Felicia Hardy (Black Cat)

Felicia HardyAnother new entry from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and this is quite a surprising one: Felicity Jones portrays a fan-favorite character, seen under a new point of view. When Harry Osborn takes control of Oscorp after his father’s death, he’s quite unhappy of Donald Menken and the others’ work, and appoints the only young person he sees at the executives’ table as the locum tenens CEO: Felicia Hardy, who will become a loyal ally to Harry throughout the movie. She’s the one who informs him that the mutant spiders’ venom has been stored instead of destroyed, thus indirectly giving birth to the Green Goblin. It’s more than likely she’ll appear in future installations of the franchise, especially considering she’s one of the most popular antiheroes of the Spider-Man‘s characters gallery. Let’s see together.

Born in New York City, Felicia was the daughter of Walter and Lydia Hardy, a rich couple from Queens. When Felicia was little, her father was often away on business trips (she believed him to be a salesman), and it was up to Lydia to raise her daughter. Lydia tried to make Felicia an ambitious and strong girl, and she spurred her always to be the best in whatever she did, never being happy with a second place. In high school, Felicia became a cheerleader and a gymnast, always excelling in everything she did, and being scorned by her mother anytime she reached something less than excellency. One day, however, Lydia came to her daughter’s cheerleading training to tell her Walter had died in a plane crash in South America. Felicia soon found out there was something blackcatcomics1her mother wasn’t telling her, and she did researches on her own: Walter wasn’t dead at all, he was in prison, charged with a number of spectacular thefts, as he was in reality The Cath, a legendary burglar. It took some time for Felicia to realise the meaning of her discoveries, but at last she understood that all her wealth and her comfortable life came from her father’s crimes, and, during a mug, she also found out that a thief’s life brought a lot of excitement and adventure. Quite unexpectedly, Felicia decided to follow her father’s footsteps, and to become a burglar just as good as he had been. She started studying escapology and locks, becoming able to open any door or safe, and she also enlisted in the martial arts class of Miyagi Kanryo, a Japanese master of Okinawa Goju Ryu, who introduced her to martial arts and made her a good fighter, putting at good use her natural gymnast’s skills. She also studied other forms of martial arts and acrobatics, until she decided she was ready to start her own “career”.

Taking inspiration from her father’s nickname, Felicia created a costume and dubbed herself “the Black Cat“, jocking on the fact that she would have brought bad luck to everyone who would have crossed her path. She proved to be a skilled thief, and in a brief time she accumulated quite a fortune in stolen jewelry and items. One day, however, she learnt from the newspaper that Walter Hardy was dying in prison: determined to allow her father to live his last moments out of a cold cell, Felicia used her Black Cat persona to infiltrate in the jail and break her father out, but during the operation she met the new blackcatcomics2superhero in town, Spider-Man. The two briefly fought, until the Black Cat distracted the hero (who was phisycally superior to her) with an explosion in a nearby building, and managed to bring her father home to Lydia. There, she revealed to him that she was actually his daughter Felicia, but Walter wasn’t proud at all, and he begged her not to follow him down his dark path. Felicia, who truly enjoyed her life as an adventurer and a burglar, chose to ignore her father, and went on with her criminal career. During her battles with Spider-Man, however, she started feeling a certain bond with him, feeling him as her only equal, and she tried to earn his trust: to do so, she stole a powerful explosive from The Kingpin, putting herself in a civil war between him, Doctor Octopus and The Owl. She gave Spider-Man the detonator, but eventually she was almost killed by Octopus in revenge. Barely alive, she started to fear for her life, since she had no superpowers in a world full of metahumans, and she also feared for Spider-Man, who now had her trust (and her love), and risked to die protecting her. Moved by this fear, she made a deal with the Kingpin, who wanted to use the thief skilled enough to steal from him: he made her undergo a special treatment to give her the power to actually bring bad luck to whoever surrounded her, and in turn she would have used her skills for him. Her struggle between good and evil was just at the beginning.

Felicia Hardy is a carefree and fun-loving girl, often trying to bury her deepest emotions and turmoils under a layer of thrilling adventures and flirtatious relationships. As the Black Cat, she’s one of the most skilled cat burglars ever, and she’s an olympic-level gymnast and an expert martial artist. She also possesses a certain degree of probability manipulation, more controlled after Doctor Trauma gave her back the powers she had previously lost; for a brief time, thanks to Doctor Strange, she also got superhuman physical attributes such as strength, speed, reflexes, stamina and durability. Always walking on the thin border between being a criminal and a heroine, the Black Cat tries to make always the best choice she can…while having a lot of fun doing it.



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