Carina Tivan

Carina TivanA recent interview with James Gunn, director of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, named a character we already saw appearing at the end of Thor: The Dark WorldCarina, portrayed by Ophelia Lovibond. In The Dark World, she acted as an aide to The Collector, and welcomed Volstagg and Sif to her master’s zoo. She is set to appear in the Guardians movie as well, and it’s likely she’ll have a secondary role, again acting as the personal assistant of The Collector. As everyone who had read the comics knows, however, Carina’s original version is much more than an aide to The Collector: she’s his daughter. Let’s see together.

Carina was born eons ago, daughter of Taneleer Tivan, one of the Elders of the Universe better known as The Collector, and his wife Matani. When she was still young (as well as it’s hard to describe “young” for an eternal being) she grew tired of her parents’ life, which consisted of continuous meditation and self-perfectioning. She left Taneleer and Matani, and started traveling carinativancomics1the universe, exploring it. After her departure, her mother died out of boredome, giving up her own immortality. Millennia after, Carina was contacted by her father, who asked her to take part to a dangerous mission aimed to the safety of the universe: a human from 31st Century, Michael Korvac, had reached their timeline in order to conquer the universe with his cosmic power, and Tivan wanted his daughter to pretend to be in love with him and to spy on him on his behalf. Carina agreed, and after receiving by her father a human body, she posed as Carina Walters, and seduced Korvac. Something unexpected however happened: she truly fell in love with Walter, who later became her husband. She shared his dream of bringing order to the universe, and rebelled to her father, The Collector. She also revealed to Korvac Tivan’s plan, and had him killed by her husband,

When The Avengers were informed of the threat Korvac represented, they teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy (a heroic team from the future, who warned them of the menace) and battled him and Carina. Thanks to his enormous power, Korvac defeated all the heroes with no effort, killing many of them. At the end, Korvac was subdued by the combined power of Thor, the VisionIron Man and Starhawk, and looked to Carina for support. The woman, however, was now horrified by all the carnage her husband had unleashed, and was unwilling to help. Sensing her hesitation, Korvac killed himself. carinativancomics2Realizing what had happened, Carina went wild, and defeated the remaining heroes. At the end, only a weakened Thor stood to face her: wanting to reunite with her fallen husband, she used her cosmic power to force Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, to hit her with all its might, lowering her defenses in the process. She was killed by the God of Thunder, and tried to reach for her beloved one’s hand before dying, but she was eventually unable to touch him. Her dispersed energy was regathered years later by Hank Pym, who was trying to resurrect his deceased wife Janet Van DyneWasp‘s personality influenced Carina, who decided to leave a returned Korvac and to be a heroine, for a change.

Carina is a “young” Elder of the Universe, who still has to gain complete control over her powers and her emotions alike. She is incredibly powerful, since she can manipulate matter at a molecular level, travel through space and time, sense other realities or timelines, resurrect deceased creatures and modify their appearance and consciousness, and many other things. Despite being eons-old, her personality and maturity are similar to an Earth woman in her after-teens, and she tends to be overwhelmed by her feelings, being them her love for Korvac or her rage for his death. Just as dangerous as she is unstable, Carina may have truly changed and embraced a life of heroism, but only time will tell.


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