Helen Stacy

helenstacyfilmLast recurring character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2: at the beginning of the film, when Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy attend to the ceremony of the end of highschool, Gwen’s numerous family can be seen. While in the comics she has no brother (she has three in the movies), she surely has a mother, who answers to the name of Helen Stacy. Portrayed by Kari Coleman, Helen appears just at the beginning and at the end of the movie; she already appeared in the first film, during an embarassing family dinner during which Peter had to try not to appear a total creep to George, Gwen’s father (thus earning Helen’s sympathy). She also appeared at the end of the movie, attending to her husband’s funeral. In the comics, she’s less than a secondary character, especially because she only appeared in a single story, but we know something of her nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Absolutely nothing is known about Helen ‘s early life, not even her maiden name. She was born in New York City, likely in a wealthy family; we have no clue about any brother or sister. At a certain point in her life, she met George Stacy, a young man who had just entered New York City Police Department along with his brother helenstacycomics1Arthur. Helen fell in love with him, and the two ended up getting married a short time after. George’s career in the NYPD was quite a bright one, and he became renowned for being one of the most efficient and overall honest cops in the city; by her side, Helen was quite proud of her husband, even if, for him to be a good cop, it meant for her that she saw him very little. When George and Arthur were still quite young detectives, they received an assignment involving a serial killer operating near Oscorp: Helen understood quite well how much dangerous this task would have been compared to the others, but, despite being clearly worried, she didn’t even try to prevent her husband from doing what he knew was right. Helen, in the meanwhile, had gotten pregnant, and she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Gwendolyne: she started questioning her husband’s commitment to his job, since he now had a family to take care of, and a person who depended on him entirely. Helen’s bad feeling about the Oscorp’s affair proved to be right, and both her husband and her brother-in-law risked to die dealing with a supernatural creature, a science freak which would have been nicknamed the Proto-Goblin: George came back home, but his leg was broken, and from that point he would have needed a walking cane to move. Now that he was hurt, and that he had experienced a kind of crime normal cops weren’t enough to stop, George was more inclined to listen to his wife’s worries, and he decided to retire from NYPD to spend his life with his family.

Helen finally had her family reunited under the same roof, and she could stop worrying about receiving a phone call at late night telling her her husband had been killed in line of duty. However, despite George spent happy years with his wife and daughter, he never really stopped caring for his city and his job, and kept contacts with his former colleagues in the department. Helen focused on her daughter Gwen, who grew up to become a beautiful and brilliant girl, deeply helenstacycomics2attached to her parents, her father especially. When the vigilante Spider-Man started his activity, Helen was influenced by her husband’s positive view over the superhero, a position that put him in contrast with his colleagues. In that time, Gwen had finished high school and started college, and George felt his presence at home wasn’t needed as much as before: when US Colonel John Jameson called him out of retirement, Helen saw her husband donning the uniform again. She was quite worried, especially because of his old age and of the kind of city NY had become with all the superhumans in the streets, but tried to support her husband the best she could. Unfortunately, once again she proved to be right, and George ended up being killed during a battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. In order to help her cope with the loss, Helen encouraged Gwen to move to England for a time, while she stayed in New York waiting for her to return.

Helen Stacy is essentially a good woman, deeply devoted to her family. Despite she supports her husband George in whatever he needs her to, she’s often worried for him, and she tries her best to be a mother for Gwen when her husband is out for work. Helen is the proverbial great woman behind a great man, patient, caring and understanding, proud of her husband and her daughter, but often acting only behind the curtains as a supporter of both.



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