Alistaire Alphonso Smythe (Ultimate Spider-Slayer)

Alistair SmytheLet’s take a little break from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, since in the last days we got a new pic from the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 featuring one of the (many) villains in the movie: Alistaire Smythe, portrayed by B.J. Novak. In the movie, he’ll be a scientist employed by Oscorp, one of the top researchers of the company specialised in robotics. He’ll probably have some role in the birth of Electro and, especially, of Rhino, indirectly causing more than one headache to our hero. In the comics, he’s got quite a bigger role, that will be maybe explored in future installations of the franchise: in fact, he’s not just a super villain-maker, but a villain on his own right.

Alistaire Alphonso Smythe was the son of Spencer Smythe, a genius inventor master of robotics. Alistaire grew up worshipping his father, and started studying his same branch of science, often discussing with Spencer about his work, and learning more from him directly than from the most important universities in the country. Unable to walk due to a spinal damage, he compensated his lack of physical skills with an ever-growing intelligence, which he applied to science with a total devotion. When Spencer was hired by J. Jonah Jameson, the director of newspaper Daily Bugle, to build robots able to put an end to the menace of Spider-Man, Alistair followed his father’s work from behind the curtains, getting passionate about the new creations of him, the killer robots known as Spider-Slayers. As Spider-Man destroyed every robot, and Jameson started despising his father’s genius, Alistair became full of grudge against both the superhero and the journalist, being the only one close to his father after every failure. Eventually, Spencer, spiderslayercomics1alone and disgraced, died because of the constant radiation exposure he suffered during his work, and Alistaire decided to take up his legacy and to succeed where Spencer had failed: killing Spider-Man. Unfortunately, his first solo attempt failed, mainly because he had mistaken Mary Jane Watson for Spider-Man, misinterpreting his own work of intelligence in chasing the hero to his “base” (which was actually his house). Defeated by the real Wall-Crawler, Smythe, looking for fundings, allied himself with the Kingpin, building new Spider-Slayers for him.

Smythe’s hatred towards Spider-Man, however, was far too an unstable emotion for Kingpin to trust, and the two eventually split up, with Smythe continuing his crusade as a solo mission. He was eventually arrested and put into an asylum, but with his genius it was quite easy for him to escape, along with many other inmates who became his “wormen”. He built an army of new Spider-Slayers, and also created a special carapace for himself, bio-cybernetic enhancements that transformed him into the Ultimate Spider-Slayer, not only able to walk again, but also granted with many superhuman abilities. The following battle with Spider-Man led Smythe to yet another defeat, but this time victory was much more within his reach than all the others before. For a period, Smythe was also involved in a war with another cyber-criminal, Lady Octopus, and their respective gangs battled using New York City as their personal battlefield. Unexpectedly, the Scarlet Spider (a new hero who was Spider-spiderslayercomics2Man’s clone, Ben Reilly) allied with the Cyber-Slayers, Smythe’s new robots, to take down Lady Octopus’ group, an event that only rekindled Smythe’s hatred towards the Wall-Crawler (especially considering that, after the battle, Smythe was sent in prison once again). Finally, after many months of imprisonment, Smythe evaded once more, enhanced his cybernetical body, and started his war of vengeance against Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson once more.

Alistaire Smythe is an intelligent man, deeply devoted to his father, who raised him and built for him his first wheelchair. As the Spider-Slayer, his biorganic carapace grants him many superhuman abilities, as he possesses superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, stamina and durability, and the ability to stick to any surface; he also has many weapons implanted in his new body, especially blades, but also a special web-shooter. Driven by vengeance and pride only, the Spider-Slayer will stop in front of nothing to clean up his father’s name, and to make the two men who destroyed him, Spider-Man and Jameson, suffer as much as he did losing his inspiring figure.


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