James Montgomery Falsworth (Union Jack)

unionjackfilmTime for the second member of the Howling Commandos spotted on a poster in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: celebrated at the Smithsonian with his squad companions, stands the British hero James Montgomery Falsworth, portrayed by JJ Feild. In the first movie, he was a war prisoner rescued by Captain America, and later one of his allies during the war, following him as part of his Commandos. He’s also spotted in a deleted scene from The Avengers, where Cap reads the files of his old friends in possession of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Falsworth is reported as “Deceased”. In the comics, Falsworth is much more than a simple sidekick: he’s a superhero on his own, who never was part of the Howling Commandos, but made the Nazis have nightmares about him nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Son of English nobleman William Falsworth, James Montgomery was born at the beginning of the XX Century near Dymhurst, a village close to his family’s residence, the Falsworth Manor. He had a younger brother, John, but the relationship of the two siblings wasn’t one of the best, always competing one with the other for their parents’ unionjackcomics1favor. When William died, being the eldest, James inherited everything, title and patrimony, and John, embittered, left England to search his own fortune. When World War I began, James joined his country’s military effort, and entered the Army; he went through an intensive training that transformed him into a one-man army, and became a secret operative for His Majesty, a costumed freedom fighter known as Union Jack. During the war, he met other British masked heroes, such as Phantom EagleSir Steel, the Crimson Cavalier and the Silver Squire, and allied with them forming the strike team Freedom’s Five. Together, the heroes were nearly unstoppable, and they defeated Germany and its forces more than once. Their most dangerous foe became an English vampire who worked for the Germans, Baron Blood, who secretly was James’ brother, John, who had been enslaved by Dracula himself. At the end of the war, James finally defeated Baron Blood, wounding him with a silver dagger, and the vampire escaped. When the war was over, Lord Falsworth came back to his mansion, married a local woman, and had two children, Brian and Jacqueline.

Peace was short-lived, as Second World War was approaching: James had a fight with his son over England’s recent policies, since he despised Neville Chamberlaine‘s favor towards Adolf Hitler‘s regime, while the young Falsworth embraced a pacifist and unionjackcomics2isolationist view, and Brian decided to leave for Germany. When the war started, German newspapers portrayed Brian as a personal friend of Hitler, a turning point that deeply saddened James. During the 1941 blitz over England, James’ wife was killed, an event that led Falsworth to don the Union Jack costume once again. His old nemesis, Baron Blood, had returned as well, and he was fighting on the Nazis’ side: their decennial battle started again, and Union Jack met the Invaders, an American superhero team who he befriended, seeing in them something similar to his old friends, the Freedom’s Five. During the final battle with Baron Blood, Union Jack managed to kill the vampire, but his legs got shattered, and he became crippled for all his life. His place in the Invaders was taken by both his repented son, who had become the new Union Jack, and by his daughter, who had been transformed into the superheroine Spitfire. Unable to fight, Falsworth kept helping his children and friends with intel, and, after the war, he financially supported the V Battalion, an all-British superhero team his son was part of: Baron Blood could have crippled his body, but certainly not his spirit.

James Montgomery Falsworth is a proud and noble man, deeply committed to his role as a fighter for justice; despite being quite disillusioned towards his romantic view of war because of all the carnage and bloodshed he had to witness during World War I, his ideals are strong enough to bring him back on the field for World War II only a few years after. As Union Jack, he’s a superb athlete and hand-to-hand combatant, probably one of the best fighters ever. He carries a silver dagger strapped to his left arm, and a Webley .455 gun tied to the right one. An excellent marksman and swordsman, Falsworth is a hero at heart, who truly fights for what he firmly believes is right.



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