megatronfilmNew trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction, one that brought us plenty of new footage. Three new characters have been spotted, and we’ll start from an old acquaintance: Megatron himself, who appears as a corpse at the beginning of the trailer. Apparently, his body will be studied by human scientists, who will synthesize the metal the Transformers are made of and create a new, dangerous batch of killer robots. The character acted as the main villain in the first movie, voiced by Hugo Weaving: he battled his nemesis Optimus Prime, but ended up being killed by puny human Sam Witwicky. In Revenge of the Fallen he was resurrected by his men, and forged an alliance with the forgotten Fallen; in Dark of the Moon, reduced to a shadow of his former self, he acted as a subordinate to Sentinel Prime, until he changed his mind and allied himself with Optimus to strike down his former boss. He was, however, unexpectedly killed by Optimus in cold blood. It remains to be seen if we’ll hear about him again…in the meanwhile, let’s see who he is in the comics.

Megatron was born four-millions of years ago on planet Cybertron, in the city of Tarn. A powerful warrior, he became known as megatroncomics1one of the most vicious and strong gladiators ever, an experience that deeply forged his character and turned him into the cruel warlord who entered Cybertron’s history. Megatron started thinking that the Autobots, the rulers of Cybertron, had betrayed the original proud of the Transformers, forging alliances with weaker races they were meant to rule. His philosophy conquered many to his cause, and in no time around the charismatic gladiator a number of would-be rebels gathered: the Decepticons were born. Megatron sped the evolution of his people, and gained the ability to transform after a thorough study of the Transformers’ physiology and technological enhancements. The Decepticons’ new powers caught the Autobots by surprise, and what could have been a small episode of uprising became a eons-long civil war: soon the Autobots learnt to mimicry the Decepticons’ evolution, and all Transformers battled in two metamorphing factions. Trying to conquer the Underbase, Cybertron’s super database, Megatron killed its guardian, Boltax, but the computer was stolen from him by a young Autobot, Optimus Prime, who preferred to send the Underbase into open space rather than to leave it to him: it was the birth of a bitter enmity. Finally, Megatron managed to kill Sentinel Prime, the Autobots’ leader, and was about to conquer the enemy capital city, Iacon, after a long siege: unfortunately, Optimus was chosen as the Autobots’ new leader, and the Decepticon forces were defeated and forced to retreat. The civil war only became more violent and bloody, with Megatron taking it on a personal level, as Optimus Prime became his nemesis.

Centuries of war eventually led Cybertron to lose its own horbit because of the repeated explosions: when the planet’s course entered in collision with a meteorite storm, Optimus Prime led a taskforce of Autobots to save it aboard the Ark. It was the perfect occasion, for Megatron, to destroy once and for all his sworn enemy: he gathered an analogue Decepticon taskforce, and attacked megatroncomics2the Autobots while they were worn out after destroying the meteorites. The ensuing battle ended in an unexpected way: rather than leaving the Ark to Megatron, Optimus preferred to have it crashed on a primitive planet, Earth. The crash left all the Transformers, Decepticons and Autobots alike, in a state of suspended animation, which lasted for millions of years. Eras after, in 1984, a vulcanic eruption reawakened the two factions, with Megatron eager to resume the war back from where it had been interrupted. Unfortunately, he soon found out that the Transformers were unable to use Earth’s gasoline as fuel for themselves; he kidnapped a representative of the dominant species on the planet, a human mechanic named Sparkplug Witwicky, and forced him to convert gas into a kind of energy they would have been able to use. Sparkplug was eventually rescued by Gears, but only after he had completed his job: finally, Megatron and his Decepticons were able to move freely on Earth, and to attack their sworn enemies in a last, vengeful attempt of annihilation. Looking at humans’ weakness, Megatron decided he would have conquered Earth and transformed it into an outpost of Cybertron, but not before destroying his all-time rival Optimus Prime, self-proclaimed defender of yet another puny and miserable form of life, humanity. On a world or another, war would have been as sweet as always for the mighty Megatron.

Megatron is a cruel and pitiless leader, who only believe in the law of the strongest: eager to bring the Transformers to their former glory, he is determined to reach his goal with any means possible, and sometimes even the impossible ones. Even for being a Transformer, Megatron is extremely strong and durable, a superb marksman and hand-to-hand combatant, expert in the use of both his deadly Fusion Cannon, mounted on his right arm, and his Energon Mace, lethal in his hands. Megatron is able to transform in both an alien tank and in a Walther P38 gun, forms that underline his destructive power. Limited by an endless pride and arrogance, Megatron is nevertheless the gravest menace Cybertron has ever faced, an unstoppable warlord strong of the certainty of being the true hero of the story, a self-proclaimed patriot who believes his cause to be the right one, a trait that only makes him even the more terrifying.



  1. Are you sure that isn’t Galvatron? The face looks like the Galvatron toy face…

    • I’m sure of a few things with this movie, actually. Anyway, as far as I understood, Galvatron will be a man-made Transformer born from the remains of Megatron, so they should be quite similar (he looked pretty dead to me in the trailer, so I assumed he was Megatron).

      • Isn’t it interesting how we as humans interpret imagery differently. I interpreted that scene as the humans constructing Galvatron since it seems to be pretty common knowledge that a couple of the Decepticons will be man-made. Either way … can’t wait! 😉 (and I don’t mind if ol’ Meg’s makes a cameo)

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