April O’Neil

NINJA TURTLESWe’ve finally arrived to the last character revealed in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer: April O’Neal, who will be portrayed by (sigh…) Megan Fox. In this installation of the franchise, she appears as a tv reporter as always, but she shares a deepest bond with the Ninja Turtles, as Eric Sachs (who’s the movie version of The Shredder) tells her that her father was responsible of the mutants’ creation. That remains to be seen. Anyway, the character already appeared in the original trilogy, portrayed by Judith Hoag and Paige Turco (with the latter being maybe her most famous face). The look of the two original actresses surely differs quite a lot from Fox’s, but let’s wait and see. Like with everything else with this movie. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look to the original April O’Neal…who didn’t start off as a journalist at all!

Born and raised in New York City, April O’Neil studied as a computer programmer, and became quite a skilled one. She got a fine job by becoming the assistant of Dr. Baxter Stockman, an important robotic engineer who had received from the city the task of aprilonealcomics1cleaning the sewers from rats. Stockman, thanks to April’s help, had built little robots called Mousers, who hunted down and killed sewer rats. April, however, started wondering where all the money from the research came from, and found out that her boss was using his little robots to steal money from tha banks’ caveaus. When she confronted Stockman about her discoveries, the scientist was quite amused by the girl’s intellect, and commented it was the main reason he had chosen her as his assistant…and also mourned the loss of a precious collaborator: he reprogrammed the Mousers to hunt and kill April, and the girl tried to flee from them the best she could. She ended up being chased in the sewers, where the robots easily surrounded her. They were about to shred her to pieces, when four giant humanoid turtles appeared, and took care of the Mousers. In shock, April was quite scared of the monsters, but they slowly gained her trust showing their good intentions. April realised the turtles were the mysterious vigilantes who had put an end to the treat of the Foot Clan some month before, and decided to trust them. She told them everything she had learnt of her boss, and asked for their help. The turtles happily agreed to stop another bad guy, and Donatello, the science expert of the quartet, brought April back to the lab, and shut down the Mousers with her help. With Stockman defeated and exposed, April became one of the turtles’ best friends and allies, starting a relationship which would have lasted many years.

When the turtles, along with their master Splinter, got tired of living in the sewers, April invited them to live in her apartment, an offer the five mutants gladly accepted. After losing her job with Stockman, the girl decided to open an antique shop, an activity which soon became her passion. Unfortunately, when The Shredder came back from the dead, he targeted her guessing her relation aprilonealcomics2to the turtles, and had his Foot Clan attack the shop. In the following battle, the turtles got heavily defeated by Shredder, and only the intervention of Casey Jones, a violent vigilante who was their ally, saved them from certain death; April’s apartment and shop, however, were burnt to the ground, and the girl lost everything she held dear. April and her friends moved to Northampton, in an old farm, to rest and lick their wounds. April kept having nightmare about the Foot’s attack, and was deeply saddened by seeing that also the turtles were deeply scarred by their defeat. One day, she was walking on a frozen lake, but the thin ice let her fall, and she was rescued by Leonardo, who finally found some of his courage back. Almost frozen and soaked wet, April was however happy to see that the incident had been the first step to her friends’ recover: Splinter brought the turtles to the forest for their final training, with the prospect of coming back to New York to give Shredder tit for tat. In the time she spent in the farm alone with Casey Jones, the two of them started liking each other, and they started a romantic relation that led them to adopt a little child, Shadow.

April O’Neal is a smart and resourceful young woman, who’s able to rise again from every fall by reinventing herself and her skills. Being an unwilling assistant to a criminal mastermind or a reporter investigating on the Ninja Turtles, she always ends up befriending the green mutants, and her loyalty to them has granted them the anonymity and hiding they needed. With a little expertise over martial arts granted her by Splinter’s teachings, April is a precious friend and ally, whose normal personality and attitude often clashes with a life full of weird and unexplicable things.



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