Benjamin “Ben” Parker

Film Title: Love HappensFinally, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit the screens (at least here in Europe, in the US you’ll have to wait some more days), and there’s quite some characters to speak about. Let’s start with the old ones, so that we’ll avoid potential spoilers. First of all, we get another glimpse at beloved Uncle Ben, again played by Martin Sheen: he only appears in a couple of flashbacks, first speaking with his brother Richard about taking little Peter with him, and later with a couple of FBI agents informing him that Richard escaped with secret researches to be sold to the best bidder (something he just couldn’t believe). The character already appeared in the original Spider-Man trilogy, portrayed by Cliff Robertson: as always, he’s introduced to die, as his death is the trigger to Peter’s evolution into Spider-Man. He then appeared in dream sequences speaking with his nephew. Despite not being much different, let’s see together who he is in the comics.

Benjamin Parker was born in New York City at the beginning of the ’20s. Since his very childhood, his difficult familiar situation forced him to become an adult before time, and he acted as a father figure to his much younger brother Richard. He unclebencomics1served in the Army, and immediately after came back home to take care of Richard. He fell in love with May Reilly, a beautiful girl from Brooklyn, but he didn’t have quite the time for girls and started working as a carnival barker in Coney Island to earn some money for his family. Despite his many commitments, Ben kept courting May, but she was attracted to Johnny Jerome, a man much richer than Ben and quite the adventurer, a guy who, May thought, would have given her a better, more exciting life than the one Ben could ever give her. Ben didn’t give up on May, especially because his instinct told him Johnny wasn’t the one who could have made her happy: in fact, he found out that he was a criminal, and told the girl. Unfortunately, May took him for a jealous liar, and didn’t listen to him. One night, Jerome reached for May and proposed to her, asking her to flee together, but Ben followed him, and told the girl that her soon-to-be fiancée had just killed a man with some accomplices and robbed a jewelry, and that police was arriving. Hearing the sirens, May realized the truth, and broke up with Johnny, who was arrested immediately after. Ben spent the night with her, comforting her weeping in his arms.

Finally, Ben’s determination and honesty brought results, and May, freed from her teen-aged delusions of a wealthy and adventurous husband, learnt to appreciate him, and eventually fell in love with him. Ben and May got engaged, and eventually unclebencomics2married, moving to a small but comfortable house in Queens. They lived together a long, happy time, darkened only by the lack of children: despite it had been a common choice, the two started to realize what they had renounced to only when they got too old to change their minds. The “solution” to their problem came unexpectedly when Richard, who had become a CIA agent in the meantime, was assigned with his wife Mary a risky mission in Algeria, and he asked his trusted brother to take care of his infant son, Peter, as long as they came back. Unfortunately, the never came back, as they died during the mission. Despite being quite old at the time, being the closest relatives Ben and May obtained the custody of Peter, and acted as his parents. Ben was the closest person to his shy and studious nephew, and supported him all his student’s life, when he was bullied by his schoolmates. When Peter gained superhuman powers due to a radioactive spider’s bite, he abruptly changed his character, and alienated from his uncle and aunt. Ben tried to teach one last lesson to him, one that he had learnt by experience: with great power, there must also come great responsibility, but Peter had become too self-confident and arrogant to listen. When a burglar enter the Parkers’ home, Ben tried to defend May, and was shot and killed by the criminal. When Peter realized the killer was the same thief he didn’t stop just some hours earlier, he finally understood his uncle’s lesson, and became Spider-Man.

Ben Parker is a good man: wise, honest and strong, he has the gift of making the life of everyone around him better with just his presence. A tender and loving husband for May and a dependable father figure for Peter, Ben uses his wisdom and good heart to give precious advises to his nephew and to whoever asks him. He’s also a determined and strong-willed man, who never gives up on what he thinks he’s right. Beloved by everyone, he’s the man who forged and indirectly created Spider-Man.



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