequel to Robert Rodriguez‘s 2005 film. In the pics, we find some old friends in the usual black and white style, first of all Marv, once again portrayed by Mickey Rourke. In the first movie, he was the protagonist of the story The Hard Goodbye, where he started a vengeful crusade against Cardinal Roark and his cannibal, psycho protege Kevin to avenge his one-night love, the prostitute Goldie. He got his hands very bloodied, and got his vengeance, but paid it with a double dose of electric chair. In this movie, he’ll star in the prequels A Dame to Kill For, which gives the title to the movie, aiding his friend Dwight McCarthy who as usual got in big troubles, and Just Another Saturday Night, trying to remember a violent night. In the meanwhile, let’s see together who everyone’s favourite brute is in the comics.

Baptized Marvin, the hulkling brute everyone in Basin City would have learnt to call “Marv” was born in The Projects, the toughest district of the toughest city in the world. Nothing is known about his father: he was raised by his mother only, and attended a Catholic school as a child. He became quite good in solving puzzles and logic games, to marvcomics1the point that some of the other children, especially a retarded one named Chuck, considered him a genius for it. He also had the pleasure of meeting Sister Gladys, a nun renowned for her severity often similar to cruelty: Marv was so impressed by her that, when he grew up, he named his favourite gun after her. When Marv was a teenager, his mother got ill, and Marv left school to find a job and move his mother out of The Projects. He managed to do so, but the woman eventually died, and Marv was left alone. He enlisted the Army, and, after an almost useless training (anybody born and raised in Sin City was more than used to kill people in any way possible) he was sent to war, probably in Vietnam. Despite he didn’t live exactly in America’s friendliest city, the experience in war broke something in Marv’s mind, and when he came back, he was even more…peculiar than he was before.

His already violent tendecies got upgraded by war, and, back in Basin City, he made a name for himself for beating almost to death whoever provoked him (and had a nice coat he wanted to take for himself). He started going in and out of jail, a habit that made him meet Lucille, a beautiful lawyer who took a fondness for him and became his bail bondswoman. The court recognized Marv’s mental problems (his “condition”, as he called it) and ordered him to take some pills regularly, to keep down his aggressiveness. Of course, the pills didn’t work, and Marv kept beating the hell out of whoever thug had a coat nice enough to marvcomics2attract his attention. In particular, being some sort of ugly knight in dusty armor, Marv protected any girl in difficulty he found on his way: he did it for a little girl who was about to be sexually tortured by some perverts, and from time to time he did it also for the girls of the Old Town who got too far from home. Being a regular of Kadie’s Club, Marv befriended young stripper Nancy Callaghan, who he protected from harassers, and of Dwight McCarthy, private investigator who often looked for his help when he got in trouble (something that happened quite regularly). It was only a matter of time that somebody asked him help for a problem bigger than his fists…

Marv is quite a brute, a violent man with an aggressive attitude and some serious mental issues that make him even more dangerous; he has, however, a golden heart, and he has a soft spot for any undefended person in town, especially girls. With a nearly superhuman strength and an unbelievable durability, a good marksman always accompanied by his faithful Gladys and a creative torturer, Marv is a man better to be friends with. Every city has the guardian angel it deserves, and Basin City has the brutish, ugly brawler named Marv.



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