Eric Gitter (Ink)

InkNew trailer from X-Men: Days of Future Past (it’s embedded into The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s credits, but avoid delusions: this doesn’t hint at a future crossover between the franchise, it’s just part of an agreement between Marc Webb and Fox), this time a brief sequence from the movie. In the scene, we see Mystique saving Havok and other mutant soldiers from William Stryker‘s “transfer” into a different base, more likely some sort of concentration camp for muties. In the brawl between mutants and humans, we see Havok himself blasting a guy on the other side of the dorm, Toad using his versatile tongue to disarm another, and a bald guy using a tattoo on his hand to make two guys feel immediately sick: this last one is Ink, portrayed by Gregg Lowe. Ink will appear in the past setting of the film, in the 1970s, and he’ll likely aid Havok and Mystique somehow. Waiting to see what kind of role he’ll have, let’s see who he is in the comics.

Little is known about Eric Gitter‘s life prior to his involvement with mutant superheroes: he was born in La JollaCalifornia, and grew up as a troublesome teenager, often in troubles with law. After he got himself the first tattoo from a friend, Leon Nunez, who worked at Ink Inc., Eric found out he was a mutant: every tattoo he marked on his skeen granted inkcomics1him new abilities. He tried out his powers when two policemen arrived at Ink Inc. to arrest him: using the biohazard symbol he had on his right hand, he made them feel sick, but when reinforcements arrived he got arrested nevertheless. While in his cell, he repeatedly mocked his guard, until unexpectedly he freed him and brought him out of prison: the “guard” turned off an image inducer, and revealed himself to be Cyclops, the leader of the legendary mutant superteam X-Men. Cyclops needed Eric to be part of a new team, the Young X-Men, specifically created to battle the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, whose members were the former New Mutants. Eric enthusiastically accepted the offer, and he trained hard in a combat simulator, the Danger Cave, along with his new teammates. Eric, now nicknamed Ink, was assigned to capture Dani Moonstar, teaming up with the telepath Blindfold. The two succeeded in capturing Moonstar, but eventually Ink knocked Blindfold out as well, as he had been secretly assigned to bring them both to Cyclops (who had actually ordered him to kill them, but he had refused).

Unfortunately for the Young X-Men, “Cyclops” was later revealed to be Donald Pierce, a long-time enemy of the X-Men, who had used them to defeat the New Mutants. Feeling guilty and fooled, Ink and the other Young X-Men allied with the New Mutants, and inkcomics2defeated Pierce. After the battle, the Young X-Men decided to stay a team, this time under the tutelage of the real Cyclops; despite having worked directly for Pierce, a maneuvre that costed the life of teammate Wolf Club, Ink was allowed to stay. During the first mission, however, Moonstar found out Ink wasn’t a mutant at all: he was just a regular human, powered up by the tattoos of Leon Nunez, who was the actual mutant. Depressed, and feeling even more out of place, Eric left the team, and wandered alone in the city, getting himself drunk. On the street, he was ironically attacked by the Hellfire Cult, a group of mutant-haters, who didn’t know he wasn’t a real mutant. Ink easily defeated them, but he was then contacted by Cipher, who asked him to come back since the team, attacked by the evil Y-Men, needed him and his abilities. At first reluctant, Ink ended up accepting, but first he came back to Nunez for a couple more tattoos: he then arrived on the battlefield, just in time to use one of his new powers to heal Moonstone, who had been fatally shot. Ink then used a power dangerously similar to the Phoenix Force to defeat all the Y-Men by himself, thus saving the day. After deploying such a power, Cyclops decided to invite him to stay with the group, despite him not being a true mutant, overall because he wanted to keep in check a guy with such a destructive potential. For a reason or the other, finally Eric had a place and a group he belonged.

Eric Gitter is a vulgar, selfish and ambitious teenager who tries to spoil any situation he finds himself involved into to his own advantage, making himself recognizable with quite a colourful language. As Ink, he has different powers depending on the tattoos inked on him by the Tattoo Maker: the biohazard mark on his right palm gives him the ability to make people fall ill; the one on his right hand, that resembles Colossus‘ skin, gives him super strength; the wings on his back allow him to fly; the lightning bolts on his forehead give him telepathy; the explosive symbol on his right arm allows him to make things explode and to burst through walls; the Caduceus symbol on his left hand gives him healing abilities; the Phoenix Force symbol over his right eye grants him powers similar to the original Phoenix (he’s used these powers to erase the Y-Men’s powers and to resurrect his dead teammate Dust so far); it’s unknown what kind of ability the circular tattoo on his left shoulder grants to him. Gifted with an immense power that is not his own, the only human being in a team for mutants, Ink is an outsider in whatever he does, a young man who looks for his place in the world, but always ends up in the wrong one.


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