MichelangeloTime for another protagonist of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this time Michelangelo, portrayed in the movie by Noel Fisher. In the trailer, he appears at the very end, trying to reassure April O’Neil about his good intentions by taking off his mask, but ending up scaring her even more the moment she realises his mask is just his orange robe, while the green face is for real. In every incarnation of the character, Michelangelo has always been more human-friendly, daredevil and carefree than his brothers, and also the one who more often causes troubles. While his appearance differs pretty much from the original one (he’s much bigger, and his face is weirdly human-like), his attitude at least seems unchanged. Anyway, let’s see together who he is in the comics (even if his origin story, as you can expect, doesn’t differ much from the one of the other turtles).

Michelangelo was born a simple turtle, the last one in a hatch of four. He was bought by a young boy in an animal shop of New York, but before the boy could reach his home, he was involved in a bad car accident involving a truck carrying toxic waste. The four michelangelocomics1turtles ended up being carried away by the green slime, the ooze, carried by the truck, down to the sewers, where they were aided by a rat. The green slime mutated the five animals’ genes, and both the turtles and the rat grew in size and intellect to match human ones. The rat, Splinter, named them after Reinassance artists, and the younger one got the name Michelangelo. Splinter trained them in the way of ninjas, which he had learnt by watching his human master, Hamato Yoshi: Yoshi had been killed by an evil ninja, The Shredder, who was now ruling New York’s underworld through his Foot Clan, and the turtles were trained to be able to stop him. When time came, Michelangelo elected as his weapon of choice the nunchaku, tools as unpredictable as he himself was. During his time with his brothers, Michelangelo developed a carefree attitude and a love for fun (and pizza), often annoying his more serious brothers Leonardo and Raphael with pranks and jokes. He however took very seriously both his training and his mission in defeating the Foot Clan, and proved to be a reliable warrior during the major battles occuring with The Shredder and his men. However, his life in the sewers made Michelangelo grow more and more curious about the human world and the life on the surface, and the time came when he decided to escape from his master’s and his brothers’ sight to make his own experience on the upper world.

Considerably disguised, with a heavy coat, a scarf and a big hat covering him, Michelangelo started hanging out at Central Park, where he befriended a group of young skaters and became a pro himself. He also adopted a stray cat and called him Klunk. His “clandestine” life, however, ended up being discovered, but an admonition to caution was the only scolding he received. On michelangelocomics2Christmas Eve, Michelangelo stopped a group of thieves who were about to steal some toys destined to an orphanage, and then forced his brothers and his human friend April to help him deliver the toys to the orphans in first person. This positive and beautiful episode, however, immediately preceeded a decisive battle that saw the turtles lose against a revived Shredder and the Foot Clan: the Ninja Turtles were forced to leave the city and to hide in a farm in Northampton. Scared and dishonored because of the defeat, Mickey lost his sense of humor and his joy of living, and while everyone expected him to find something funny in their new situation to cheer everyone up, he constantly stayed in a barn, punching a bag and training (and eventually destroying the barn itself). When Leonardo found his courage again, Splinter started a new, special training for his disciples, a mental and physical discipline that gave back to Mickey his old self. After coming back to New York and finally defeating Shredder once and for all (or so they thought…), Mickey could come back to his old life of pizza, skating and fun. He also became a close friend of Shadow, baby daughter of his human friends April O’Neil and Casey Jones, and chose to leave the sewers to move to April’s place, so to be closer to his protege…and to his second life on the surface.

Michelangelo is the most carefree and joyful among the turtles, the only one who, according to Splinter, doesn’t purely follow the path of the warrior, but still mantains a child-like sight on the world. He is, however, and extremely well trained ninja, with superhuman physical attributes that make his techniques even more effective, and a complete mastership over the nunchaku that allows him to be on par with his brothers. His unnatural agility and balance is often used more to improve his skating skills rather than his fighting ones, thus annoying Leonardo, who believes him not to be taking seriously their training. Mickey, however, is deeply committed to his family and mission, and is always ready to give courage and unity to his brothers: his battle cry “Cowabunga!” is always a good way to inspire the battle spirit of his peers…more or less.



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