mihofilmAnother character featured in the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For first trailer: deadly little Miho, portrayed by Jamie Chung. She will be part of the girls of Old Town, and she will help a dying Dwight McCarthy recover from his wounds, and get his revenge against Ava Lord. She already appeared in the first movie, but she was portrayed by Devon Aoki (she was called to reprise the role, but she was pregnant during the filming, so Chung took her place). She appeared in The Big Fat Kill story, killing some drunken cops led by Jackie Boy and later helping Dwight dispose of the bodies…finding herself in the middle of a territory war with the men of boss Wallenquist. Let’s see together who this silent, lethal ninja is in the comics.

Very little is known about Miho’s past, and her apparent inability to speak makes impossible for everyone to ask her anything about it…if anyone dared at all, for a start. Despite the exact birth place of Miho is unknown, it’s positive she’s of Japanese origins. For some unknown reasons she arrived in America, namely Basin City, but she was probably fleeing from someone connected to the Chinese Mafia. Once in Basin City, Miho was alone and virtually defenseless, even with her amazing martial arts skills. For unknown reasons, she was hunted down and attacked by some Tong gangsters, who tried to kill her in an alley: despite being quite young, she was able to defend herself already, and killed three of them. The remaining two, however, managed to subdue her, and were about to execute her mihocomics1when an unexpected savior appeared: it was private investigator Dwight McCarthy, a gallant cavalier who was simply unable to stand and watch without helping a damsel in distress. He killed the two gangsters and saved Miho, who, from that moment, had a debt of honor towards Dwight (who would have also been the only man to survive the encounter with the little ninja, and also the only male being Miho showed to feel affection for). After that episode, Miho went to the Old Town, a part of the city controlled by prostitutes, and joined the girls as a silent and lethal protector. Every time a man entered Old Town, Miho watched over him, ready to intervene if the slightest harm was about to be inflicted to the girls. She also started training the girls in personal defense, so that they would have never been totally vulnerable while facing men. Finally, she had found her place.

Three years after the Tongs incident, when her role as protector and occasional assassin was more than consolidated, a badly injured Dwight came to the Old Town accompanied by Marv. Dwight remembered Miho the debt of honor she had with him to ask for her help, and she forced The Twins, leaders of the prostitutes, to accept his request. When Dwight recovered and changed his face, Miho and Gail accompanied him to Ava Lord’s house to help him get his revenge: Miho saved McCarthy by taking care of Ava’s mihocomics2bodyguard Manute, crucifying him to a wall with her twin katanas. When Dwight killed Ava, she came back to the Old Town. Some times later, a drunken man tried to kidnap and rape Becky, one of the youngest girls: Miho, with no esistation, slaughtered him and his comrades, only to discover he was Jack Rafferty, a police detective. Rafferty’s death would have broken the truce between the prostitutes and police, so Miho helped Dwight hide the bodies…unfortunately, Manute was ready to have his revenge against the girls, namely Miho and Gail, and had them almost killed by some Irish mercenaries he had hired on Wallenquist’s behalf. Miho survived the explosive attack, and saved Dwight from the tar pits after killing the mercenaries; together, they proceeded to alert the other girls, later organizing an ambush for Manute and his men. The Old Town was saved once again, but this wasn’t meant to be the last time Miho’s path and Dwight’s one crossed.

Miho is a silent and sadistic warrior, who often plays with her victims before delivering the finishing blow. She’s extremely proficient with martial arts, displaying nearly-superhuman agility and speed; she moves on rollerskates, and she makes use of a variety of traditional Japanese weapons: apart from her favorite katanas, she’s a master in the use of the kusarigama, of manji-shaped shurikens, of the longbow, of wakizashi and probably of many others. Totally committed to the protection of the girls of the Old Town, Miho will easily and remorselessly kill whoever threatens them…sometimes deeply enjoying it.



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