Harvey Bullock

harveybullockfilmHi again! Yesterday, the first trailer for the upcoming Fox tv show Gotham hit the web…and it couldn’t make better promises. Many characters are present already on the blog, and you should be able to easily find them. We’ll speak about all the others we can see in the trailer, starting from one of the protagonists, Detective Harvey Bullock, portrayed on screen by Donald Logue; Bullock will act as Jim Gordon‘s friend and senior partner in the series, a disenchanted cop who’s seen too much in his career to have any hope left. This one will mark the character’s first live action appearance, even if Max Eckhardt from 1989’s Batman and Gerard Stephens from The Dark Knight shared some traits with him. Let’s see together who, in the comics, this not-too good-hearted detective is.

Harvey Bullock was born and raised in Gotham City, not exactly the best place to be educated in. Always been a cunning guy, Bullock soon realised where real power and money were, and became a policeman, of course a crooked one like the city’s tradition wanted. When new GCPD commissioner, Jim Gordon, arrived in town, harveybullockcomics1major Hamilton Hill became quite frightened at the idea of having a honest cop in his administration, and ordered Bullock to boycott any initiative from Gordon’s side. Bullock complied, and became Gordon’s shadow: he followed him everywhere, and pretended to be extremely clumsy, ruining the evidence on a crime scene, or screwing up an investigatioin with studied “accidents”. Eventually, Bullock’s actions caused Gordon a heart attack, an episode that made him rethink of his role as an agent: looking at how much Gordon cared for the city, he finally understood what “serving and protecting” really meant, and decided to try and be a real cop, just for once. He assisted Gordon out of rehab, and told him about his supposed “clumsiness” of the previous months. The commissioner didn’t fire him (no point in doing that), and offered him a second chance, telling him to pretend he was still a corrupted agent, while truly working for him in secret. Posing as one of the many dishonest policemen in town, Bullock was able to spy on many criminal organization, thus giving Gordon something to work on; for his colleagues, the crooked ones, he was one of their own, and his repeated brutalities, the bribes he took and the ties to the local mafias were only proofs that he was one of the “good cops”. When Gotham started to change, also Bullock was forced to show his true color, however, unable to hide himself anymore.

When The Joker, a deranged psycho who had recently appeared in Gotham, went on yet another killing spree, Bullock actively helped Gordon track him down: they succeeded in their mission, and prevented a massive bomb to explode and erase Gotham City from the maps…all without the help of the city’s new masked vigilante, Batman, who Bullock didn’t harveybullockcomics2like nor trust at all. With an emergency following the other, Bullock couldn’t pretend anymore he was a crooked cop, since Gordon needed his active service, and he started pointing out clearly he was one of the Commissioner’s men. In a couple of years, Harvey Bullock became a detective, and joined a small “team” of law enforcers loyal to Gordon; despite the actual brutality he deployed in his job, Gordon thought he could trust him because he had never accepted a bribe since his “conversion” and had always hated criminals. Along with Bullock, the team was composed by DA Harvey Dent, detective Maggie Sawyer and detective Eric Cohen, the only ones who weren’t on gangster Sal Maroni‘s paybill; when to Maroni some supervillains like Scarecrow, Joker or Clayface threatened the GCPD, also detective Crispus Allen and detective Renee Montoya joined Bullock and the other. Despite usually being distrustful and rude with everyone, Bullock formed quite a bond with Montoya, and he was paired with her by Gordon. Despite disliking vigilantes, Batman especially, Bullock also became friends with the second Robin after the boy saved his life when he had been badly injured by KGBeast: they found out they shared the same passion for old movies, and started liking each other. Slowly, Bullock was truly becoming the good cop he wanted to be.

Harvey Bullock is probably the most controversial man in GCPD: brutal and violent with criminals and suspects, he’s however one of the few honest cops in town, and his methods are often tolerated by Commissioner Gordon because of his basic integrity. He likes pretending to be a hard and rocky man, but he actually hides quite a romantic and soft spot, seldomly seen, and often gets moved by seeing old movies. Despite lacking specific skills, he’s nevertheless a good marksman, and he also uses his remarkable body mass and strength to his advantage in combat, when needed. Despite some issues with authority (he also challenged more than once Amanda Waller while serving in Checkmate), Bullock is blindly loyal to Gordon, who he’d give his life for; he has a complicated relationship with Batman, started as clear enmity, but evolved into a harsh, mutual respect. Not exactly a good man, neither a good cop, Bullock is nevertheless the best Gotham City has to offer: a violent policeman for a violent city.



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