Caitlin Snow (Killer Frost)

Caitlin SnowIn this week’s Arrow episode, The Man Under the Hood, the now villainous Deathstroke attacks the Starling City branch of S.T.A.R. Labs, but he finds two researchers there: one of them is a young woman named Caitlin Snow, portrayed by Danielle Panabaker. Despite Deathstroke is much stronger than them both, Caitling proves her knowledge of S.T.A.R. technology be quite dangerous if correctly applied, and she knocks the assailant down with a laser belonging to Doctor Light (another cool Easter egg for the comics’ fans). The character will appear more extensively in the upcoming spin-off series The Flash, as one of the recurring supporting characters. Despite she’ll start as a friend and ally of Barry Allen, whoever has read The New 52 story line knows it won’t last long. Let’s see together why.

Little is known about Caitlin Snow’s past: she was born in Pittsburgh from an unknown family. She studied Physics and easily gained a PhD in thermodynamics. Her brilliant intellect gained the attentions of S.T.A.R. Labs, who offered her a job as researcher: enthusiastically Caitlin accepted the offer, becoming the youngest scientist ever in S.T.A.R.’s equip. Because of her specialist studies, Caitlin was sent in the Arctic, in Labs Outpost #72, specialized in thermodynamics. Once in the lab, Caitlin found out she was replacing another researcher, Louise Lincoln, who committed suicide some weeks before. Linclon was working on a revolutionary project, a self-sustaining killerfrostcomics1thermodynamic ultra conductor engine which would have potentially been able to create perpetual motion, thus subverting the second law of thermodynamics and changing the very idea of conducting energy. Needless to say, Snow became fascinated with her predecessor’s work, and asked to bring her research further; her colleagues tried to discourage her to do so, but they didn’t add any particular reason, so Cat just kept on working the moment she received the proper authorization. After a hard work, Snow finally managed to finish the engine (which she nicknamed S.T.U.), proving that it actually worked the way it was supposed to, creating a perpetual motion of solar energy. Unfortunately, Cat’s colleagues didn’t seem to be as happy as she was: they revealed themselves as double-agents working for H.I.V.E., a subversive terrorist organization. The scientists, who didn’t want S.T.U. to be known to the public in order to protect their investment in the energy field, were also the real responsible of Lincoln’s death, and they proceeded to give Caitlin the same service: they locked her in the S.T.U. chamber, leaving her to die. In panic, Snow rearranged the super-coolant wires, and had the chamber filled with cold air: mixed with the engine’s radiation, the ice fused with Caitlin’s biology, transforming her completely.

Caitlin Snow emerged from S.T.U. with blue skin and silver eyes, a thermal vampire who craved for heat. She almost instinctively kill all the H.I.V.E. agents, drying out all the heat from their body (thus freezing them to death). She soon found out, however, that the heat she had absorbed from the scientists soon dispersed, leaving her in a deadly hunger. She spent the following three years preying on whoever passed close enough to the base, leaving behind only a killerfrostcomics2line of frozen corpses, but she also created a special suit that allowed her to briefly contain the heat she stole from other leaving beings. Wandering in North Europe, she finally reach another research lab in Norway, where she managed to steal an helicopter. She used the chopper to come back to Pittsburgh, trying to find a way to heal from her vampiric condition. Once in Pennsylvania, she almost immediately clashed with the new superhero in town, Firestorm. During the battle, Caitlin, who now went under the name Killer Frost, found out that the energy emanated from the nuclear man could heal her, even if for a brief time. She dedicated her life to pursue Firestorm, and when she learnt of the Firestorm Matrix (the energy that gave birth to the superhero) she tried to recreate it in order to permanently come back to her normal self. Her quest for her lost humanity was just at the beginning.

Caitlin Snow is a brilliant and cheerful young woman, gifted with a genius-level intellect and an unborn skill in science. As Killer Frost, she possesses a unique physiology, as she is completely made of organic ice: she can manipulate the permafrost cells of her new body, creating ice objects (usually spears and daggers) or even changing her own appearance. She constantly needs the warmth she’s not able to produce herself anymore, and she feeds on other beings’ heat, with the result of killing whoever she dries out. Desperate and determined, Killer Frost will stop in front of nothing or nobody in order to get back her old life.



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