Thomas Wayne

thomaswaynefilmOn with the characters appeared in Gotham trailer: this time, we meet Thomas Wayne, portrayed by Grayson McCouch. Clearly, he won’t stay alive for long in the show, since his homicide is the first case young James Gordon stumbles upon; his death also triggers a psychological transformation into his young son Bruce which would turn him into Batman. This is not the first live action appearance of the character: David Baxt portrayed him in Batman, where we only see him in a flashback as he was killed by Jack Napier, the man who would have become The Joker; the same flashback is seen again in Batman Forever, but this time it’s Michael Scranton the one who portrayes the character. Thomas also appeared in Batman Begins played by Linus Roache, in a much more significant role: we see him as he follows and educates young Bruce, until he’s eventually killed by Joe Chill, a snatcher on Carmine Falcone‘s paybill; he also appears briefly in The Dark Knight Rises as a vision for Bruce. Now, let’s see together who one of comicbooks’ most meaningful deaths is.

As for all DC characters, also for Thomas Wayne many version of him exist: the first one was the brilliant surgeon and patron of Gotham City, CEO of Wayne Enterprises and founder of the charitable Wayne Foundation. He had a wife, Martha, and two sons, Bruce and Thomas Jr., and lived with them in the family’s mansion, Wayne thomaswaynecomics1Manor. He was involved into the arrest of notorious gangster Lew Moxon, who had “asked” him to cure him after a gunshot wound. In retaliation, from prison Moxon sent a killer, Joe Chill, who murdered both Thomas and Martha in front of the couple’s children. The second version is very much alike the first one, with Wayne being one of the richest men in Gotham, although his job was never mentioned; he was killed by a robber, again Joe Chill, while trying to prevent him from taking his wife’s jewels. The last version is the more complex, and the current one. Thomas was born the son of Patrick Wayne, one of the richest men of Gotham City; he inherited from him both Wayne Manor and Wayne Enterprises, the family’s home and business, but he wanted to do something more with his life, feeling his wealth as an obligation towards the less-fortunate ones in Gotham (plenty of those). He became a surgeon, soon imposing himself as one of the most skilled physicians in the country, and he also founded Wayne Foundation, a charitable center aimed to use his own fortune for increasing the value of the city, and materially help the many poor people living in the worst blocks of Gotham. He fell in love with Martha Kane, a socialite who shared his own interest in helping others, and he married her. The two soon became the major opponents to the organized crime’s rule over Gotham, gaining both people’s apreciation and gangsters’ grudge.

The crime families of Gotham, the Falcones and Maronis alike, started to sabotage Wayne’s effort to clean the city, and brought Wayne Enterprises on the brink of bankrupt with illicit maneuvres. While traveling with Martha on a Midwest road, Thomas found a strange crystal, that appeared to have landed as a meteorite: the crystal was in fact an alien probe, thomaswaynecomics2which transported his subconscious on planet Krypton. There, Thomas met Jor-El, a scientist who was looking for a suitable planet to send his only son Kal-El to, since Krypton was about to explode. Thomas and Jor-El, both men of science and gifted with a natural morality, immediately formed a bond, and Jor-El decided that a planet capable of giving birth to such a man as Wayne was a good place for Kal-El to be raised in. Thomas was sent back to Earth, and kept the crystal: he reverse-engineered the probe, and used the alien technology to save Wayne Enterprises from bankrupt. He also wrote a diary with his experiences in open space, and he hid it in a cave under Wayne Manor. After some months, Martha gave birth to Bruce, Thomas’ only son and heir. Thomas raised Bruce teaching him the same principles and values he believed him, clarifying the great responsibility that being a rich and wealthy man brought along in a suffering city like Gotham. One night, after the Waynes were coming back home from seeing a Zorro movie in a theatre, a thief named Joe Chill (probably sent by Falcone, Maroni, Moxon or some other gangster Thomas had displeased) attacked them to rob them, but eventually shot both Thomas and Martha, leaving young Bruce to stare in horror at his parents’ corpses.

Thomas Wayne is the proverbial rare pearl: a good and honest man, sincerely committed to making his city better, born into one of the most corrupted, violent and vicious cities history has ever known. Thomas is a skilled surgeon and a brilliant businessman, a good father and a beloving husband, a loyal friend and a law-abiding citizen, representing by himself everything Gotham is not.



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