Martha Kane

marthawaynefilmYet another character appeared in Gotham trailer, and not the last one: we see a robber shot and kill a man and his wife, the rich Gothamites Thomas and Martha Wayne. The latter will be portrayed by Brette Taylor, and just as her husband, she’s likely not to appear too often in the tv show, since the protagonist, young Detective James Gordon, will investigate her death (and her husband’s) as his first case in GCPD. Martha already appeared in Batman, portrayed by Sharon Holm, and again in Batman Forver, portrayed by Eileen Seeley: in both movies, she only appears in flashbacks, since she died before the beginning of the story, as she’s killed by Jack Napier, the future Joker. She also appeared in Batman Begins (and, in flashbacks only, in The Dark Knight Rises), portrayed by Sara Stewart: she tries to teach her son Bruce some real culture bringing him to the theatre instead of cinema. Unfortunately, she’s killed by Joe Chill along with her husband on the way home. Let’s see together who the mother of Batman is in the comics.

Just as with her husband, three different stories of Martha Wayne exist: in the first one, nothing is known about her life before she marthawaynecomics1married Thomas Wayne Sr., a city philantropist. She gave him two sons, Bruce and Thomas Jr., very different in character one from the other. When Thomas Sr. contributed to the arrest of gangster Lew Moxon, the boss from jail sent one of his hitmen to kill the doctor in retaliation, but he ended up shooting Martha as well. The second one shared many similarities with the first: she married Thomas Wayne all the same, but she only had one son, Bruce. One night, coming back from a movie, the Waynes were attacked by a robber, Joe Chill, who tried to take Martha’s necklace: Thomas tried to defend his wife, but Chill shot him. The trauma of seeing her husband killed that way proved to be too much for Martha’s weak heart, and the woman died of a heart attack. In the newest and most deepened version of the character, Martha Kane was born in Gotham City, daughter of the second wealthiest man in the city, Roderick Kane, and his wife Betsy. The Kanes were said to own the half of the city the Waynes didn’t, and the two families were engulfed in some sort of lineage’s rivalry. While Wayne Enterprises and Kane Chemicals were always competitors in being the most productive society in Gotham, the new generation of both families actually liked each other: both Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane wanted to take some distance from family tradition, especially from what concerned the care of the city, and the two youngsters found one in the other an akin spirit they didn’t expect. It was almost inevitable that Martha Kane fell in love with Thomas Wayne.

Obviously, Roderick Kane wasn’t very supportive of this relationship, and arrived to the point of threatening his own daughter of disinheriting her, leaving all to her brother Nathan. Even all her friends, with the only exception of Marsha Lamarr, pointed out marthawaynecomics2clearly that such an “alliance” with a Wayne would have costed her their company. Stubborn and determined to do what she thought was right, Martha eventually married Thomas, thus making enemies out of her father, her family and her friends. She went to live to Wayne Manor, and used what little influence she still had in high society to help him with his fund raisings. She founded with him Wayne Foundation, a charitable organization directly aimed to making Gotham City a better place. Martha had a son from Thomas, Bruce, and she supported her husband in educating him with the same principles and values her own family denied, teaching him responsibility, altruism and courage. Thomas, however, had made himself many powerful enemies in Gotham: the activities of Wayne Foundation saved from the streets many people who, in its absence, would have worked for this or that mafia family. One night, while coming back from a Zorro movie, the Waynes were attacked by a robber, Joe Chill, who was probably payed by some influent gangsters to take the doctor out. Asking for money, Chill shot and killed both Thomas and Martha, just in front of their son’s eyes. It would have been up to Bruce, now, to continue the job his parents believed in.

Martha Kane Wayne is one of her kind, a rich woman who actually cares for others, instead of just putting up a play to impress other socialites (a unique characteristic in Gotham). She deeply loves both her husband and her son, and she supports Thomas in every commitment he takes upon himself, being it risky or not. She truly believes in her husband’s values, and he wouldn’t have been able to do everything he did without her strength and love backing him up.



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