Zoe Torres

Zoe LawtonFinally, after yet another hyatus, Arrow is back with juicy episode Suicide Squad, in which we meet again a lot of old characters, and very briefly a couple of new ones. Besides the funny cameo from Harley Quinn (you can already find her bio on this blog), there’s yet another appearance, albeit in photo only: Zoe Lawton, the daughter Deadshot is risking everything for. She appears in many pictures nailed to the marksman’s cell’s walls, and she acts as the perfect lever that allows John Diggle to save the life of his former arch-nemesis and now unlikely friend and ally. Despite being much of a secondary character in the comics as well, let’s see who this little girl is.

Having a normal life isn’t an easy task if you’re an assassin for hire, especially if you’re probably the best one the market has to offer. This, however, didn’t prevent Floyd Lawton, better known as Deadshot, from trying. Floyd married a woman named Susan, and the two had a son, Eddie. After a while, Susan decided to divorce from her husband because of the dangerous life he led, but still loved him, so she didn’t change her name or her son’s one. This proved to be a grave mistake, since some enemies of Dedshot tracked her down and killed her son, while Floyd himself couldn’t do anything but to avenge the kid. From that moment, Susan changed name and became known as Michelle Torres. Despite the tragedy, however, Michelle/Susan still loved zoelawtoncomics1her husband, and decided to give him another chance. They came back together, and some months later they had another child: Zoe, who took her mother’s name for safety. Zoe represented for Lawton his chance of redemption, the best part of him, and he wanted to keep her away from all the horrors that had killed Eddie. He gave up his old life for her, and decided to retire to become a family man.

Despite Lawton’s best intentions, his old life hadn’t finished with him, even if he thought he had finished with it. The Lawtons moved to Star City, and lived a normal life as long as Deadshot’s past allowed it: their peace, however, was meant to be short-lived. One day, Zoe went to the park with her parents to spend an afternoon all together, but three old enemies showed up: Lady Vic, a British mercenary extremely able with blades, and the sisters Double Dare, two acrobats and thieves. A battle ensued, with Deadshot clearly in disadvantage, since he thought of protecting his family more than defeating his enemies. Realising this, Michelle took Zoe away, found a safe spot for her, and then came back to help her husband. Finally, Lawton defeated the three women, and was about to kill one of the Double Dare, when he realised his daughter was watching him from her shelter: he decided to let the girl live, in order to spare Zoe the sight of her father killing somebody. The incident, however, convinced Lawton that it was too late for him to become a zoelawtoncomics2family man, and made him take the resolve of leaving his family in order to protect his wife and daughter. The same night, he called Michelle on the phone and told her he wouldn’t have come back home ever again. Zoe, who perfectly knew why her father was calling, started crying desperately. In the following days, Deadshot patroled Zoe’s neighborhood, cleaning up the streets in order to protect his daughter, but he soon realised he was still putting her in danger by staying so close to her. He swallowed his pride and asked Green Arrow to protect his family on his behalf, then left Star City, never to be seen again.

Zoe Torres is a sweet girl, truly fond of her father, Floyd Lawton. She suffers much anytime he’s away, and she’s overwhelmingly happy when he comes back to her. Her dream was to have a united family, so when Deadshot says his last farewell, she’s deeply wounded by his departure, despite understanding in some way that her father went away only to protect her.


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