Marcus Daniels (Blackout)

blackoutfilmAnother character appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode Providence, another villain. When HYDRA breaks into the Fridge, S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s super-prison, John Garrett frees all the prisoners he can find, so that the other agents will have their hands quite busy with the escapees and he’ll be free to do whatever he plans to. He says to the fugitives: “And remember to follow your dreams!”, with a creepy guy looking at him in the eyes hearing those words. That guy is Marcus Daniels, portrayed by Patrick Brennan, and he’ll be the main villain in the next episode. The comicbook readers will immediately recognize the name, as Daniels is a recurring villain in the Marvel comics. Let’s see together.

Born in New York City, in the Flushing neighborhood, Marcus Daniels came from a poor family, and gave himself into study to gain a wider horizon than the one his family gave him. He gained a MS in Physics, and tried to make a living out of it. Life, however, wasn’t as easy as he had believed as a graduate, and he eventually became a petty criminal to earn something. He had almost resigned himself to live just as society had forseen he would have, until he met Abner Croit, a renowned physicist, who offered him a position as lab assistant. Grateful, Daniels started working for him, helping him in his researches of alternative energy sources; Croit, however, entertained himself with humiliating Daniels with his superior knowledge, and made him feel out of place in his lab. Marcus grew increasingly hostile towards his “benefactor”, wondering why in the world he had blackoutcomics1wanted him in the first place since he despised him so much. Finally, Croit’s plan became clear: he was investigating other dimensions to find the energy sources he was looking for, and he was developing a machine able to open portals to said dimensions. He needed, however, to test it. Dr. Croit forced Daniels to be his guinea pig, and opened a portal to an unknown dimension having him bombarded with unknown radiations. Unfortunately, the machine exploded during the experiment, and the amount of radiation passing through the portal increased esponentially. When Daniels regained his senses, he found out he had full access to the Darkforce, an alien energy coming from a dimension entirely composed of darkness. Daniels could summon the Darkforce in a variety of shapes and consistencies, but had some difficulty in controlling it. Croit didn’t give up on his experiment, and built for him a suit to control the energy and to prevent him from slipping into the Darkforce dimension, hoping to run other experiments on him and on the Darkforce. Daniels, however, soon understood he was powerful enough to do whatever he liked with his new powers, and escaped from the lab.

Marcus Daniels, using the suit Abner Croit had created for him, became a supervillain known as Blackout, and started robbing some banks using the powerful energy he was learning to have full control on. The more he used the Darkforce, however, the more his powers and his very presence in our dimension became unstable. In order not to be sucked by the alien dimension, Daniels came back to Croit’s laboratory to steal the stabilizer, blackoutcomics2but he was confronted by the scientist, who threatened to expose him if he didn’t cooperate with him again. Blackout finally got his revenge, and opened a portal to the eternal darkness of the alien dimension: Croit fell through it, and was lost forever in a universe without light. Now finally free to use his power as much as he wanted, Blackout went on a crime spree that in no time made him one of the most feared bank robbers of the country. It was during one of his heists that he met for the first time the teenage superhero Nova, who became his nemesis: the two fought many times, until, during one of their battles, Croit’s stabilizer got destroyed, and Blackout was sucked into the Darkforce dimension. In the dark universe, Daniels almost lost his mental sanity, but he managed to escape creating yet another portal; fainted, he was abducted by the scientists of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., who wanted to study his powers. However, the criminal easily escaped from the lab, and teamed up with Moonstone to form a crime couple. They battled the Avengers, and escaped once more through the dark dimension, but this time Moonstone’s gravity powers allowed them to escape from there easily. Back on Earth, the two joined Baron Zemo‘s new Masters of Evil, ready to be known and feared by the whole superhero community.

A greedy and arrogant man, Marcus Daniels is nevertheless an intelligent and cultured scientist, even if his knowledge of physics is not so deep as he likes to think. As Blackout, he’s able to manipulate the energy known as Darkforce, creating portals to the dark dimension, teleporting, matherializing objects of pure darkness virtually indestructible that disappear and move only at his will, and creating dark mist for cloaking purpose; he’s able to fly by creating floating disks on which he stands. Moonstone helped him increase his control over the Darkforce, and now his powers are way stronger than before. Powerful and dangerous, Blackout is a criminal whose only ideal is profit: his only weaknesses are a failing mental state, that sometimes put him in a nearly-catatonic condition, and, of course, light, which can dissipate Darkforce if concentrated enough.


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