Glenn Talbot

coloneltalbotfilmNew episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and this time we have plenty of new characters to speak about. First things first: at the beginning of Providence, agent Phil Coulson receives a call from a nasty easy-triggered army colonel, Glenn Talbot, portrayed by Adrian Pasdar. Coulson seems quite worried because of Talbot’s interest towards disbanding S.H.I.E.L.D.…and he’s quite right, if the character is similar to the comics counterpart. Talbot already appeared in Hulk as one of the villains, portrayed by Josh Lucas. In the movie, he used to be a military officer, but gave up the army to become a bioscience executive for some private company: he tries to hire both Bruce Banner and Betty Ross in his same company, and later on he kidnaps the first one to try and make an army of supersoldiers using the Hulk, but ends up being (unwillingly) killed by the green brute. In the comics, he’s just a sanctimonius idiot as he is in his live action portrayal(s): let’s see together.

Glenn Talbot entered the US Army as he was still a young man, and distinguished himself for a cunning intellect and an immoderate ambition. His determination gained the attention of General “Thunderbolt” Ross, an influent officer, who took him under his protective wing and raised him to be the perfect subordinate. Thanks to Ross’ help and guidance, Talbot easily and rapidly rose to the rank of Major, and started with his superior officer a father-and-son-like relationship. When in Desert Base, a research facility in New Mexico, strange things began to happen, with the monstrous Hulk coloneltalbotcomics1appearing in the nearby hills, Ross appointed Talbot with the security of the base. Secretly, Talbot was also assigned with another task: he had to monitor and control Bruce Banner, one of the chief researchers, whose frequent, unexplained disappearances could have been a sign of him being a traitor, or at least being somehow connected to the monstrous Hulk. Moreover, Ross wanted his daughter, Betty, to fall in love with Talbot, whom he considered “the perfect man”, breaking her relationship with the not-so-manly (for Ross’ standards) scientist Banner. From the very beginning of his work in Desert Base, Talbot antagonised Banner, and tried his best to prove him to be a Soviet spy, but with no result; he however caught his connection with the Hulk, and he and Ross eventually exposed his dual identity. Betty, however, was still in love with Bruce, and this only increased Talbot’s grudge against Banner.

When it became clear that Banner wasn’t able to retain his intellect and control the Hulk, Ross declared the grey (now green) brute was a menace, and started to hunt him down all over the country; Talbot, who had been promoted and had become Ross’ adjutant, followed him in his obsession with the Hulk, until Banner developed a way to coloneltalbotcomics2control his other half. Ross finally gave up on hunting him, and allowed him to marry Betty, but during the wedding, The Leader used a device of his invention to bring Hulk back to his savage condition, thus ruining the ceremony. Seizing the opportunity, Talbot swore to Betty that the Hulk would have paid for ruining the best day of her life, and began his hunt once more. During this new period of enmity between Betty herself and the Hulk, who had ruined her life with Banner, Talbot and the girl grew close, until she convinced herself to be in love with him. The two eventually got married, but their union was short-lived, as it was evident Betty still cared for Bruce. When Ross got captured by Gremlin, a Soviet criminal, Talbot volunteered to save him, actually succeeding, but he got captured in his place. He was replaced by a double, Gregori Kronski, who was exposed only weeks after. Finally, Ross and Clay Quatermain led a S.H.I.E.L.D. team to the Soviet Union and brought the real Talbot back home. With time, he regained his memories and personality (which had been replaced by Kronski’s), but he came back in himself only to find out that his wife didn’t love him anymore, as she had finally realised she loved Banner. Obviously, this personal matter only worsened Talbot’s feelings towards the scientist, and he took the lead of a Hulkbuster team to destroy his nemesis and rival.

Glenn Talbot is an ambitious and unctuous man, ready to do anything in his possibilities to climb the ladder to the top of the military ranks. He’s a trained armed and unarmed combatant, and a good but arrogant tactician; he has full access to an arsenal of weapons from both the US Army and S.H.I.E.L.D., and he often uses the Mandroid armor (special empowering suits designed by Tony Stark) and the War Wagon, a hover-ship equipped with a variety of lethal weapons, powerful enough to damage even the Hulk. Obsessed with destroying both Hulk and Bruce Banner, more for personal reasons rather than national security ones, Talbot will stop in front of anything to achieve his goal.



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