DonatelloTime for the last protagonist of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, that is, of course, the last turtle: Donatello, who’ll be portrayed by Jeremy Howard. Just like Raphael, he’s only briefly seen in the trailer while sliding on a snowy mountain using his own shell, but unlike his brother, he doesn’t crash against anything. At least, that’s what one can guess from the few seconds he appears in. Anyway, judging from the goggles he wears, it’s likely he’ll stay close to his science-geek personality from the comics and from his previous incarnations, although anything else about him is still mere speculation. Waiting for some more information, let’s see who Donatello is in the comics (even if, by now, I bet you have learnt by heart the first lines of the turtles’ origin).

Donatello was born a normal turtle with his three brothers in an animal shop in New York City. His life changed forever when a young boy bought the four of them and tried to carry them home, only to be almost hit by a truck on the road: scared, he let the donatellocomics1bowl with the turtles fall, and the four animals got dragged away by a green toxic waste the truck was carrying, the ooze. In the sewers, they were saved by a rat, and all five of them got mutated by the ooze, which made them grow to human-like size and intellect. The rat, called Splinter, named the four turtles like Reinassance artists, and taught them the way of the ninja he had learnt from his master, Hamato Yoshi, killed by a ninja rival some time before. When time came for the turtles to choose their weapon, extensions of themselves which would have represented their personalities as well, Donatello chose the simplicity of the bo, the fighting staff. Donatello’s calm and thoughtful attitude made him also one of the most reliable turtles, and Leonardo chose him as his second in command. Whent the Ninja Turtles came in conflict with the evil Foot Clan, a ninja sect led by The Shredder, the same man who had killed Hamato Yoshi, Donnie proved to be quite skilled as both a tactician and a plain fighter, and he himself dealt the finishing blow to The Shredder by throwing him off a rooftop while he was about to use a thermite grenade. Donatello proved to be vital to the team the moment they faced their first technology-based enemy: when Baxter Stockman threatened to conquer New York (and kill the turtles) with his army of robots, the Mousers, Donnie allied with Stockman’s former assistant, April O’Neil, and cracked the mad scientist computer system, thus shutting down all the robots (and gaining a precious ally in the person of April).

While hanging out with April, Donnie met an artist named Kirby, who possessed a crystal capable of bringing to life his own drawings for a short while. Donnie became fascinated with Kirby’s work, and helped him cross a gateway that led to a world where donatellocomics2all the artist’s creations lived. The two “outsiders” were caught in the middle of a battle between humans and monsters, and managed to make the first win. The humans, grateful, took them back to the gateway, but it closed immediatelt after Donatello passed through it, locking Kirby in his own world for eternity. The loss of his friend brought Donatello to a state of mind quite unfit for the challenge that waited for him and his brothers: Shredder had come back, and the Foot with him. Utterly defeated, the turtles had to hide into a farm in Northampton, where they spent many weeks trying to recover. Donnie became quite obsessed with all the fixing ups the place needed, and also built a windmill and a watermill to bring it some electricity. He repaired everything, from the water heater to the boiler, and often broke it again to be able to repair it once more. Finally, Splinter decided it was time they completed their training, and brought them in the woods for some intensive sessions. Donnie however didn’t come back to be his old self like the others, and was still uncertain of his capabilities. When a terrorist group named Committee to Rebuild American Patriotism threatened to detonate a nuclear bomb nearby, in order to blame the Russians in a second moment, Donnie felt he wasn’t able to dismantle a nuke; Raphael named him a coward, and the two almost battled each other, but were stopped by Splinter, who invited them to take on the survivalists on two separate routes. Donnie easily defeated the guards, and tried to dismantle the bomb, but only managed to remove the plutonium core: when the C.R.A.P. leader came back, and tried to activate the bomb, only a small explosion ensued, but it was more than enough to kill him and his followers. Donnie gained back his self-confidence, but mourned over the death of a misguided and sick man nevertheless.

Donatello is a reflexive and thoughtful turtle, surely the smartes among his brothers. He’s got quite a passion for everything that is science, especially robotics and engineering, and is able to build almost anything starting with scrap metals and garbage (he’s the one who built any means of transportation at the turtles’ disposal). He’s a proficient martial artist, with superhuman physical attributes and a complete mastership over the bo; his scientific skills come in handy also during battles, and he sometimes power up himself or his brothers with tools of his own invention, or reverse-engineered alien devices. Sometimes gloomy and pessimistic, Donnie is nevertheless a noble warrior and a cheerful brother, deeply committed to both his family and his mission to bring peace and justice.



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