Francisco Paco “Cisco” Ramon (Vibe)

Cisco RamonSecond character appearing in Arrow episode The Man Under the Hood is another scientist from S.T.A.R. Labs, young and inexperienced Cisco Ramon, portrayed by Carlos Valdes. He’s the young boy working at late night with Caitlin Snow, when they’re both surprised by an attack of Deathstroke, who aims to one of the items in the storage. Surprisingly enough, Caitlin and Cisco manage to survive the encounter by knocking out the villain with Doctor Light‘s equipment, and then update Felicity Smoak about the health condition of Barry Allen. Cisco will be a recurring character in upcoming The Flash, and it’s likely that he’ll develop some more powers than just intellect. As well as Caitlin Snow, Cisco is based on The New 52 story line rather than on the original one (the first version of the character was named Paco Ramone): let’s see together who he is in the comics.

Born in DetroitMichiganFrancisco Paco Ramon lived a normal life along with his two older brothers, Armando and Dante. Unbeknownst to the three of them, cosmic forces were gathering to conquer Earth: the approaching menace came from the alien planet Apokolips, ruled by the tyrannical Darkseid, an evil New God who wanted to enslave the planet and add it to his dominion. Darkseid used a Mother Box (a sentient supercomputer, capable of more things than even the New Gods could vibecomics1completely understand) to open special dimensional portals, called Boom Tubes, all over Earth, allowing his squads of Parademons to pass through. Unfortunately, one of the Boom Tubes opened in Detroit, in the exact same spot in which the three Ramons were hanging out. As the portal opened, Cisco found himself caught in the bursting energy, and was about to be sucked in: while Dante couldn’t do anything but to watch terrified from a distance, Armando intervened, pulling Cisco out of the Tube… and sacrificing his own life in doing so, since a Parademon coming out of it slained him, and made him the first casualty in the Apokolips invasion. Darkseid and his forces were eventually repelled by Superman and other big guns, but the Ramons suffered a major loss, since Armando was the moral guidance of the three brothers. Francisco knew he owned his brother his very life… and much more than that: the short time spent into the Boom Tube had somehow modified his very DNA, giving him powers he slowly learnt to control: he was able to sense any kind of living beings in other dimensions, being connected to all the worlds accessible to the Mother Box, and overall he was now able to emit seismic vibrations from his whole body. Feeling he was alive for a reason, Cisco started using his powers for the common good, supported by his brother Dante.

Cisco learnt to use his new powers, and spent five years as a low-profile superhero, helping the people of his neighborhood the best he could. Thanks to his vibrating powers, he was also able to evade security cams and people’s cameras, thus maintaining anonymity. He couldn’t, however, escape the all-seeing eye of Amanda Waller, leader of A.R.G.U.S.: she sent one of her agents, Dale Gunn, after the boy, to make him an offer. Gunn met Cisco, and brought him vibecomics2to the place in which a Parademon was: he told him it was the same one that killed Armando (even if it wasn’t), and Cisco, in a burst of rage, killed it. After that, Cisco agreed to follow Gunn, and met Waller: he was offered to be a founding member of the Justice League of America, a super-team meant to face the already-existing Justice League in case they became a menace. Cisco was nicknamed Vibe, the counter-metahuman to Barry “The Flash” Allen. In a test, he was ordered to fight Bart Allen, aka Kid Flash, who had more or less the same powers of Flash. Vibe managed to cut Kid Flash from the Speed Force, proving to be able to match the real Flash if the situation required it, but he started to have doubts about his leaders, since Bart Allen wasn’t evil as he was supposed to be. He was then ordered to take down Gypsy, a “dangerous metahuman”, but ended up joining her when Amanda Waller ordered her men to kill her for no reason. Finally, Waller showed her true colors, and sent the Suicide Squad against both Vibe and Gypsy. Now a fugitive, Cisco had to find a way to defend himself against his former fellow A.R.G.U.S. agents, especially from Crowbar, recruited to be his counter-metahuman, just the way he had been for The Flash.

Francisco Ramon is a honest guy, a good young man who tries to do the right thing inspired by his brother’s heroism; he is, however, quite naive and simple, a trait that proves to be a flaw in a world of deceits and double-plays like the one he’s entered in. As Vibe, his mutated body constantly vibrates, allowing him not to be captured on image; he’s able to channel the vibrations in his hands, then releasing them in powerful and destructive blasts of seismic energy. Something from the Boom Tube also remained inscribed in his DNA, and he’s able to feel and perceive living beings on other worlds, even the smallest ones. Powerful and heroic, Vibe tries to do the right thing, unfortunately working for the wrong guys…



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