Eric Koenig

Eric KoenigTime for the last character introduced this week in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode Providence: when Phil Coulson and his team finally reach the secret base Nick Fury pointed them to, they are greeted by the only agent present, Eric Koenig, portrayed by Patton Oswalt. In the show, she appears to be one of the few people Fury truly trusts, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was entrusted with quite an uncomfortable mission, since he’s been locked underground since the invasion of New York. Surely, his physical appearance and his attitude differ much from his comics counterpart: tall, blonde, blue-eyed Keonig has little or nothing to share with Oswalt’s chubby physique. Anyway, the character maybe will surprise us in the next episodes. Just wait and see. In the meanwhile, let’s see who Koenig is in the comicbooks.

Eric Koenig was born in BonnGermany, somewhere around the end of 1920s. When Adolf Hitler began his climb to power, Eric, as well as his sister Ilsa and his best friend Wilheim Hauser, entered the Nazi Youth Group, and was a fervent supporter of the new order promised by the Führer. He was among the first ones to rejoice when Hitler became chancellor, but rapidly lost faith in the Nazi leader when, in 1939, Germany invaded Polland without any proper declaration of war. Wilheim, however, had become totally devoted to Hitler, and Eric started erickoenigcomics1disliking his company. He broke their friendship, and enlisted in the Luftwaffe (German air force), where he became quite a skilled pilot. Despite his many successes, he was appointed to be the aid of Dr. Draus, a Nazi scientist. Koenig hated Draus, but was nevertheless faithful to his honor and to his oath to serve Germany. One night, both Koenig and Draus ended up in an inn, where an American spy was hiding: it was Nick Fury, leader of the dreaded Howling Commandos. Fury was found and exposed, and in the battle that ensued, Draus ordered his “underling” to kill the American: feeling the young man’s hesitation, Fury convinced Koenig to switch side, in order to fight for the real Germany, the one that Hitler and his Nazis had conquered years before. Koenig wasn’t waiting for anything else, and turned on Draus, who was captured and brought to England.

When the Howling Commandos got captured in Germany, Fury formed a rescue team, composed by himself, Bull McGiveney and “Rickets” Johnson, and also by Eric Koenig, who acted as a pilot. Johnson and McGiveney didn’t trust Eric, and treated him like a erickoenigcomics2Nazi spy; they even tried to put up a fight with him, but the boy remained close to his intention to fight for the Allies, and to his gratitude towards Fury. Thanks to the intel Koenig got from his sister Ilsa, the rescue team was able to follow the Howlers in Berlin, where they were about to be executed by Hitler himself: the rescue succeeded, and Eric Koenig was welcomed into the Howling Commandos. Near the end of the war, Koenig came back to the Nazis, but it was in reality a secret mission ordered by Fury himself: acting as a spy, he helped the Howlers in many difficult missions granting them intel. After the war, he was trialed as an enemy, but Fury himself had all the charges cleared, revealing to the Allies Koenig’s secret mission. With the war ended, Eric and his new girlfriend, Coral Liebowitz, followed Fury to the United States, where Koenig helped his friend found S.H.I.E.L.D., an intelligence organization aimed to prevent wars as the last one. In all the following years, Koenig remained a loyal and close friend to Fury, and even when it seemed he was betraying him joining Norman Osborn‘s H.A.M.M.E.R., he was actually working as a spy for his long-time ally.

Eric Koenig is essentially a good man, deeply committed to his duty and true to his word and honor. He’s a skilled pilot, a trained armed and unarmed combatant, and an expert spy able to fool even the greatest criminal masterminds, mostly because of the reputation of his past as a Nazi. Loyal to the death to Nick Fury, the man who freed him from Nazism giving him a good purpose to fight for, Koenig will never betray his friend, nor the agency he helped him create.



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