Oroku Saki (The Shredder)

shredderfilmNow that we have finished with the heroes, we can finally speak about the villain of the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: the feared and respected leader of the Foot ClanThe Shredder, who will be portrayed this time by William Fichtner. This movie marks the first time the villain is portrayed as being Caucasian instead of Japanese, and his background story has been changed quite a lot: his name is not Oroku Saki anymore, but an English version of it, Eric Sachs, and he’s some sort of scientist. In the trailer, he reveals to April O’Neal that he himself and the girl’s father are the responsibles of the creation of the Ninja Turtles, a project aimed to clean the streets from criminality. Well, that’s odd at the very least. Anyway, let’s see what they’ll make out of it before judging (even if the premises aren’t the best possible). In the meantime, let’s take a look to the real Shredder.

Oroku Saki was born in Japan, the younger brother of the ninja master Oroku Nagi, one of the most skilled warriors in the Foot, a deadly clan. Saki worshipped Nagi, and was eager to follow his footsteps; unfortunately, Oroku Nagi ended up being killed by his shreddercomics1only true rival in the clan, Hamato Yoshi, since both of them loved the same woman, Tang Shen. Furious for his brother’s death, Saki swore revenge, and entered the Foot himself. Using his hatred and anger, the Foot’s masters transformed him into the perfect warrior, a vicious killer with no remorse or doubt, a killing machine who would had stopped in front of anything to achieve his goals. Saki easily climbed the highest ranks in the Foot, and, when he was only eighteen, he was finally offered the lead of the New York City branch of the Foot. Arrived in the United States, Saki adopted the identity and armor of The Shredder, the fierceful and faceless warrior vengeance had turned him into. In New York, Shredder was finally able to hunt down his rival, and spotted Hamato Yoshi in an apartment with Tang Shen. He attacked them, and killed them both in their own place, leaving no trace of his passage…almost no trace, since, unspotted by him, Yoshi’s pet rat escaped from his broken cage during the battle. A meaningless detail, maybe, but that rat would have become, thanks to a powerful mutagen, Splinter, the Shredder’s new, formidable nemesis.

In the following fifteen years, Shredder augmented his power and influence, and transformed the Foot Clan in a vast criminal empire, which controlled anything happened in New York, from smuggling to arms dealing, from drugs to political assassinations. Shredder had become so powerful that even the central HQ of the Foot in Japan started fearing him. One day, while shreddercomics2in his hideout with his army, Shredder received a message attached to a sai knife: someone calling himself “Hamato Yoshi’s disciple” was challenging him to a duel to the death. Intrigued by the note, Shredder went to the appointment on a rooftop, only to face four giant talking turtles who claimed to be ninjas. The turtles, in fact, easily defeated the warriors from the Foot Clan, and Shredder decided to take on them in first person. The mutants fought him individually and altogether, but they were no match for Saki, who proved to be superior under any point of view…except for one: his pride led Shredder to lower his guard in front of a weaker enemy, and the turtles’ leader, Leonardo, managed to score a lucky shot with his katana through Shredder’s torso. He then asked his enemy to regain his honor by killing himself. Shredder complied…sort of: he drew a thermite grenade, declaring he would have brought the turtles to Hell with himself, but Donatello kicked him down the rooftop, and the explosion only killed him. The Foot Clan retrieved what remained of their leader’s body, and used ancient magic to bring him back. A year after his first death, Shredder came back to the land of the living, and inflicted to Leonardo and his brothers a severe defeat on their first meeting. Finally, the city was ready to come back under The Shredder’s heel.

Oroku Saki is a man consumed by vengeance, a warrior who has sold his soul to the demon of vendetta and who has lost any sign of pity, humanity or compassion in his solitary crusade to avenge his beloved brother. As The Shredder, he’s one of the best martial artists in the world, master of a variety of techniques and styles; he fights with wrist-mounted blades, and sometimes also with some more technological weapon. He’s a master tactician and an olympic-level athlete, able to stand toe-to-toe also with the superhuman-powered Ninja Turtles. Unstoppable, ruthless, with some sort of allergy towards permanent death, Shredder is the most formidable foe the turtles, and the world, will ever know.



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